Quizlet update provides beneficial tools for studying



Quizlet, a well renowned study tool, is a resource used by students who wish to expand upon their skills with the use of various functions offered by the app. Prior to the update, users could customize their study habits by either creating written, matching or multiple choice tests. In addition to these “hard study” opportunities, another common feature is the learning games where users have the chance to compete against fellow players. Not only is this feature entertaining, it is also motivating because the competition aspect of the game entices participants to perform at their maximum potential.

With a new update, Quizlet has added additional study resources including the diagram and learning features. The learning feature is a great tool for students to study by using labels and diagrams. For people who learn based on visuals, this tool is the best fit for them.  The new diagram activity allows one to study topics with the use of visuals and graphics. With these diagrams, students can label models, charts, maps and images. For visual learners, this update is very advantageous due to the fact that it is purely based off of graphics.

The learning tool gathers student results with cognitive findings to improve one’s skills. Users have the option of pressing “got it” or “study again” to allow one to “re-learn” the terms that they had trouble with. This tool is a key feature of improvement. This feature analyzes one’s weakness of vocabulary and recognizes their strengths. The words they get wrong are repeated until they recognize mastery.  As one studies the terms, a report on the pattern of words that they master and ones they need to work on is generated. The app helps distinguish the words they need to study. This feature speeds the process of success by having one study the one’s they have the most difficulty with mastering.

With this advancement, one can set alerts for their cell phones and computers. This alarm tool helps motivate students to review their vocabulary on a specified basis. Students input the time they need to know the material by and then they are given alerts to help them improve their skills. Once one inputs the date and time by which they must know the material, the application then sends alerts corresponding with this pre-set goal.  The new advances allow additional resources to become available for individuals who want to use various study methods to help them implement their study habits. The continuous reminders build a greater foundation of the best study methods for a high test score.

With the update, these innovative features combine the most efficient ways to study and memorize material quickly. The Quizlet update helps students learn key vocabulary with the best preparation results.

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“Annabelle: Creation” delivers chilling prequel to “Conjuring” series


The newest motion picture in the Conjuring series, “Annabelle: Creation,” which is a prequel to “Annabelle,” clarifies the powerful demon’s convoluted past, which led to the establishment of the popular franchise and was able to successfully elaborate on the making of Annabelle.

The series began with the porcelain doll Annabelle, an evil presence that is the subject of the plot. Doll-maker Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPagila) and his wife Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) lost their seven-year-old daughter Annabelle (Samara Lee) in the 1940s. An unknown spirit began to lurk in their household after her death: Annabelle. The spirit convinces the family to let it thrive in one of the porcelain dolls created by Samuel, which he fabricated to look like Annabelle. Twelve years after the death of Annabelle, the Mullins family opens their household to caregiver Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six other orphans. Orphan Janice (Talitha Bateman), who has polio, unintentionally releases the evil spirit, which brings her inside the closet where the doll lies. As the story progresses, the wicked spirit begins to terrorize the orphans and the Mullins family.

Director David F. Sandberg took on his fourth movie in the Conjuring franchise, and successfully explained how the mysterious doll was created. Sandberg had a budget of 15 million, and made over 35 million on opening weekend. In total, the movie made over 282 million and counting. This makes the movie extremely successful capital wise, and Sandberg was able to create a fairly large amount in profit in comparison to how horror movies usually fend.

The movie created a scary atmosphere for the characters by the way they portray Annabelle. The film uses simple, but effective devices such as Annabelle lurking in the shadows as a human being instead of the form of a doll that begins to add suspense to the film. The way the cinematographers captured the excitement and suspicious scenes by shaking the camera. Not knowing if something will pop out of nowhere made the movie into a scary, yet thrilling tragedy.

The writers constructed flourishing characters by letting them discover other ways to unexpectedly create morecomplications to keep the story amusing and brought the story to another extent. Theactors were able to portray their characters and built within the scary plot by becoming their character and it made the film seem authentic and more realistic. Sandberg managed to generate an interesting and inquiring development of the Conjuring universe throughout the film by having a plot that helps explain the foundation of Annabelle, and other films in the franchise. This movie explained how the series began by starting with how Annabelle created a mind of her own, and began toterrorize families in the original installments.

Overall, “Annabelle: Creation” was satisfactory and an exceptionally strong addition to the franchise. The film strongly exceeded the low expectations that horror films create by not being an expected award-winning film. Yet, Sandberg was able to establish an interesting and skillfully made prequel. Sandberg was successful in creating yet another clever and powerful horror film. Creating the prequel left no space for another movie of how Annabelle was created, answering many questions of how she was formulated and began to haunt families throughout each sequel. The film is tense and scary, just as any horror movie should be.

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Personality Profile A&E- submitted by Kathleen Valent

Broadway program gives insight to aspiring performer


Sophomore Kathleen Valent, who has been acting since she was a young child, recently had the opportunity to attend the Open Jar Institute in New York for five days starting on July 8. The Open Jar Institute is run by current Broadway performers, and gives aspiring actors the chance to learn from people in the theatre business.

“I was first introduced to acting and singing when I was eight years old, and my mom put me in a theatre camp, where I instantly fell in love with performing,” Valent said.

Valent’s dream came true during the one week she attended Open Jar. This institute allows young actors from all over the world who share the same passion to meet in New York to pursue the one thing they love, acting.

“This experience made me feel more hopeful and prepared for my future career in the drama industry,” Valent said. “Learning from the experienced actors and directors, as well as other aspiring teen actors, impacted me significantly, which definitely changed my perspective on the productions.”

Every class at the institute includes workshops that mainly focus on pushing students to have a successful career in entertainment. Only a select few have the chance to attend this New York program for training from stars like Brandon Victor Dixon, who is in the current Broadway show Hamilton, and Andy Einhorn, who started in Cinderella. Tony-winning actors, Susan Stroman and Beth Leavel, also teach at this institute.

“The best part was learning the challenging choreography which was taught by Joshua Buscher, an original cast member from West Side Story, as well as Lauren Cohn who starred in “Mamma Mia”. Those classes help me improve my dancing since I was learning from the professionals. Also, seeing Brandon Victor Dixon in person was unreal because Hamilton is my favorite play of all time,” Valent said.

In addition to the learning aspect of this New York Institute, students who attend also get the chance to see the current Broadway musical, “Anastasia”, on the weekend.

“Seeing how the musicals eventually come together by the time the curtain goes up, shows the students at Open Jar that hard work pays off. The performances give us a chance to see how the cast, directors and sets all develop to in order to entertain the audience,” Valent said.

Living in New York while having a career in acting in a Broadway musical is Valent’s biggest aspiration in life

“I loved being in the big and fast paced city,” Valent said. “The atmosphere and growing diversity made me excited to possibly live there in the future.”

Valent went through this experience with her sister, freshman Ashley Valent. The siblings share the goal of eventually being involved with entertainment when they are older. Ashley Valent pushes her sister to succeed in theatre classes as well as in this institute in New York.

“I could definitely tell by the end of the program that Kathleen became more confident. It is really amazing how much she learned in such a short time span,” Valent said, “The new singing techniques, as well dance combinations, that my sister learned, pushed her to become a better actor and performer.”


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“Divide” tour unites fans through engaging performance


The American Airlines Arena was filled with screaming, laughing and dancing on August 30, as Ed Sheeran took the stage with his “one man band” performance that was unlike any other on his “Divide” tour.

Prior to the main event, opening act James Blunt warmed up the crowd by playing some soothing melodies, including his most well-known song “You’re Beautiful”. Blunt’s set list was an array of sad and upbeat songs, which helped get the audience in a relaxed and cheerful mindset, prior to Ed Sheeran’s performance.

Once Blunt was off the stage, the audience waited in anticipation for Ed Sheeran to come out. All of a sudden, the arena went black, and fans started screaming so loudly that the floor was shaking. Then, without warning, the lights flashed back on, and Sheeran wason stage, already playing his first song of the night, ”Castle on the Hill”. Sheeran did not have a band with him, it was only him and his guitar, with a looper pedal to record the tunes he makes and play them back, and pedal board to make any additional beats needed for his songs.

After the energetic first song, Sheeran welcomed the crowd to his show, and said that tonight will be a “happy night with lots of dancing,” and that the audience would be without a voice by the end of the night.

Sheeran performed a medley of “New Man” and “Don’t” that made the crowd go wild, and showcased his ability to change his pitch so quickly and effortlessly. The mix of these two songs also emphasize how much his music has evolved over the course of his career, since “Don’t” was in his previous album X, while “New Man” is in his newest album “Divide”.

After a few songs, Sheeran stopped the concert and pointedat the second row. The crowd was puzzled at first, but Sheeran then shared that there was a one-year-old baby, sitting calmly in the second row. The baby’s mother said the baby’s name was Cooper, and that his middle name is “Sheeran”, causing both Sheeran and the crowd to laugh. The next song “Dive” was dedicated to baby Cooper, and the whole arena sang the lyrics “don’t call me baby,” always bringing a smile to Sheeran’s face. The whole song felt like a bonding experience between Sheeran and his fans, creating a more intimate and comfortable setting.

Sheeran then played one of his newer more upbeat songs “Barcelona,” however; he changed the lyrics from “in Barcelona” to “in Miami.” This subtle change made a huge difference to the crowd, since he once again made the concert feel more personalized towards the audience that was present.

The next song he played was a request that a fan had made before the show. Sheeran said he did not understand why the young fan chose this song because it was “so sad,” but he would do anything to make his fans happy, so he played “Supermarket Flowers.” This slow song is about the death of a mother, or maternal figure, and prompted many emotional responses from audience members.

A few songs later, Sheeran played his “favorite song” from his new album, which was arguably one of the most romantic songs he has written, “Perfect.” During the song, romance was in the air as couples young and old hugged or danced with each other. He segued from that song to another romantic song “Photograph,” which increased the romantic atmosphere in the arena.

Sheeran then got off stage after performing one of his old songs “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” and the audience was roaring, hoping that he would come out to do one last song. After a few seconds of the crowd cheering and calling his name, Sheeran came back on stage with a Miami Heat Jersey, to perform his final song, “Shape of You.” Since he was performing in the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat, it was a kind gesture for him to wear the team’s jersey.

Sheeran thanked the crowd after his last song, and left the stage amidst thunderous applause. Overall, the concert was a perfect blend of upbeat songs like “New Man” and “Barcelona”, and his slower songs like “Photograph” and “The A Team”, as well as his old and new music. The audience was able to witness how much Sheeran’s music has changed as time went on, and how his stage presence would shift with every song. All of the personalized moments made the concert feel more special, and increased the connection between Sheeran and his fans.

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Review: FAT Village Artwalk

ArtWalk is a monthly celebration of art and artists, partnered with food trucks, and performances. Held on the last Saturday of every month (except December) from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. ArtWalk is the best time to visit FATVillage (Flager Arts and Technology) if you want to get a good representation of what FATVillage has to offer. The ArtWalk gives the opportunity to guests to visit with each of the artists who open up the doors to their galleries and studios, for public perspectives and interaction. FatVillage ArtWalk gives new and upcoming artists and business owners the opportunity to get their products out into the public. The whole event had very high energy because of the new art.
During the ArtWalk, you can use the free trolley that stops at different routes throughout the village. While the event happens rain or shine, going when it is sunny outside is a better option in order to fully appreciate the artwork. Being familiar with the area is better before going because parking was kind of confusing, as it wasn’t well marked on the map provided and the description of the trolley was also quite confusing and hard to find. The actual artwork was very abstract and modern and gave a good representation of how Fort Lauderdale is growing to be very bohemian, trendy and modern. The artists were all very nice and friendly and some displays were interactive as the visitors could walk around the art or in some cases actually be the art. Some galleries were bigger than others. The bigger ones definitely had a lot more space, and it was easier to walk around. Some exhibits were also very dark but the artist still knew how to display their art in a way that was visible to the audience.
While not as big as other art exhibits around, Wynwood ArtWalk for example, the FATVillage Artwalk still has a lot to offer and many different things to see for all ages. The fact that there was less of a crowd actually provides benefits as it is easier to take pictures of the art. The food trucks scattered around filled the streets with different aromas and provided the visitors with a wide variety of foods–anything from BBQ to Italian. There were also some pop up shops where you could buy art or jewelry– all handmade from artist. The ArtWalk was definitely worthwhile as it kept the audience entertained and was full of culture and talent.

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Exclusive interview with Pilou Asbaek from “Ghost in the Shell”

“Ghost in the Shell” is a fantasy/mystery movie opening March 31. The movie takes place In the near future, where Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that included the ability to hack into people’s minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified to stop it. As she prepared to face a new enemy, Major discovers that she has been lied to: her life was not saved, it was stolen. On March 28 , The Circuit’s Features editor Leticia Antonini was one of four people who participated in a round table interview with cast member from the “Ghost in the Shell,” Pilou Asbaek.

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Artistic passion turned to business



For as long as she can remember, junior Maria Morales has been interested in art. Now, she makes and sells chokers as another way to express her passion.

“I love making art, so I wanted to sell my chokers and prints at the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Festival,” Morales said. “I made the chokers since they seem to be really popular right now, and I wanted to do something different for the festival.”

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Antonio Gasporolo pippin

Athletes express themselves through arts


When senior Derek Altiery-Rodriguez isn’t serving as Operational Sergeant Major of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), he likes to fulfill his love of music and perform as a member of the Bay’s chorus.

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Review: Innovative app bridges fans to artists like never before


Ravers, groupies and music lovers of all kinds will go crazy over the number one concert app, Bandsintown Concerts. The app, its most updated version released Jan. 11, offers the latest concert dates and notifications for chosen artists and bands.

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Review: “La La Land” polarizes musical lovers, raises questions


“La La Land” is an emotional love story that involves Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a young pianist with a desire to open his own club, and Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress from a small town. The film illustrates the obstacles Sebastian and Mia face when trying to follow their dreams.

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