Girls cross country seeks to uphold winning tradition


The girls cross-country team has experienced a change with the loss of its senior runners, one of which was star Katherine MacNeal, now competing for University of Mississippi. Coach Joseph Monks said MacNeal was a big part of the team’s qualifying for states, and current co-captain Shivani Dalal agrees that she has left a lasting legacy on the team.

“Without Kat our team will have to work harder knowing we don’t have someone as an anchor to get us those points to qualify for states,” said Dalal, a senior. “I think it will make us stronger and more motivated to work as a team instead of individually.”

Coach Monks said that even though MacNeal has left, the team is recruiting and training new players who seem to have a lot of promise and potential.

“Every program must move forward and develop new talent,” he said. “Shivani Dalal will help keep the tradition alive, along with newcomer freshman Olivia Childless.”

Dalal said that MacNeal served as a mascot of sorts for the team, and that the team will not be the same without her, but that she has left a great impact on the team by serving as a role model.

“She was our anchor in cross country, always placing Top 5 and for track always placing first in the mile,” Dalal said. “Cypress isn’t the same without her, but we will develop into great teams within the upcoming years.”

Co-captain Juliet Santiago, also a senior, agrees with Coach Monks and Dalal.

“Kat not being here anymore changes things when it comes to motivation,” Santiago said. “Everyone aspired to be as good of a runner as Kat, so not having her running alongside us is hard but we are training hard to be successful as well.”

Dalal and Santiago both said that they have been working very hard to become great runners and to lead the team.

“We have a lot of new and promising runners on our team which I’m very excited for,” Dalal said. “I would like to expose them to qualities of teamwork, dedication, self-discipline, but mostly passion for the sport.”

Along with MacNeal, runners Lauren Reynolds and Katherine Harris also graduated and left an impact on the team. But the current team remains optimistic about new freshman runners who will someday be able to lead.

“Both the cross-country and track season of course will greatly miss Kat and her successes, but it’s simply motivation to work even harder to someday obtain accomplishments like hers,” Santiago said.

Coach Monks says the team must move on from the loss and keep working hard since they are in one of the hardest regions of the state.

“We are moving forward developing some new freshmen talent as the senior girls will strive to keep the cross-country state qualifying tradition alive,” he said.

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Boys golf team prepares for upcoming season


Last season the boys golf team made an appearance at the state championship at Mission Inn Resort & Club in Orlando, and this year they expect to have another chance at the title.

The boys placed third in their first match behind American Heritage and Benjamin High in at Lago Mar Country Club on Aug. 26 in a field that also included University School, Cardinal Gibbons, and Saint Thomas.

“Although most of our team played pretty well, we’re going to need to work hard this year if we want to compete with the top teams in the county like Heritage,” sophomore Jonathan Cachon said.

Junior Spencer Rheingold said over the course of the last off-season, the starters for the team have changed significantly, adding many new freshmen to the lineup.

“The new freshmen, such as brothers Tyler and Koby Pham, have improved the amount of talent on the team overall,” Rheingold said. “They are good players and benefit the team a lot.”

Sophomore Kyle Anders said the boys got off to a strong start, and they have been practicing as much as they can to improve their performance for the next match.

“We have been practicing every day, weather permitting, and trying very hard to focus and prepare for our next big match,” Anders said. “It’s important that we practice as much as possible if we want to win the majority of our games.”

Coach Vincent Grossi said that if the team wants to have another shot at the State Championship this year, they are going to have to play well together and stay focused.

Anders said he expects big things from the team this year.

“If we continue to improve throughout the season, we will have an opportunity to make a run for the State Championship again,” he said.

This year’s starting five is Jonathan Cachon, Manuel Kent, Juan Pablo Arazola, Howard Ki, and Tyler Pham.

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JV volleyball team improves record to 3-0

JV volleyball team improves record to 3-0


The junior varsity girls volleyball team won in straight sets 25-8 and 25-9 on Sept. 2 at Flanagan High.

Sophomore Rebecca Schultz said the team is getting better every day.

“Everyone played well but there is always room for improvement,” Schultz said.

Schultz said she wants to work on her court awareness during games.

“I want to get better by staying focused during practices and during the games,” Schultz said.

Defensive specialist junior Courtney Carlton said the team needs to work on being a team on and outside the court.

“We can improve our chemistry on the court by playing like a team and becoming a family,” Carlton said.

Carlton said the team needs to work a lot on defense during practices by passing to the setter.

“During the game we struggled with passing to the target but towards the end we overcame our struggle and finished strong,” Carlton said.

Outside and right side hitter freshman Andrea Vallenilla enjoyed her first experience playing on a high school volleyball team.

“I had a lot of fun playing with the team because we had a lot of energy and played very well,” Vallenilla said.

Middle hitter sophomore Tara Tamone said the team played great by serving strong, but still needs to improve.

“We controlled our side of the court very well because we played a higher level than Flanagan did,” Tamone said.

Tamone said the team showed a lot of energy throughout the game.

“The team stood up most of the time and cheered for the players on the court and it boosted the teams confidence,” she said.  

Head coach Corey Marks was overall pleased with the result.

“In the beginning the team was nervous but we settled down and ended up playing a great game,” Coach Marks said.

Coach Marks said he wants the team to improve more on serve receive and hitting during practices by dedicating an hour of just doing drills.

The next home game will be held on Sept. 15.

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Girls varsity volleyball heads into first home game undefeated


The Lightning girls varsity volleyball team started off their season with a no-show from Coral Glades on Aug. 25. The Coral Glades bus broke down on the Sawgrass Expressway on the way to the Bay just minutes before the start of the game, leaving both teams unable to play their first game.

Since then, the team has had three away games and has won all of them, but the first home game will be Sept.

“We were all really excited since it was our first game of the season, and it’s disappointing. Now we’re just looking forward to next time,” said Rebecca Lopez, who plays libero, a defensive backcourt position, for Cypress Bay.

To prepare for the game, the varsity girls have been practicing after school every day, even attending practices over their summer breaks. They participate in a variety of drills during practice, such as butterfly drills, which prepare their minds for the game. They also practice receiving serves, which ready them for future defensive challenges.

Coach Jen Meyer explained that this year’s squad of girls will be better than ever.

“One huge strength this year is that every single player plays volleyball for a travel team during the off season, so every one of them plays year round,” Coach Meyer said.

In fact, almost all of the girls are veterans of the team including co-captains Priscilla Ertty (setter) and Rachael Tomasiello (outside hitter), both seniors, and “the player to watch,” junior Cassidy Fisher (outside hitter), said the coach.

“We have a very talented varsity team all the way around this year. But these three veterans especially have both the talent and the experience to lead the team far this year,” Coach Meyer said.

Sophomore Jordan Kron said the girls are ecstatic to prove to their school that this will be their best season yet.

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Lightning Round (Ep.2)



Cypress Bay’s sports podcast show the Lightning Round with Alex Solomon (left) and Evan Kessler. In this show, Alex and Evan discuss college football, NFL Season, and FIBA Basketball World Cup.

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Lightning wins season opener

Lightning wins season opener



Head coach Mark Guandolo and the Lightning varsity football team kicked off their season with a 27-7 win at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach on Aug. 29. The game started off slow with no scoring until there was 6:49 left in the first quarter.

“A victory is a victory,”Coach Guandolo said. “We have a lot of young players and a lot of guys who have never played in a varsity game before. So we had a lot of mistakes and a lot of things to correct. I thought the defense played tough and the offense made mistakes, but we did put together some good drives.”

Running back Mike Epstein scored two touchdowns in the game running a total of 96 yards. He scored both of his touchdowns in the first half. He ended up being sidelined due to an ankle injury later in the game. Epstein confirmed that the injury was not serious and he should be on the field for the next game, at Boyd Anderson on Sept. 5.

“It’s just a little bruise,” said Epstein, a sophomore. “I couldn’t do without my O-lineman tonight. I’m not anything without them. We got off to a little rough start. Usually, we like to start off a little bit better but we got the W and that’s all that matters.”

The Bay’spassing game did not perform as well as they hoped. Quarterback Kole Stealy, new to the team, threw for 67 yards and no touchdowns. He threw two interceptions in the game. Even though the game wasn’t amazing for Stealy, a junior, Coach G said they hope to have a better passing game next week.

“We threw the ball but we had some protection breakdowns,” Coach G said. “You have to get protection and [Stealy] is coming off an injury so he was hopping.”

Linebacker and tight end Jarret Hankshad a fumble recovery for a touchdown in the first half. Hanks said it really got the team started. They were up by six points, but after he scored, it seemed like the team wasunstoppable.

“When I scored that touchdown, things got rolling,” said Hanks, a junior. “Everyone was excited and I was just happy to pick my teammates up. It was a great momentum changer for the team.”

Coach Guandolo said that they want to improve on some things before the Boyd Anderson game, but for the most part they were happy in the way they performed Friday night.

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Lightning Round (Ep.1)



First ever sports podcast episode of the Lightning Round show with Alex Solomon (left) and Evan Kessler. In this show, Alex and Evan discuss CBHS football, publicity given to athletes, and bullying in locker rooms. 

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Sports Roundup


Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse team defeated South Plantation, 14-2, on April 7 and defeated West Broward, 17-1, on April 15. The team will play in the district round on the playoffs on April 17 against Archbishop McCarthy.


The softball team qualified to compete in district finals after defeating Western High 4-2. District finals will be held on April 17 against Cooper City. The team finished the season with a 16-6 overall record, and with a record of 7-1 in the district.


The varsity baseball team defeated the Piper Bengals by a score of 13-3 on April 9in five innings to clinch the No. 2 seed for the district playoffs. The Lightning will face off against Western in the first round of the district playoffs on Tuesday, April 22 at Western High School.


Boys and girls water polo each won the district 8A championship on April 16.

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Athletes’ game day clothing adds spirit on campus



Not only does dressing uniformly bring individuals of a team together, but it also calls attention to the powerful influence that sports have.

Frequent questioning and random acts of kindness are some types of encouragement that senior Allison Lopez, who is a varsity basketball cheerleader, receives on a typical game day as she walks around campus in her uniform.

“People tend to respect me more and are nicer. They hold the door open for me or start a conversation,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that wearing her cheer uniform to school brings expectations of her due to stereotypes.

“We are usually expected to be a lot more enthusiastic and energetic,” Lopez said.

Head cheerleading coach Erica Wells said that when athletes dress out it promotes a sense of unity, pride, and school spirit.

“Sharing the same overall appearance with your teammates diminishes any individual differences and thus makes you feel like part of a group, something bigger than yourself,” Coach Wells said.

She added that it also brings the community together.

“It helps teachers and other students recognize the cheerleaders as active parts of Cypress Bay’s culture,” she said.

When dressing up in his dress suit on JV football game days, sophomore Brandon Moore said he gets more attention than usual.

“My friends give me hugs and take pictures with me,” Moore said. “They give me a dollar to buy a drink with bef­ore the game because they worry that I’ll be thirsty.”

Moore said wearing the suit on game days, which is required of all team members, is not only an external factor; there is intrinsic motivation as well.

“I feel like a professional when I dress up and I feel good about myself,” he said.

Sophomore Alexander Cassitta said that not all athletes have pleasant experiences while dressed out on game days.

“My teachers do tend to treat me differently,” said Cassitta, a JV football player. “I have certain teachers that, I guess, did not have good experiences with football players, so they are more likely to stereotype us.”

Cassitta said that like most stereotypes, not all are applicable to him.  

The typical stereotype is that we are just dumb jocks. I’m not like that because I’m a student before an athlete,” he said.

Sophomore Georgi Cowan said she has also had displeasing incidents.

“People tend to stare at me and give me weird looks,” she said.

Junior Lauren Aleman, a varsity basketball player, said that coordinating outfits with the rest of the team unites them together and creates a sense of team spirit.

“It usually signifies that we’re classy at school, but once we get to the court we know we’re going to dominate,” she said.

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Athletes to Watch: Track and Field



When did you start running track and why did you start?

I first started when I was about eight years old. I was also playing football at the time, so I started so I could get faster and quicker in football.

 Do you plan to run track in college?

I plan to try and get a scholarship for either track, football, or lacrosse, so I am keeping my min and options open in all three sports that I play, including track.

What other sports do you enjoy playing and what is your favorite?

I also play football and lacrosse for Cypress. I enjoy all three, but if I had to choose which was my favorite, I would definitely say football. It will forever be my first love.

-Dylan Pulitano






How do you prepare a race?

I prepare for the race by hydrating throughout the day and the night before. Once we get to the meet, we have a team warm-up. And then once it gets closer to your event we have to jog and stretch again.

How did you get into running?

I played Falcon Cove soccer in middle school and Coach Evie Hoopes told me to try out for the track team. I also always enjoyed running.

What is your favorite part of competing in track?

My favorite part of competing in track is knowing that you pushed yourself to the limit in your race.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in track so far?

Last year, I went to states for the 4×8 and hopefully we will do the same this year.

How does track help you in the other sports you play?

Track helps me a lot in soccer and cross country because it makes me a lot faster and sometimes we go to the gym, which also helps.

What are some of your goals for the rest of the season?

My main goal for this year is qualifying for states again and having a new PR (personal record) in the 800 and 400.

-Jake Lender

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