Lightning Round (Ep.1)



First ever sports podcast episode of the Lightning Round show with Alex Solomon (left) and Evan Kessler. In this show, Alex and Evan discuss CBHS football, publicity given to athletes, and bullying in locker rooms. 

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Sports Roundup


Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse team defeated South Plantation, 14-2, on April 7 and defeated West Broward, 17-1, on April 15. The team will play in the district round on the playoffs on April 17 against Archbishop McCarthy.


The softball team qualified to compete in district finals after defeating Western High 4-2. District finals will be held on April 17 against Cooper City. The team finished the season with a 16-6 overall record, and with a record of 7-1 in the district.


The varsity baseball team defeated the Piper Bengals by a score of 13-3 on April 9in five innings to clinch the No. 2 seed for the district playoffs. The Lightning will face off against Western in the first round of the district playoffs on Tuesday, April 22 at Western High School.


Boys and girls water polo each won the district 8A championship on April 16.

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Athletes’ game day clothing adds spirit on campus



Not only does dressing uniformly bring individuals of a team together, but it also calls attention to the powerful influence that sports have.

Frequent questioning and random acts of kindness are some types of encouragement that senior Allison Lopez, who is a varsity basketball cheerleader, receives on a typical game day as she walks around campus in her uniform.

“People tend to respect me more and are nicer. They hold the door open for me or start a conversation,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that wearing her cheer uniform to school brings expectations of her due to stereotypes.

“We are usually expected to be a lot more enthusiastic and energetic,” Lopez said.

Head cheerleading coach Erica Wells said that when athletes dress out it promotes a sense of unity, pride, and school spirit.

“Sharing the same overall appearance with your teammates diminishes any individual differences and thus makes you feel like part of a group, something bigger than yourself,” Coach Wells said.

She added that it also brings the community together.

“It helps teachers and other students recognize the cheerleaders as active parts of Cypress Bay’s culture,” she said.

When dressing up in his dress suit on JV football game days, sophomore Brandon Moore said he gets more attention than usual.

“My friends give me hugs and take pictures with me,” Moore said. “They give me a dollar to buy a drink with bef­ore the game because they worry that I’ll be thirsty.”

Moore said wearing the suit on game days, which is required of all team members, is not only an external factor; there is intrinsic motivation as well.

“I feel like a professional when I dress up and I feel good about myself,” he said.

Sophomore Alexander Cassitta said that not all athletes have pleasant experiences while dressed out on game days.

“My teachers do tend to treat me differently,” said Cassitta, a JV football player. “I have certain teachers that, I guess, did not have good experiences with football players, so they are more likely to stereotype us.”

Cassitta said that like most stereotypes, not all are applicable to him.  

The typical stereotype is that we are just dumb jocks. I’m not like that because I’m a student before an athlete,” he said.

Sophomore Georgi Cowan said she has also had displeasing incidents.

“People tend to stare at me and give me weird looks,” she said.

Junior Lauren Aleman, a varsity basketball player, said that coordinating outfits with the rest of the team unites them together and creates a sense of team spirit.

“It usually signifies that we’re classy at school, but once we get to the court we know we’re going to dominate,” she said.

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Athletes to Watch: Track and Field



When did you start running track and why did you start?

I first started when I was about eight years old. I was also playing football at the time, so I started so I could get faster and quicker in football.

 Do you plan to run track in college?

I plan to try and get a scholarship for either track, football, or lacrosse, so I am keeping my min and options open in all three sports that I play, including track.

What other sports do you enjoy playing and what is your favorite?

I also play football and lacrosse for Cypress. I enjoy all three, but if I had to choose which was my favorite, I would definitely say football. It will forever be my first love.

-Dylan Pulitano






How do you prepare a race?

I prepare for the race by hydrating throughout the day and the night before. Once we get to the meet, we have a team warm-up. And then once it gets closer to your event we have to jog and stretch again.

How did you get into running?

I played Falcon Cove soccer in middle school and Coach Evie Hoopes told me to try out for the track team. I also always enjoyed running.

What is your favorite part of competing in track?

My favorite part of competing in track is knowing that you pushed yourself to the limit in your race.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in track so far?

Last year, I went to states for the 4×8 and hopefully we will do the same this year.

How does track help you in the other sports you play?

Track helps me a lot in soccer and cross country because it makes me a lot faster and sometimes we go to the gym, which also helps.

What are some of your goals for the rest of the season?

My main goal for this year is qualifying for states again and having a new PR (personal record) in the 800 and 400.

-Jake Lender

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Boys varsity basketball concludes season strong




The Lightning varsity basketball team finished its season with a 15-11 overall record and 6-2 district record, coming in first in the division.

Senior Ross Udine was disappointed at not winning districts or a state championship, but said he still thinks it was a successful season for the Lightning.

“I think the season went great,” Udine said. “We didn’t accomplish our two main goals but overall we had a very successful season and it was a lot of fun.”

Ross and his twin brother Max were both captains for the Lightning this season and have been playing together since they can remember.

“It’s weird that I won’t play with him ever again ‘cause we have been playing our whole lives together, but it was a lot of fun,” Ross said.

Ross will be playing for NYU next year and hopes to add to the team and help them win. Max, along with three other seniors, will not be continuing on to play basketball at the collegiate level.

Head Coach Jason Looky said that despite the disappointing end to the season, the team did everything right throughout the entire season.

“We had some big wins during the year, a little disappointed that we could not pick up our fourth straight district title,” Coach Looky said. “I thought we competed and we did things the right way on and off the court, so overall I am very satisfied.”

Max said that the team became closer throughout the season and individually everyone improved as well as the team’s chemistry, which showed with big wins toward the end of the season and in coming in first in the district for the regular season.

“Even though we didn’t accomplish our main goal of winning districts, we all got better individually and as a team as well,” Max said.

Junior Zach Levine said a high point this season was beating rival Western in front of the Bay crowd.The Lightning won 62-50.

“The best memory from this season was being able to beat our rival Western on our home floor on senior night,” Levine said.

As the only junior to start most of the games this season, Levine knows he will be stepping up next season for the departing seniors and understands the responsibilities.

“My goals for next year are to win the district championship and take Cypress the furthest they have ever been before,” Levine said. “I’m going to be the best leader that I can be and put our guys in a position to succeed.”

Coach Looky said that he has big expectations for next season, but knows this will only be accomplished with good example by the seniors on and off the court.

“My expectations are to compete for a district championship and try to go as far as we can in the state tournament,” he said. “That’s our goal every year, but doing it the right way, with good academics and leadership from the seniors.”

The Lightning fell to Western in a game that would be the second to last game of the season and which decided seeding for the playoffs. It then lost to Coral Springs in the following game, ending its season.

“As a senior you are trying to take your team farther then ever before and we weren’t able to do that,” Ross said.

Max said he was frustrated with the losses but knew the team played well throughout the season.

“I was disappointed but looking back at the season, it was a lot of fun and I loved playing for our school this year,” he said.

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Track and field team competes in its first invitational event


The boys and girls track competed in their first invitational event on March 1 at Pine Crest School. The girls earned season records, including senior Kat MacNeal finishing in first place with a time of 5:17.32.

“I ran my season’s best in the mile,” MacNeal said. “I’m excited that I was able to run that time so early in the season.”

MacNeal defeated the defending 2A states girls cross county champion, Julia Montgomery from Pine Crest.

“Julia is such a tough competitor,” MacNeal said. “We used to train together a few summers ago so it was exciting to actually get to race against her. She is in class 2A so we rarely get to run against one another. It was definitely a fight for the finish.”

Sophomore Thomas Morin helped lead the boys team in the mile with a time of 5:09.00.

“I felt I ran pretty well,” he said. “It was a great opportunity just to get out and get a couple of races in.”

Morin said the team may not have as much experience as in years past the team is improving.

“Although we have only ran in a few meets and the season had just started, our times are getting better,” he said. “We are really running as a team.”

Senior Ariela Slutsky placed second in discus and fifth in shot-put. Slutsky said she knows that she can perform better.

“It was nice to have placed well in both events but when I am throwing, what matters to me is that I am improving and getting better,” she said. “I am competing against myself and although I came second in discus, I have thrown farther in the past so I was not satisfied.”

Members of each team said they are confident that they will progress with more practice and experience.

“I’m so proud of all of our Cypress Bay athletes that spent their day working hard and competing,” MacNeal said. “I can’t wait to see how much everyone improves this season.”


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JV baseball team starts season with 2-2 record


Baseball season has started for the Lightning and the JV team is 2-2, with two wins against McArthur and two losses against Taravella. Centerfielder Christian Nehls said the team is excited for the season and they are ready for prove themselves. The team already scored 37 runs and has only played four games.

After winning two in a row, the team then followed with two losses.  Nehls and Greyson Fletcher, shortstop, both feel that the team needs to work on its game. Their goals are to focus on playing well in their positions and just try to get comfortable when they get up to the plate.

“We have mainly been doing a lot of practice in bunt defense, first and third base plays, and hitting drills,” Fletcher said. “I really need to focus on hitting the slow pitches.”

Nehls said they have a lot of talent on the field and it is showing with the wins they have. He said the freshmen have been contributing to the team this season and the sophomores have been doing a good job of helping them

“We have a lot of players that have been playing well,” Nehls said. “Christian Nehls, Greyson Fletcher, Eduardo Pichardo, and I are some people in specific that have been proving themselves this season by being leaders and making important plays.”

Fletcher feels that they are playing well right now but it is still early in the season so they can’t get too full of themselves.  He is happy about the amount of runs they have scored so far.

“The season has been going well. We have scored a lot of runs but we need to play better defense and hit better when our runners are on base,” Fletcher said. “We beat McArthur both games in a double-header which felt really good to start the season off 2-0, but then we lost in a double-header versus Taravella and that didn’t feel good at all.”

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Sports Roundup


Boys Varsity Soccer

The boys varsity soccer team defeated Piper High School on Jan. 21, 6-0. A 1-0 win over St. Thomas Aquinas on Jan. 23 allowed the team to increase its winning streak to nine games. The team improved to 15-1-3 on the season. The next game is Jan. 30, opponent to be announced.

Girls Varsity Basketball

The girls varsity basketball team improves to 22-1 with a win over Northeast on Jan. 23. They won 59-36. The girls’ next game is against Cooper City on Jan. 27 for the Class 8A semi-finals.

Varsity Wrestling

The varsity wrestling team competed in the BCAA Gold Division Championship on Saturday, Jan. 18. Cypress Bay finished in seventh place out of 10 teams competing in the tournament.  Tyler Sage, Jon Elder, and Joshua Jowdy were the top performers in Saturday’s competition.

 Boys JV Basketball

The JV boys basketball team won against Everglades High on Jan.18. The final score was 57-51. This was one of the closest games of the season for the Bay. The team also faced off against Western High School on Jan. 21, beating the Wildcats by more than 30 points, with a score of 52-25.

Varsity Hockey

The Lightning hockey team is currently third in their division with 26 points, and will play in district championships. They are four points out of the first place spot and they have currently two games remaining. The team plays against North Broward Prep tonight and then St. Thomas on Feb. 7.

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Hockey team hosts alumni game


Past and present Cypress Bay hockey players convened for an alumni game at Pines Ice Arena on Dec. 20. The head coach for Cypress Bay’s hockey team, Perry San, along with Adam Levy, coached the current players, while Bruce Greenberg coached the alumni.

Susan Geffin organized this year’s event. She is the mother of Ryan Geffin, who is a former hockey team captain and now attends University of Florida, as well as Drew Geffin, a current freshman player.

Ms. Geffin said the tradition began in the 2005-2006 school year, but it has been challenging to keep it alive due to scheduling conflicts, difficulty renting out the ice, and lack of communication. She said it is important to continue with the pic 2

“Because my older son had had the experience his first year and it was so much fun, I wanted the tradition to come back,” she said. “It was very interesting to see how the boys matured and developed.”

She also said the event is an amazing chance for all of the players to catch up on each other’s lives.

“It is a unique opportunity to see friends they haven’t seen in years,” she said.

Alumni, most of whom were decked out in Cypress Bay jerseys, came from colleges around the country, including University of Michigan and schools throughout Florida.

Ms. Geffin said the original plan was to have Cypress alumni play against the current players, but that did not last very long. At the end of the first period, the alumni were winning by a score of 7 to 1.

“They started off like that, but to keep it a more competitive and faster game, we mixed the teams up,” she said.

Kevin Masaro, Bay alumnus and captain of the 2011-2012 team, said that competing in the alumni game with some of his high school teammates was an incredible experience.

“Playing with them again felt like high school all over again,” he said. “Nothing changed. We clicked just like we did in high school.”

Ms. Geffin said the parents who attended the event had as much fun as the students.

“Things haven’t changed,” she said. “Everybody still loves to watch the high school games.”

Masaro said that getting back on the ice wearing a Cypress Bay uniform made him reflect on his time with the team.

“The program taught me to be a leader. As the captain my senior year, I had to keep the team on the right path,” he said.

Masaro is now a sophomore at the University of Florida.  He is a defenseman on the school’s hockey team, which competes in Division III nationally in the American Collegiate Hockey Association.

“I miss playing for Cypress, but I am currently playing at UF and we are on the road to a national championship,” he said.

Sophomore Josh Rosensweig, who leads the current hockey team in points and participated in the alumni game, said he had a great time competing with the former players.

“It was very good hockey,” he said. “It was an honor to be able to step on the ice and compete against some of the all-time greats at The Bay.”




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Sports Roundup


Boys Varsity Soccer

The boys soccer team shut out West Broward, 3-0, on Jan. 6. The team also beat West Broward 4-1 on Jan. 8. The team advances to 10-1-2 on the season.

Boys Varsity Basketball

The team defeated Western High on Senior Night on Jan. 15 by a score of 62-50. Top performers were twins Ross and Max Udine who both had three big 3’s and six rebounds.


The softball team had tryouts last week. The season starts mid-February.

 Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse team has been conditioning for the upcoming season in the spring. The exact tryout dates are yet to be announced.

Girls Varsity Basketball

The Cypress Bay girls varsity basketball team now has a record of 20-1. They recently beat Western and South Plantation, both by a margin of over 30 points. The team is scheduled to play its last game against Coral Glades on Jan. 17.

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