PTSA fundraiser provides Tools For Technology


Parent Teacher Student Association’s (PTSA) newest fundraiser is Tools For Technology at the Bay. This new project is focused on raising money to expand the technology center, provide additional laptops in classrooms, supply teachers with resources to help students succeed and enhance the curriculum. PTSA kicked off this new endeavor at the PTSA volunteer breakfast on Sep. 20. Families at the Bay were asked to contribute $25 toward the technological pursuit.

“The goal is to raise as much money as possible to support these efforts. To date, we have raised about $500.  If every family at the Bay donated $25, we would raise about $50,000,” PTSA President Mindy Siegel said.

She said the purpose of the fundraiser is to invest in the school’s technological and educational resources.

“We came up with this fundraiser because we know that technology can become outdated very quickly and we want our students to have the best state of the art equipment,” Mrs. Siegel said.

Administration will do an inventory check to ensure that those items in demand will be purchased.

“We do a needs assessment with our microtech [a cloud based software that keeps track of the technology] in which we have three on campus, and they do a great job to see what technology is outdated. We then look at everything as a team,” Assistant Principal Kassandra Fried said. “The money will most likely go towards laptop carts.”

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PRIDE hosts talent show to exhibit student ability


On Nov. 3, Promoting Relations in Diversity through Education (P.R.I.D.E.) club hosted its annual talent show in the auditorium. The theme of this year’s talent show was Midnight in Paris, and students from all grades gathered to perform and compete in the showcase.

Talent show director and coordinator senior Larissa Martins said the purpose of the talent show was to have people share their most interesting talents and to enjoy themselves.

“Last year I worked with Bianca, the talent show director at the time, and I really enjoyed helping out with the show and organizing the event,” Martins said. “For me it was a great experience, so I decided to run for talent show director myself since I’m really passionate about P.R.I.D.E.”

Students from all grades participated and competed in the event as a panel of teachers evaluated the performances and chose first, second, and third place winners after the show.

“I was so nervous during the performance, but it was so much fun to be up there on stage,” sophomore Ana Perera said.

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SGA organizes annual Harvest Drive to help families during the holidays


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Students give back to community through quarterly blood drive


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Storify: 2016 Presidential Election spurs controversy over social media


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International Fest represents diverse cultures


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Naviance night introduces new program


An Interactive Naviance Informational Night was held on Oct. 20 in The Wave for students and parents; the event provided information about the new program. Broward Advisors For Continuing Education (BRACE) Adviser Shari Bush and the Promote Relationships in Diversity through Education (PRIDE) officers led the parents through a tutorial of the Naviance application.

The Naviance program was recently introduced to Broward County, and Assistant Principal Kassandra Fried has been pushing for the county to initiate it.

“Though Naviance may be expensive, its usefulness outweighs the price,” Mrs. Fried said. “Students will be able to explore and discover college and career interests as well as search up schools all in the same place.”

Mrs. Fried said this program will have a huge positive impact on the students of our school and the county.

“The students will end up using Naviance way more than they expect, and the program tailors to each student’s specific needs and helps build their college profile,” Mrs. Fried said.

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Storify: Students go “loco for hoco” all over social media


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SGA officer training helps new officers learn the ropes



In order to teach club officers about their leadership positions, the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) hosted an officer-training workshop on Oct. 13 in the auditorium and classrooms in the 100s building. More than 150 officers from 52 clubs attended the workshop.  All officers were welcome, but treasurers of each club were required to attend.

“[The training] basically taught [officers] how to do their job better and easier with less mistakes,” senior and Student Government Association (SGA) 1st Vice President Daniela Hernandez said.  “In SGA, we are taught by the previous officers, and I don’t think other officers get a chance to do that, so we are the teachers for them.”

Club officers were divided into three groups and rotated at three workshops.  These workshops were Communication & Project Planning, Officer Team Dynamics and Time Management & Member Motivation.

“I thought the workshops were extremely helpful,” junior and President of Debbie’s Dream Daniela Schwartz said.  “I learned a lot of great tips from SGA officers on how to communicate better with the officers and club members. The training also provided great tips on how to plan events using time management and organization.”

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Homecoming week stimulates school spirit



In preparation for Homecoming Week, beginning on Oct. 24 and lasting until the Homecoming Dance that will take place on Oct. 29 at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, students at the Bay have been working on ways to get ready for the festivities as well as the annual Homecoming Dance.

Sophomore Lauren Nau, member of the Student Government Association (SGA) and chair of the spirit days for homecoming, said the time leading up to the dance is one of the most stressful weeks of the school year.

“My committee, along with all members of SGA, has been working non-stop to come up with ideas to bring excitement and spirit to the school,” Nau said. “It is all worth it in the end to see all our hard work in action and to see students getting spirited and having a good time.”

With the spirit days revolving around television shows, Nau said SGA wanted to incorporate the opinions of the students for the theme.

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