Seniors on girls water polo compete in final game

By: Dylan Srebnick

Sports Copy Editor

The Bay’s girls water
polo team played and won the district finals on April 11, defeating Pines
Charter with a score of 6-3. For senior driver and captain, Allyson Modrak, she
said that this district finals in particular felt sentimental to her, as it was
her last time participating in this competition in her career.

“It felt so rewarding
to win this district competition because we trained and tried so hard all
season and it feels great seeing all of our hard work pay off,” Modrak said.
“We have made it to districts before in the past, but it felt really special
winning it this year, as I was one of the captains and leaders of the team.”

According to Modrak,
the team’s success couldn’t have been possible without the help of its head
coach, Tori Warenik. Warenik was in charge of leading practices and making sure
the team was playing to the best of its ability.

“My job is to act
like a mentor to the girls and push them to work harder with the end goal of
making it to districts and winning it all,” Warenik said. 
“We have established such great bonds with each other that it feels like
I am the coach, and also a friend.”

Senior goalie Sabrina
Enterrios said the game was close in score the whole time, but she tried her
hardest to help her team come out on top.

“Being the goalie is
a very nerve-wracking position to play in water polo because you are
responsible for blocking all the shots on goal for the opposing team,”
Enterrios said. “I always get nervous when the ball gets close to our goal
because I need to be focused and lazer-sharp, so that I have the best shot of
blocking the ball from going in our teams goal.”

According to
Enterrios, the team spends hours practicing and conditioning to better its
chances of staying energized and strong during gametime.

“We try to hold
practices three to four times a week where we do certain drills, whether they
involve swimming laps or shooting drills,” Enterrios said. “We usually end the
practices with a scrimmage which helps us prepare for gametime.”

For Enterrios, she
said that she is going to miss playing on the team, as she has been on the team
for over three years.

“Since I started when
I was younger, I wasn’t the main goalie on the team,” Enterrios said. “Senior
year was by far my favorite season to play in because I was the head goalie and
played in almost all the games.”

For senior driver
Elizabeth Gluck, she said the team’s win at districts was an emotional one, as
she has been on the team for three years and it was her first win as a member
of the team.

“I joined the team my
sophomore year and it was the best decision I have ever made,” Gluck said. “I
have met my best friends on the team and have made unforgettable bonds and
memories on the team, and our win at districts was the cherry on top of a great
water polo career.”

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Athletes to Watch

Cristina Cimato




Mile and Two Mile run

Goal: To have a four minute and 20 second run
time for the mile and a ten minute run time for the two mile.

When and what made you decide to join the track

I joined track in eighth grade because I saw all
of my friends try out. I also wanted to stop playing soccer, and I decided I
could put my focus onto the track team.

What is your favorite part about the sport and
the race?

My favorite part of track is definitely my
teammates. I would not be able to run without their great support. My favorite
part of the race would have to be finishing it.

Do you have a pre-race ritual or routine? If so,
what is it?

Yes. Before every race our team has a very long
chant but it hypes the team up and gets us ready to exert all our energy.

What or who keeps you motivated?

My teammates always keep me motivated, as they
are always pushing themselves to be faster. Their motivation and determination
is almost contagious.

What do you believe is your biggest
accomplishment from this?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be
qualifying for the Junior Olympics. This was extremely important because it was
my most exclusive competition that I’ve competed in.

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sophia handley

Athletes to Watch

By Sophia Handley

Dylan Lessem

Height: 5 ft

Position: Goalie

Goal: To become better at the goalie position,
considering it is my first year and to have a good season.

What is your favorite part about the sport?

I enjoy the competitive aspect of lacrosse
because it always gets me really pumped up for all of our games.

Why do you enjoy playing on this team?

It gives me the opportunity to be with my
friends all of the time and with people who have similar interests as me. I
always have such a great time at practice and games with my team.

How does it feel playing goalie for the first

It is definitely different being goalie but I am
starting to pick it up. I enjoy the position and I hope to keep playing it next

Who inspires you to play the sport?

My teammates always inspire me to get better
every day and I think it is important that we support each other.

What motivates you to play lacrosse?

What motivates me to play lacrosse is my ability
to get better. I think there’s always room from improvement.

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sophia handley

Athletes to Watch

By Sophia Handley

Rudi Eyl

Grade 11

Height: 6 ft.


My main goal in tennis is to have a good
season with the team and hopefully be able to become state champions.

How many years have you been playing tennis?

I have been playing tennis for eight years,
but I have only been playing at school for two years.

Do you play on varsity?

I play on varsity and I really enjoy the
competition of being on a high-level high school team.

Why do you have a passion for tennis?

I have a passion for tennis because my dad
always immersed me in the sport, and I love playing. I started playing at a
young age and ever since, I have always enjoyed it.

Who inspires you to play the sport?

Roger Federer inspires me. He is the greatest
player of all time and is a role model both on and off the court.

Do you plan on playing tennis at the
collegiate level?

I do plan on playing [tennis] in college if I
get accepted into a school that I like. Playing tennis in college would be a
great experience because I would be able to become more skilled and a better
player overall.

What is your favorite part about tennis?

My favorite part of tennis is competing and
playing with friends. I love the thrill of competition, especially when I win.

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Varsity basketball wins districts

By Jake Miller
Ad Designer

The Bay’s varsity basketball team won the district final
on Feb. 13 against rival school Western High School with a score of 66-57.  Varsity Basketball Coach Jason Looky said he
is excited that winning this game made the team District Champions.

“We have a good young group of talent thus far on the
team,” Looky said. “There are currently three freshman and two sophomores on
varsity, so there is a good core group of players and we will be in good hands
moving forward.”

Coach Looky said
complacency can become an issue when playing important games in the playoffs,
as he said the team sometimes thinks winning the state title is extra after conquering the
title of a district championship. However, he said he believes the team has a
good chance of taking home the state title.

“This team can have a chance to really go far if they can
put their heads down and concentrate on playing and winning,” Looky said.
“Recently they really started to trust each other more, share the ball more and
buy into winning together as a team.”

Junior shooting guard Isaiah Quinteros said this win was
pivotal for the team, as the Lightning not only beat their rival team, but now
every game would be played at home until states. He said this is crucial to the
success of the team, as having home-court advantage against other teams in the
playoffs serves as a major benefit.

“It felt great to win against our rival team, and now have
home court advantage,” Quinteros said. Inspiration and motivation within was a
great driving power to excel the team to win.”

Senior point guard Tyler Krivitzkin said winning this
district title is an impressive feat judging from the way the season started
for the Lightning.

“There was not much hope for the team when we started off
four and four,” Krivitzkin said. “Once the team got its bearings and we went on
a 13 and two run to end the season, we all got our hopes up for the playoffs.”

Krivitzkin said the major support from team members and
the coaching staff has driven the team to be at the place it currently is.

“I am very proud of the team and how far we have come,”
Krivitzkin said. “All the team players should feel really proud of themselves.”

The Lightning beat Western at Tuesday’s home playoff game
with a score of 64-50.

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Did Naomi Osaka make a mistake by firing her coach?


Osaka made a mistake firing her coach, Sascha Bajin because he turned her
career around and has experience that could have helped Osaka even more. Prior
to hiring Bajin, Osaka was ranked No. 72 in the world and had little success in
grand slam tournaments. After hiring him, Osaka won her maiden grand slam title
at the United States Open, rose 71 spots in the rankings from No. 72 all the
way to No. 1, and won her second grand slam at the Australian Open. In only a
year of working together, Osaka has had major breakthroughs that would not have
been possible without his guidance. Bajin has also worked with other grand slam
champions such as Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. During his seven
years as Williams’ hitting partner, he learned about the many ways players can
balance their personal and professional lives and also what it takes to
consistently be the best in the world. All of the information he has learned
with Williams could have been extremely useful for Osaka since she still has a
lot to learn about life as a professional tennis player. Naomi Osaka should
have kept Sascha Bajin as her coach considering how successful the duo could
have been.

-Darian Trabold


Osaka did the right thing when she fired her coach Sascha Bajin because she is
currently the best women’s tennis player in the world, and she deserves a coach
who can keep her at that level. Osaka announced her split from Bajin in
February and what ensued was an overreaction by the tennis world. Several
different news outlets reported on the sudden split, shaping public opinion and
denying Osaka the chance to really address what happened and why she fired
Bajin. Osaka is still dealing with the pressures of her newfound fame since she
is ranked No. 1. Osaka said she put her own happiness over success, but how
could anyone blame her for that? Bajin probably put extra pressure on Osaka
after her back-to-back grand slam titles. Also, Osaka is not the only player
who has split with their coach recently. Angelique Kerber, ranked No. 8, fired
her coach, Wim Fissette and No. 2 Simona Halep and her coach Darren Cahill have
also broken up. Obviously, change is afoot in the women’s tennis world, as
coach firings or separations seem to be commonplace. While Sascha Bajin may
hold the Women’s Tennis Association Coach of the Year Award, it is important to
recognize that Bajin has practically zero experience, other than being a
hitting partner, as this was his first year as a head coach. Obviously, Osaka
had to make a hard decision, and she correctly chose to do what was in her best


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lissa ATW

Athletes to Watch


What keeps you motivated at

is my outlet to get my stress away. At practice, I forget about everything and
I’m just happy.

Who is your inspiration to play

dad inspires me to always try my best. He works so hard and I want to be able
to put the same effort he does into my soccer career.

What accomplishment in soccer has
made you the most proud?

I started playing soccer, I have always been trying to get on the best team
possible. Playing for the Bay makes me proud because I am able to represent my

What position do you play? Why?

have a lot of flexibility in what position I play. I am able to play every
position except for one. I can’t play goalie because I’m not good at blocking
the shots.                                                   

Goal: To have the best season yet

Height- 5’2

Team- Varsity soccer

Class of 2021

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New leadership on girls lacrosse team

With the season approaching, the new captains are starting to make their preparations for the season.  Senior captains Lauren Nau, Taryn Turpin, Hannah Suhood, Amanda Saaverda and Sammie Rammer said they hope their new ideas will lead the team to success. For Nau, she said she wants to try to get to know the team better.

want the team to be a family and super close. The other captains and I want us
to all develop a deep friendship with one another,” Nau said.

Currently, Nau said she is uncertain of what new techniques she will be
trying, as the roster has not yet been finalized. Therefore, she said the team
is just doing fundraising and conditioning for now.

team] can’t do [new] techniques yet because the season hasn’t started, so we
don’t have our set team. When the time comes, we hope to do bonding events,”
Nau said.

said she enjoys many aspects of being captain. She said one of her favorite
parts is being able to help new players learn the game.

favorite part of being a captain is being able to meet new people and help
girls who have never played before learn how to play lacrosse,” Nau said.

Nau, senior captain Sammie Rammer said she is also unsure of what strategies
the team will be implementing, but she said it is currently focusing on
building stamina and speed for individual players. She said she is hoping this
will help the team be the most athletic.

new strategies] will be effective because in a game when it gets to the second
half and everyone is getting tired, our team will have the advantage of still
having the energy to run down the field and move quickly,” Rammer said.

has been leading the team in yoga practices as part of its conditioning to help
teach the players proper stretching habits and balance. She also said she has
offered the team a greater sense of comradery.

far I’ve offered the team a strong sense of motivation and unity to build a
stronger overall team that wants to reach the common goal of winning,” Rammer
said. “This is great for the new players who many feel discouraged from
comparing themselves to the senior players’ experience.”

said she enjoys being captain and all the responsibilities that come with it.
She said she hopes her leadership will help the team the grow into a closer
team as the season goes on.

            “My favorite part of being a captain
is being able to motivate all the girls and offer them a role model by showing
them the type of player and teammate they can and will become,” Rammer said. “I love guiding the team through
conditioning and making them more fun, easier on the mind, but harder on the

Coach Corey Engelhard said for him a leader is someone who leads by example. He
said the captains for this year’s team show that same quality.

captains will be someone who] the girls will want to follow, people who are not
only exceptional players but [also] exceptional People,” Engelhard said.
“Captains that believe that it is their job to just tell other players what to
do will be in for a long season.”

said he hopes that the new captains will focus more on team unity. He said he
hopes this will help the team get along and lead to more on-field results.

hope is that the captains implement a culture of cohesiveness, not a culture of
divisiveness. For a team to play at its best, everyone needs to get along and
be on the same page,” Engelhard said.

said he has been coaching many of the girls for a while. He said one of his
favorite things about this group of girls is that they know his methods well.
He said he hopes this will lead to good communication between the captains and
the coach.

of the captains this year are seniors. For some of them, I have always been
their head coach,” Engelhard said. “They know how I like to run a practice

[which is good because]

it will be their job to help everything run smoothly.”

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Varsity basketball bounces back

Lightning boys basketball team defeated the Western High School Wildcats on
Jan. 10, with a final score of 66-63. Varsity Basketball Coach Jason Looky said
the team has made various improvements since the last time they faced the

had some guys that weren’t playing the first time we played Western due to some
injuries and off the court issues,” Looky said. “[We added] more firepower by
adding those guys in the lineup and cohesively we made a large adjustment.”

point guard Tyler Krivitzkin said it was nerve racking to play against an
intimidating team that had beat them previously in the season. However, he said
once he got in the winning mindset, it became a fun game to play in.

players] took care of the ball this time against Western,” Krivitzkin said.
“[Junior shooting guard Isaiah Quinteros] and I did not play the last time

[against Western]

so we knew we had to come out and make a statement.”

said the Lightning Lunatics were a large factor in producing the energy and
motivation the team needed to step up its game.

biggest factor [in winning the game] was definitely the Lunatics,” Krivitzkin said. “Once the Lunatics started cheering
on the Lightning, energy filled the gym and got the whole team really
energized. This flame under the team gave us the extra power we needed to win.”

said he challenged himself to guard a skilled player throughout the entire
game, and it proved to be successful.

had to stop number 12 from scoring clean shots and to move the ball on offense
in addition to playing fast,” Quinteros said. “I helped with guarding him and
we were efficient in preventing him from getting the ball.”

said the atmosphere and pressure on the court against Western provided the
perfect storm for the Lightning.

was not a lot of extra motivation needed other than the fact that it is a
rivalry game,” Quinteros said. “If you cannot get up for games like that, than
you have no business playing in them.”

shooting guard Tristan Goldstein said he practiced differently in anticipation
of the rivalry game.

worked more on my shooting as well as moving the ball up the court as fast as
possible, anticipating that the players on the opponent team would come out as
aggressive as possible,” Goldstein said.

said the team’s win over the Wildcats has been a motivational boost for the
players and has made the team more pumped up for future games.

that we have seen the talent out there on the court, the whole team knows we
are going to have to bring our ‘A’ game if we want to win any titles this
season,” Goldstein said. “I’m hopeful and excited for the games still to

said he is excited for what is next to come and is hopeful for the next couple

are currently on a seven-game win streak and the [players] are beginning to see
what happens when they work as a team,” Looky said. “We will definitely have a
bright rest of the future ahead if we continue playing the way we are now.”

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Lightning girls volleyball prepares for upcoming season

As the upcoming water polo spring season
approaches, the Lightning girls varsity team has started to prepare for it. One
of the main objectives the team works on is conditioning, which consists of
swimming and working out at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in
Weston. Junior wing Sara Briones said conditioning prior to the season is
essential to help determine which girls are qualified to be a part of the team.

conditioning, the players can create and strengthen bonds prior to season,” Briones
said. “There are only so many practices prior to the first game. Therefore, the
girls need to prepare as much as possible by swimming laps before going into
strategies and scrimmages during the season.”

addition to conditioning with the team, Briones
attends the gym everyday to work on strength and endurance. She said working
out has improved her abilities in the pool, making her  a better player. 

the gym helps me more than swimming to prepare for the season,” Briones said.
“I need to work on my strength rather than swimming because the sport involves
more endurance rather than learning how to swim.”

year, the Lightning lost in the district championship against Cooper City High
School in overtime, with a final score of 7-8. Briones said the players are
striving for a district championship this year in hopes of redeeming

am very confident in our team this year to come out with a district win,”
Briones said. “Last year, it was devastating to lose after all of the hard work
the team had put into the season. [However], we will be able to fix past
mistakes and change the way we play the game as a team in order to win.”

with the overall goals of the team, individual team members such as Senior
captain and wing Ally Modrak have set personal goals. She said she hopes to
improve her statistics and be more dedicated to the sport.

this is my senior year, I want my last year to be the year I am most proud of,”
Modrak said. “Being more committed to the sport can change the way I performing
in the water and as a teammate.”

from conditioning, Modrak prepares for the season by playing on the swim team
at the Bay and playing on a club water polo team during the off season. She
said she has grown as a player exponentially by playing the sport and staying
in shape.

is a huge part of water polo and has benefitted me to become better,” Modrak
said. “My club team gives me more game experience off season and has resulted
in making new friends at different schools who play.”

Andres Schmit, the new assistant coach,
is a Bay graduate and an ex-player of the varsity boys water polo team. Schmitt
said being a part of the water polo community has given him many opportunities,
including becoming a coach.

a coach at the Bay is a time where I can give back and help the team develop
and become better,” Schmit said. “The sport has brought many life events that
have shaped me into the person I am today.”

said the best part about coaching is when the players are able to implement the
skills they learned in practices into the games.

the upcoming season,  I plan on using my
old work out regimens and plays that the coaching staff and I will try to
implement during practices,” Schmit said. “The goal is to see the growth in our
team as the season progresses and becomes harder.”

season, the Lightning did not hold tryouts for the team; however, this year,
tryouts were held on Jan. 21-22 from 7:00-9:00 p.m/ at the YMCA. Thirty two
girls registered to tryout, but only 18 players will make the team.

team will benefit from tryouts to ensure the season goes smoothly,” Briones
said. “Additionally, the team will have more players who are hardworking and
dedicated to the sport. Therefore, it will be an improvement from last year.”

said the tryouts are a way to assess what players are committed to the team. He
said he is looking forward to see what the season has to bring.

to my new position, I have never met any of the athletes before,” Schmitt said.
“I am excited to see what kind of talent the players will bring this season.”

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