Streaming sites gain popularity


What do Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Pandora have in common? All companies stream music for viewers to listen to. These applications are used throughout the day by millions of people, including students.

One of the many is Spotify, which is free and has a premium option that costs $10 per month.

“Spotify helps me focus while doing homework,” junior Matt Ulino said. “Since I have Premium, it’s just music without ads, which is really nice.”

Ulino uses the playlist feature on Spotify. This site gives the option to make different playlists according to a person’s preferences. Spotify has many new features including the ‘running feature,’ which picks a song that syncs with a user’s running pace. SoundCloud is an online music-sharing platform that allows users to upload and listen to original or remixed music for free.

“ I make my own music and remixes,” junior Alec Royce said. “ I have 300 something followers on SoundCloud.”

SoundCloud provides tools and a platform for creators to make music. If a person does decide to make remixes using another artist’s music, a copyright is needed. SoundCloud has a pro and a pro unlimited option, which helps artists upload their music faster or limitless.

SoundCloud provides remixes that are not available on other streaming sites, and all of the music can be listened to for free.

“I use SoundCloud and Rhapsody,” sophomore Maria Ortiz said. “SoundCloud is good for finding remixes, and Rhapsody is an unlimited amount of music which I love.”

Rhapsody, an additional streaming site, provides three months of ad-free music streaming and downloads for $1.

“Rhapsody is easier to use and I just find it to be better,” sophomore Ayin Chaparro said.

The new streaming feature created by Apple called Apple Music, has features that help individuals discover their favorite artists or bands. The app pre-makes playlists based on a person’s preference of music. However, Apple Music is not free and costs a monthly fee of $9.99.

“I wouldn’t waste my money on Apple Music,” Chaparro said. “Its just too expensive.”

Music streaming sites are not only advantageous to listeners, but to the artists as well. Record companies are receiving more money from the customers paying streaming sites rather than customers who actually buy the CDs.

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Review: “Rogue Nation” is ‘impossible’ to miss


“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” premiered on July 31, and the Mission Impossible series just keeps getting stronger 19 years later. “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” is the fifth and strongest installment of the “Mission Impossible” series. The action packed film, starring Tom Cruise, is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Throughout the movie, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his allies set off on a worldwide mission to defeat the terrorist organization, The Syndicate, and save the world. The characters in the movie are dynamic and entertaining, which helps create an emotional connection. They show the perfect balance between humor and seriousness throughout the movie. Cruise’s co-star Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) also has a fantastic performance in the film as he captures the role of the zany sidekick perfectly.

“Mission Impossible” has an encapsulating plot, consisting of heart-wrenching scenes and circumstances that the agents are put into.

“Mission Impossible” is one of the few movie series that can produce multiple movies received positively by audiences. A typical action movie will grab the audience’s attention with flashy stunts or exhilarating car chases. “Mission Impossible” is able to pull audiences in with their character development and immersive plot, and no over-excessive antics.

“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” has made $188 million in its first month in theatres, surpassing both Mission Impossible I and III.

Cruise’s performance in the movie is a perfect representation of his acting career. He is known to perform his own stunts, and his age has not gotten the best of him as he continues to put his life on the line in this film. Cruise performs an unthinkable feat in the opening scene, by hanging off of the edge of a moving plane.

The Mission Impossible movies continue to get better with each release, and Rogue Nation follows the pattern of excellence.

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Concert atmosphere makes impact on audience

BY MARTINA VILLAMAYORMuse_at_Outside_Lands_Music_and_Arts_Festival_03

Junior Esteban Mogollon has attended many concerts in the past couple years. The artist who made the biggest impact on him was Drake.

“[Drake] jumped around everywhere and got the crowd jumping around with him,” Mogollon said. “He had the power to make us feel the music just by how he moved. It gave the crowd the reaction [Drake] wanted to give them.”

Recently, Mogollon attended the J. Cole concert at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater in West Palm Beach.

“I think that concerts really give people a chance to see their favorite artists perform live,” Mogollon said. “When I went to J. Cole, it was amazing knowing that I got to see one of my favorite rappers and feel his energy in person.”

Every concert allows for a different environmental and emotional feeling. Each experience is unique on its own depending on the location, type of music, or atmosphere.

“There is absolutely nothing that compares to an outdoor concert,” Mogollon said. “The people are dancing and singing along. It’s set up so that everyone can have a great time.”

Mogollon’s mother, Claudia Obregon, loves to take her son and friends to concerts. She believes it is a great experience for them to go and see their idols.

“I think they should take advantage of their youth and go to as many concerts as they can, because when they’re older they won’t have the time with college and work,” Mrs. Obregon said. “Especially my son, who is an extremely hard worker. He deserves it.”

Sophomore Alexa Cachinero prefers the comfort and sound of an indoor concert. She also went to the J. Cole concert and said she didn’t like the humidity and heat that comes with outdoor venues. She has been to many concerts in the past couple years, but her favorite was Maroon 5.

“I went to the Maroon 5 concert two years ago and I can honestly say I like indoor concerts a lot,” Cachinero said. “The acoustics are better, and I just had an overall great experience.”

Every artist performs differently, which allows for each concert to be personal and unique. Sophomore Diego Homes felt that same emotional connection to his favorite artist, Lana Del Rey.

“When I went to a Lana [Del Rey] concert, she just stood there beautifully and sang to the microphone; she made intense contact with the crowd and it really touched my soul,” Homes said. “In one line she looked directly at me, and I swear I stopped breathing.”

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Review: Miley Cyrus gets ‘Fweaky’ with her new album

BY RACHEL FRIEDMANScreen Shot 2015-08-31 at 6.48.26 PM

Miley Cyrus released her unique new album, “Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz,” Aug. 30 on SoundCloud, an online music sharing platform that allows users to upload and listen to original or remixed music for free. Cyrus hosted the 2015 VMAs that night, and she ended the show with the announcement of the album.

Cyrus is not the girl she used to be back in her Hannah Montana days. Although she has changed drastically since then, people believe her eccentric, new style of music still classifies her as an “A- list celebrity.” Cyrus is still making new albums and songs for people to listen to, but her music is not nearly as enjoyable as it used to be.

The album is definitely unlike any other. With songs ranging from instrumentals, to tracks having extremely disturbing lyrics, it is definitely a sharp contrast to her old music.

In “Twinkle Song,” Cyrus starts the song by repeatedly singing the phrase “I had a dream.” Towards the end, she starts screaming the phrase uncontrollably, and it is extremely difficult to listen to.   Most of the songs on Cyrus’s new album promote smoking and drinking, such as her songs “I’m So Drunk” and “Dooo it,” which is the extremely uncanny song she performed at the VMAs.

One of the most popular songs on the album is called “Pablow the Blowfish,” which is about her pet fish that died; thus inspiring the title of the album. This song is bizarre and there is no positive message displayed in it.

“The Floyd Song (Sunrise),” is another track that helped stir the title of the album. This song is a long record that’s quite boring about her pet dog that passed away.

Most of the songs on this album are tremendously boring and monotonous like “Space Boots,” “Bang Me Box,” and “Lighter.” Songs like these have no message and keep the same dull tune throughout the entire track.

It is definitely clear that Cyrus values her own opinions over other people’s, and that she is writing her songs to satisfy herself. “Fweaky,” for example, is about how she would do anything to be with a guy, even though he’s a little odd.

The songs on this album are certainly different from anything she or any other artist has ever released. Overall, Cyrus’s new album is disappointing compared to her previous albums and she can definitely showcase her talent in a better way.

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Review: Ed Sheeran makes fans want to ‘Sing’


One man, one guitar, thousands of fans, and a full head of ginger hair: On Sept. 9, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran filled the American Airlines Arena with pure talent.

Stepping out with just his guitar, Sheeran smiled brightly as he began with “I’m a Mess.” Wearing a T-shirt and shorts during his first song, Sheeran showed that his performance style was simple.  He didn’t need a band or huge theatrics.  His talent was more than enough for the excited audience.


Sheeran’s set included a variety of different songs.  Slowing it down with songs like “Photograph” and “One,” and speeding it up with songs such as “Bloodstream” and “Take it Back,” he proved that he could perfectly balance his set.

Sheeran’s set was also very career spanning. He made sure to include songs from both of his albums, “+” and “x.” He belted out to new hits like “Don’t” and “Thinking Out Loud,” as well as incorporating old favorites like “Lego House,” “Drunk” and “The A Team.” It was amazing to see him sing this wide array of songs.

It was especially compelling to watch Sheeran layer sounds.  He used a looping machine to do so. One of his microphones recorded sounds, and the looping machine would play it back. Then, he sang over the recorded sounds. Sheeran showed that he didn’t need anyone to back him up.

One of the best parts of the concert was when Sheeran incorporated covers in addition to his own songs.  The crowd sang along as Sheeran added songs like “Loyal,” “No Diggity,” and “Know Yourself” to his own music.

The visuals behind Sheeran also added to the experience.  Instead of just showing a live video of him like many other concerts, there were intriguing filters and additional videos added.

Singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson and songstress Christina Perri opened up the show. Being that Lawson was the first person signed on Sheeran’s new record label, Gingerbread, it was only fitting that he opened the show.  Like Sheeran, Lawson came out with just a guitar, strumming and singing to calm songs from his old record and his new album.

Perri also enchanted the audience with a range of vocals and skill in multiple instruments.  Playing the piano, guitar and tambourine only added to Perri’s beautiful songs.  Perri sang hits like “Jar of Hearts,” “A Thousand Years” and “Human.”  With her personality shining bright, Perri danced around the stage with a very entertaining performance.

An amazing part of the concert was when Perri came out to sing her duet with Sheeran, “Be My Forever.”  Afterwards, Sheeran joked by saying that it as one of the happiest parts of his concert before returning to his own songs.

Sheeran sounded even better live than on his album. His outstanding vocals only added to his stage presence and skill on the guitar.

Closing out the show with “Sing,” Sheeran got the audience to do just that during his encore. The crowd continued to chant loudly throughout the song, and continued to do so when the song was over. Some fans even continued to sing on the way out of the arena.

There’s no doubt about why Sheeran sold out the American Airlines Arena. His talents, vocals and stage presence radiated across the whole arena.

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Review: Apple’s new music service shows potential


Music streaming services such as Spotify have become the preferred way of listening to music in past years. Apple’s original media player, iTunes, is quickly becoming obsolete. As a result, Apple decided to enter the music streaming market with new service, Apple Music.

[caption id="attachment_6968" align="alignright" width="91"]PHOTO BY SCRIBBAL.COM PHOTO BY SCRIBBAL.COM[/caption]

Apple Music, released on June 30, is a subscription based streaming service that allows users to access music for $9.99 a month. Apple Music is offering a convenient three-month free trial for people who are interested in purchasing the service.

Apple Music presents more than 30 million tracks to listeners with more to come. However, popular artists, such as Adele and White Stripes, have not signed on for their music to be streamed on Apple Music.

Other than streaming, Apple Music is allowing long time iTunes users who already have a music library to add their music to their Apple Music library. This is a very nice feature to Apple Music, as it allows iTunes users to have an easy transition over to the new platform.

The Apple Music interface can be a bit confusing for some users at first, because there are six different sections for users to explore: For You, New, Radio, Playlists, My Music, and Connect.

The “For You” section of Apple Music is a great feature that sets it apart from other streaming services. This section suggests songs and artists to users that Apple feels the user would enjoy based off tracks listened to previously. It also allows people to favorite certain songs to contribute to Apple’s suggestions.

The “New,” “Radio,” “Playlists” and “My Music” sections are all nice editions to Apple Music, however, they are quite similar to other features that you can find on other streaming services like Spotify.

“Connect” is a feature unique to Apple Music. It resembles a social-media platform that allows musicians to interact directly with fans, by posting things such as behind the scene footage of music videos, or insight into the production of their newest albums. This feature could lift Apple Music above other streaming services, as long as artists are willing to keep up with their “Connect” accounts.

Apple Music as a whole is a good start to Apple’s venture into the subscription-based music field. However, a wider array of artists and an increase in popularity in the feature “Connect” is needed for Apple Music to take off as the go-to music streaming service.


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An interview with the cast of “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”

scorch-trials-movie-posterAfter the Gladers escape the maze in “The Maze Runner,” it is time for them to see what life is like outside of the maze. One of the most anticipated sequels of the year, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” is about Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and the other Gladers trying to escape the corporation WCKD and face life in the scorch. Based on James Dashner’s best-selling novel, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” premieres in theaters Sept. 18 and stars O’Brien, Scodelario, Giancarlo Esposito, Rosa Salazar, and more.

Managing editor Carolina Bou was one of five people to participate in a round table interview with the cast at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Brickell on Sept. 14.


Q: Giancarlo, you played a villain before. Do you have a certain preference to villainous roles or the type that just come in and save the day?

Giancarlo: I love every role that I play if I can put my whole heart and soul to it, I love them equally. I was anxious to see if I can pull off something other than the villain, having done it a few times in the last few years. I kind of like being the guy who swoops in and saves the day. It’s a change of pace, and when Wes [Ball, the director] wanted me to do this he kind of had wanted Jorge to be funny or humorous and I was wondering about that because it’s always the Latino or the African-American who has to carry comedy in a film, and I thought “if I could make this guy into a guy that you just like, but who you’re not completely unafraid of, he could be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to be likable too. I really like that Jorge asks the questions “where did you come from, where are you going, and what can you do for me,” and he’s pretty straightforward. And when he finds that out he starts to believe that these Gladers are on the same page as he is in terms of hoping and knowing somewhere that there is a better world out there and he wants to be a part in helping find that.

Q: Many young adult franchises are splitting the last film into two parts (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) but the Maze Runner is doing it’s own thing and not splitting, so what is your opinion on that?

Dylan: I love it, because I hate the idea of trying to milk it, basically for what it’s worth. I love that we’re trying to do this as old school and throwback as we can, not for the appeal but it’s just in everyone’s taste who’s involved. Wes [Ball], the director, he wants to helm all three movies and that’s also really rare too. Now, franchises are going to have someone maybe take over and do the second and third but it changes so much. Wes will do all three of these films and it will be a straight up, old-school sci-fi trilogy and that’s what we all want to do.

Rosa: Yeah, the biggest travesty of all to fans is creating the structure that is definitely not in the book and adding more things to substantiate for splitting one book into two parts.

Q: How does it feel to watch the completed product of your work?

Kaya: I find it terrifying. I hate it, it makes me feel sick in the weirdest way. When I work, it’s something that I lose a bit of my soul to, I sacrifice a bit of myself for that character, for that job, and I love it. But then I’m so protective of it because so much has gone into it that I’m terrified of anyone else judging it or seeing it or misunderstanding it. I get this insane thing of wanting to complete a job and then no one ever watching it, which makes no sense because the reason we do these movies is so people would enjoy them and go to the cinema to watch them but for some reason in my mind it petrifies me. I can’t watch them with friends or with family.

Q: What do you think are some strengths and some weaknesses that your characters possess in the film?IMG_7963

Rosa: My character [Brenda] is very good at compartmentalizing. Well first of all, she was just thrown out into the Scorch and had to fend for herself until she met Jorge and that’s pretty clever. And also, she’s able to compartmentalize her doubts and hopes when Jorge tells her something. Over the course of the movie you see her considering all things opening up a little more and being more vulnerable, so that capacity for change.

Dylan: I think Thomas is so good and so strong and smart. He’s courageous and he believes so hard. He provides the hope and takes pride in providing that hope. I think all of that, though, could be what his weakness is. He can get very narrow minded in what he believes in, he can get very strong headed about his plan of action. It’s hard to call it a weakness, I guess it’s a human quality. He’s flawed, and that’s what I love about him so much too. He is flawed, he is human, he does feel these fears and he feels doubt.

Rosa: But it’s the humanity that makes the movie so compelling.

Dylan: Right, exactly. And what Brenda says to me in the tunnels “the hope is a dangerous thing,” it’s like how it affects others, too. He’s always striving to protect, but is he always doing the best thing to protect?

Kaya: Teresa to me is very brave, she’s very strong. She’s caring, I always think of her as very caring. She arrives at the Glade and she’s there for less than a day and immediately she trusts this group of people and she helps them survive, she helps them escape, she’s with them so fast and so quickly. That’s something that has always struck me as really brave about her. Continuing on in this movie you see that, but you also kind of see the more vulnerable side to her. I think she’s very afraid. I think she has a reason to support that, she remembers what it was like to be around and see that death and devastation and loss. I think she’s a lot more afraid in this movie than she was previously. But again it’s hard to say weakness, how can we say what our weakness is? Ultimately that can help her in the future, it’s just something that she’s going through in this one.

Giancarlo: Some of Jorge’s strengths are that he is a warrior and he is a rebel. And that’s part of the story that I really can relate to. He’s going to do it his way and he found a way to do it that has kept him safe for a period of time. I find the other strength he has is that he’s hopeful, and he is looking for that republic, that Right Arm, where people can live together and respect each other and have compassion for each other. One of his possible weaknesses is that he’s headstrong and that he’s also skeptical, but in the world of the Scorch you have to be smart, and to be skeptical about who’s coming at you and what they want is an important thing. He has probably lost at love, so he doesn’t trust, and I think that the young Gladers give him the opportunity to trust again in a human being, because in this ruthless, cutthroat world, who can you trust? As far as Jorge’s concerned he’s not going to trust anyone.

Q: Kaya, with Teresa really going against her loved ones in this and separating herself from the Gladers throughout the movie, was it hard for you on set? Did you have to separate yourself from the other cast members?

Kaya: In the last couple of years I have become slightly more method, not out of any conscious choice, it’s just how my emotions have evolved throughout my career. Any other job, yeah I probably would’ve. I probably would’ve distanced myself a little bit more, I would’ve stayed separate, I would’ve not hung out as much, but I can’t with these guys. These are my best friends, and this job is what keeps me going, because I know that I get to go to work with my best friends. I went there thinking “I should do that, but I know I’m not going to.” Also, we’re so lucky to do a job like this that is so social and wonderful and you get to meet cool, interesting people that you would never meet if you weren’t doing this job. I think it’s such a waste to segregate yourself from that, I think it’s silly.

Q: Rosa and Giancarlo, you guys are newcomers. Did the cast have any hazing for them or any initiation?

Kaya: What is hazing? I’ve heard the term.

Dylan: It’s a fraternity term.

Rosa: They test your allegiance by torturing you.

Giancarlo: They missed out. They were too nice.

Rosa: I hazed myself by playing Mario Kart, because when you play Mario Kart, you are so depressed because you’re terrible. I don’t care. If you’ve never played Wii, it’s awful, and Kaya’s like “I win! Again!” and I’m like “ugh!” and Kaya was coaching me, actually.

Kaya: I’d whisper in her ear. Keep it steady, turn the wheel!

Dylan: We all help each other. It’s the sweetest hazing ever like it’s just “come play Mario Kart with us.”

Q: Were any of you hesitant to join the Maze Runner franchise due to how much time it would take up?

Rosa: Absolutely not.

Giancarlo: No.

Kaya: Yes, I was terrified. Because I read a quote from Kiera Knightly about the Pirates [of the Caribbean] movies that they’d taken five years of a life and she really regretted it. There is a moment where you go “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow.” I’ve lived my life like that though. I never had a set plan. The thought of knowing what I was going to do in five years time really freaked me out for a while.

Rosa: That gave me stability. I was like “sweet.”

Dylan: You sign a contract before you even get the part. So I’m obviously not going to go “wait a second, do I really want this part.”

Rosa: That’s why I asked to meet Dylan and I was like “if everyone else is as cool as this guy, I have no qualms about signing away a few years.”

Q: Did you all perform your own stunts? What was the preparation and training camp like?

Dylan: We kind of just jogged as a group every day for the first couple of weeks, and then we did some stuff in the gym, just to get your legs in shape really. The repetition, when it comes to the shooting we’re doing these things where we’re running, you have to do them over and over again. So you need to survive the days, but at the same time, we’re not super athletes, we’re not superheroes. It’s very much the spirit of the book, we’re kids you know? So it’s all good, we don’t have to go through this crazy training to do it. And the stunts too, it’s nothing majorly insane. It always works better if we all do them and we’re all getting to do as many of them as we can. It’s awesome; it’s really fun.

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Storify: VMAs provide night of entertainment



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Review: New addition to ‘Divergent’ series sparks interest


“Insurgent” was released to theaters on March 20. It is an action packed film with heart-breaking romance and drama scenes, thus appealing to both romance and action movie lovers.

After the final events of “Divergent,” members of the Dauntless faction, including Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), move to faction Amity. There is extreme rivalry within the five factions. Throughout the film, the main characters have to go through certain situations, such as hopping on trains and fighting with one another for survival. Each faction has different rules, laws and beliefs, which relates to the whole plot of the story.

The main antagonist, Jeanine, goes on a hunt for Tris. She believes Tris is what society has been looking for, Divergent. The film continues with Tris and Four traveling to find the rest of the Dauntless pack.

Shailene Woodley is a sweet hearted and smart actress, which is why she is perfect for this part. She plays a girl who trades her life for the people living in Dauntless. Four, (Theo James) has an intelligent and strong mindset, which is why his part fits him.

The director (Robert Schwentke), is also responsible for directing “Divergent,” “R.I.P.D,” and “RED”. “Insurgent’s” plot is not realistic. In the real world, fighting without an army, or owning the machines that are displayed in the movie, couldn’t happen.

Viewers will definitely get emotionally attached to the characters throughout the film, especially during the scene where Four confesses his love for Tris, which lead to other events.

The soundtrack only adds to the movie. It adds a suspenseful effect to the scenes that make viewers anxious, which correlates perfectly with “Insurgent.” From the restless action scenes to the calm, romantic parts, Insurgent is a must- see movie as the second film from the Divergent trilogy and ending on a cliffhanger.

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Review: Kendrick Lamar’s album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ flies past expectations


d71a94b751b18e4bf7622a05680014c5bb7acb75Over the past couple of years, Kendrick Lamar’s popularity has steadily increased. From being named one of the top upcoming rappers of 2011 by XXL magazine, Lamar is now releasing what could become the best album of 2015 in “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

The album consists of funk beats, and R&B, while including spoken word portions at the beginning and end of some songs. Compared to his previous album “Good Kid, M.A.A.D city,” Lamar does not play it safe, as he focuses more on his lyrics and the meaning of them, rather than how catchy his songs are.

The opening song “Wesley’s Theory,” has funk-style beat that would lead people to believe that this is an upbeat song. However, the song, along with the entire album, conveys the theme of African American oppression in modern society.

Two of the best and most popular songs on the album are “King Kunta” and “The Blacker The Berry.” Even though they sound completely different with “King Kunta” having a more fun, funk beat, and “The Blacker The Berry,” having an R&B beat, they are still able to convey the same message of racial self-hatred.

Another one of the album’s best songs is “i,” the first single released of the album. “i” is one of the only songs Lamar has ever written that has a positive meaning behind it. His other songs have positive messages, but tackle dark or negative subject matter. The song is saying that even though the world may be a bad place, people can still learn to love themselves to find happiness.

However, the song’s counterpart “u” is the complete opposite. The song begins with Kendrick momentarily screaming behind a jazz beat. The song consists of Lamar speaking of how he looks at himself as a total failure and responsible for events such as his sister’s early pregnancy, as well as not being able to help save his friends from the dangers of Compton, which is where he grew up. This shows listeners that everyone has problems and everyone has bad self views no matter how famous or wealthy they are.

Throughout the album, there are moments in songs where Lamar is reading a poem and speaking directly to someone. It is revealed that he is speaking to Tupac Shakur, one of his main inspirations in music. The final song, “Mortal Man,” consists of a conversation between Tupac and Lamar about African-American culture and the future of rap music

To the casual listener, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” is an album with some catchy tunes and some new style songs that Lamar has never tackled before. However, Lamar’s underlying themes and messages about African-American culture make “To Pimp a Butterfly” his best album yet.

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