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Review: Star Wars “Rogue One” fails to meet expectations



The most recent installment of the legendary Star Wars series, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” took the excitement and success of the last film, “The Force Awakens,” and turned it around into an average and disappointing standalone movie released on Dec. 16.

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Exclusive interview with Hailee Steinfeld of “The Edge of Seventeen”

“The Edge of Seventeen” is a coming-of-age film that offers a candid view of how teenagers grow up in modern society. The movie focuses on the life of Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), a high school student who finds out that her best friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), is dating her brother, Darian (Blake Jenner). Featuring Woody Harrelson as Nadine’s teacher and Kyra Sedgwick as Nadine’s mother, the all-star cast tells an original, exciting story. The Circuit’s Arts & Ent. Editor Rachel Schonberger participated in a one-on-on interview with Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami on Oct. 26.


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Emoji diversity promotes equality


Since the “Emoji” keyboard was introduced to the iPhone back in 2011, these faces and pictures have become widely used texting tools by teens and other people around the world. For many years, critics of these keyboard icons have argued that emojis haven’t represented all social, racial and cultural groups. Apple has introduced new emojis to show that they support equality. Most recently, they have suggested adding emojis of women performing professional roles that they have yet to be portrayed doing in emojis.

PR Manager of the Feminist Club, sophomore Sofia Desimoni, said she has been dissappointed thus far by how women are portrayed by emojis.

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Vanderbilt attracts students through music



Starting in September admissions advisers from colleges throughout the U.S. have been visiting the Bay, informing students on the application process and basic facts about the school they each represent. Prior to Vanderbilt’s visit on Oct. 17, the school’s student-founded a capella group, The Meladores, performed in the auditorium during lunches on Oct. 14.

“I think what was most interesting about this performance is that there was no background music, it was all done with their voices,” senior Mariana Suarez said. “I have listened to a capella groups before, but seeing it in person is so much more impressive.”

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Review: La Prep serves up Town Center


La Prep is a bistro-style restaurant with a friendly and relaxing environment. The service is fast and all the food is cooked at the beginning of every day for your convenience. The fresh ingredients guarantee a tasty meal.

Right upon entering there is a deli case filled with a variety of delicious choices. La Prep offers inexpensive meals, most of which remain under $10, including wraps, paninis, salads and soups. There is also a large menu of fruit smoothies, coffee and teas. Even though the iced tea is delicious and refreshing, for those with a sweet tooth the iced tea unfortunately, is unsweetened. A sweeter option would be the fruit smoothies, or one of La Prep’s many desserts such as cookies, muffins and cakes. La Prep offers a complimentary cookie for any customer who posts a picture on their social media along with the hashtag “#LaPrepWeston”.

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Review: Sci-fi trilogy second book exceeds expectations


“Alive: Book One of the Generations Trilogy” is Scott Sigler’s newest thrilling, twisting and suspenseful novel. Released on July 14, the novel takes place in the future and follows the female main character and narrator, who remains nameless.

The main character awakens one day trapped in an unusual small space. As she struggles to break out of what seems to be a coffin, she realizes she has no clue where she is or what her name is. After breaking free, the girl finds herself as the unofficial leader of a group of kids facing the same predicament. Although she is shaken up, she does a good job of keeping her group in line and safe.

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Review: Frank Ocean pushes boundaries on unexpected release


After four years of obscurity, Frank Ocean dropped his latest album “Blonde” on Aug. 20, exclusively on Apple Music. The R&B and pop soundtrack includes 17 songs written by Ocean, each leading the album into an interesting take on the two genres.

On the first listen the album doesn’t reach the hype people hoped and expected, but after a few repeats the album becomes more enjoyable and does live up to expectations.

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Review: “The Girl from Everywhere” doesn’t keep expectations afloat



“The Girl from Everywhere” marks young author Heidi Heilig’s debut novel, a sprawling epic about a girl who time travels across history with her father and a ragtag group of sailors from across time on a pirate ship that ultimately falls short of its ambitious plot synopsis.

The plot follows a teenage girl named Nix, who is the daughter of a swashbuckling pirate, Captain Slate. The ship that Nix and her father sail on can travel anywhere in history, so long as they have a map of the area at that specific time, which has allowed them to collect a very diverse cast of characters from throughout history to ride with them.

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Review: New horror movie takes breath away



Starring Stephen Lang (The Blind Man), Jane Levy (Rocky), and Dylan Minnette (Alex), “Don’t Breathe” is an outstanding film catered toward all audiences interested in being genuinely terrified for a full hour and a half. The movie is extremely scary the entire duration and is a great innovation to modern horror films.

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Review: New app puts fruity twist on typical card game


A new puzzle app with an interesting name is becoming a hidden gem on the Apple app store. Based off of Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC), “Spicy Pineapple” is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, recently updated on March 29.

In “Spicy Pineapple,” a player will play online against a maximum of four other players. The players have a blank board in front of them, consisting of a bottom and middle row of five empty spaces and a top row of three. Each player will get dealt the 13 same cards, in a sequence of five cards, then three sequences of three. Players then place 10 of the 13 cards into the spaces, and try to create a better board than their opponents.

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