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Alumna finds passion in new employment


Ever since Class of 2015 alumna Alexis Chung graduated, she said her life has not been as happy as it was when she won homecoming queen. That was, until she started working at Scentsability, a nonprofit organization that specializes in making scented products for home and body use.

Denise Anderson, Chung’s mother, said that Chung’s transition after leaving high school was extremely difficult as she was very limited in her choices after graduation.

“There is a huge issue for young adults with intellectual disabilities after they leave high school, because there really aren’t many options on what they can do,” Anderson said. “For Alexis, as someone who was involved in school as the homecoming queen, cheer buddies and being someone who the entire school knew and who the entire community knows, the struggle was intense after she left high school.”

Anderson said she spent months searching for future educational and job opportunities for Alexis that would offer her work.

“My husband brought home a candle from an event that Scentsability was at along with a business card,” Anderson said. “It took a while for me to finally reach out to the director of the company, but I knew that Alexis really needed something. Considering that there were so few options, I finally reached out, and ever since then, Alexis has been working at Scentsability.”

Anderson said it was necessary for Alexis to involve herself in something outside of the Bay because of all the difficulties she faced directly after leaving.

“She has sat home for the last year and has gone through anxiety, depression and weight gain because she lost all aspects of her socialization,” Anderson said. “She lost that place where she could go and all of her needs could be met. Whether it be socially, medically, intellectually or emotionally, but it all came to a screeching halt.”

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One in 4,700: Sam Deluca


With the ultimate purpose of engaging, involving and connecting the Bay’s diverse community, The Circuit has launched an ongoing multimedia project that highlights the individual stories of students, teachers and staff through still photography and personal narration.

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Hurricane scare causes chaos



As Hurricane Matthew was predicted to approach Florida, sophomore Devon Cohen and her family decided to avoid the storm and fly up to New York.

“I had been wanting to go to New York for a while to see my camp friends, and then the two days off of school was perfect timing,” Cohen said. “My mom, sister and I didn’t want to sit at home with nothing to do all weekend.”

Cohen said she took advantage of the hurricane warning, because she got to go on a mini-vacation.

“We went to New York Wednesday right after school after we heard that school would be canceled on Thursday and Friday,” Cohen said. “We wanted to go before the storm was supposed to hit where it could possibly delay our flight or even cancel it completely.  Before we left, we prepared for the hurricane like everyone else, by getting food, water and putting up shutters.”

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One in 4,700: Alec Marsh


With the ultimate purpose of engaging, involving and connecting the Bay’s diverse community, The Circuit has launched an ongoing multimedia project that highlights the individual stories of students, teachers and staff through still photography, videos and personal narration.

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Personality Profile: Sterling Wertanzl



Senior Sterling Wertanzl never imagined that she would be so successful in debate when she took Debate 1 in middle school. This introductory class taught her to learn how to formulate arguments, do research and learn other aspects of speech and debate.

In her middle school debate class, Wertanzl got the opportunity to meet and interact with high school students who were highly involved with debate and participated in competitions. She got the chance to experiment with different forms of speech and see which one she enjoyed the most.

“That’s how we were kind of born into the team,” Wertanzl said. “It helped me gain a perspective of how things go around in debate.”

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Club involvement positively impacts students’ lives



Ever since the Bay opened, it has been known for its large number of clubs and student-run organizations. There are more than 100 clubs and so many have had an impact on students’ lives, whether that be through offering leadership abilities, helping find friends that last forever, or even setting up jobs after graduation.

Student Government Association (SGA) is one of the many student-run organizations here at the Bay. It is in charge of organizing school wide events such as spirit week, pep rallies and school dances.

“You don’t just enjoy your high-school experiences with SGA, you create your high school experiences,” SGA president and senior Alexa Young said.

SGA has been able to give students various opportunities outside of school. For example, Young was able to do an internship with congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz thanks to her involvement in SGA.

Young is also a part of the superintendent’s student advisory committee with nine other students in Broward County. Once a quarter, her committee gets together to discuss issues in the county’s schools and address any matter that needs to be changed.

“SGA opened my eyes to the fact that I am I multitalented person. I don’t just sing and act, I am also good at leadership.” Young said.

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Summer jobs provide opportunities for students


Senior Alexa Young had the opportunity to intern for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the Capitol office in Washington D.C. As Student Government AssOciation (SGA) President, Young said she would love to further her career in government and politics; in a way, this internship helped pave the way for her future.

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave me a wide range of knowledge that allowed me to learn basic techniques and skills in order to become a future congresswoman,” Young said.

However, Young was not the only student at The Bay to receive an opportunity to explore her future careers through internships and jobs this summer.

Sophomore Daniel Gomez was given a chance to experiment with a possible career choice he would pursue in the future.

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Storify: First week of school results in changes for students



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Seen on Campus: Vineyard Vines


Julia Brilliant takes a closer look at a trend seen on campus through still photography.

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