Fresh perspective on dystopian genre revealed in “Everless”


“Everless” by Sarah Holland brings an entirely unique perspective to the dystopian genre. The novel follows protagonist Jules Ember through her life under the rule of the blood-coin society Sempera. In Sempera, wealth is linked directly with time; people have their blood drawn to make iron-infused time coins, most of which go to the wealthiest families to allow them to live several decades longer than they should. Jules and her father served under one of the wealthy noble families, the Gerlings, at their home Everless, until a nearly fatal accident occurred with her best friend Roan Gerling and his older brother Liam. As a result of the incident, Jules and her father were expelled from Everless and chased through Sempera by Liam, creating their deep-seated hatred for the Gerlings. Ten years after their expulsion, Jules’s father appears to be nearly out of time, his blood running thin through years of giving for blood-coins. This inspires Jules to give up everything she is familiar with to save him; she returns to Everless to act as a servant. During her time there, Jules begins to discover centuries-old secrets about herself and her unique blood, making her a firm believer that not everything is as it appears.

Though it starts off slow, “Everless” is suspenseful and easy for readers to follow. The novel flows easily for reader comprehension, but it is not boring either, as the mystery of Jules herself slowly begins to unravel until the entire puzzle is put together at the very end. Jules, unlike some characters found in dystopian novels, has her flaws and accepts them. One of these flaws is her childhood love for Roan, which she can’t seem to shake off. While still susceptible to mistakes, Jules is intelligent, and her actions are never too brash as she tries to do what she thinks is best for those about whom she cares. She gives up everything to get more money, more blood, to save her father.

“Everless” differentiates itself from classical dystopian novels because it is not romance-driven. There are a few moments of romance throughout the novel, but the story focuses solely on Jules and her journey of finding out who she really is. This allows Jules’s character to be built upon and understood in depth without confusing feelings of love. The entire basis of “Everless” is completely original. The novel is centered around the idea that time is literally money, which ties back into the basic human belief that we must work to make more profit.



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“Justice League” disappoints with unexciting and inadequate film



“Justice League,” the latest installment of the Detective Comics (DC) movie series, premiered Nov. 17. The film featured DC regulars, like The Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and also introduced three new heroes, The Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). Although the film was highly anticipated, it only had some entertaining moments, and was overall mediocre at best.

The movie picks up during the aftermath of Superman’s (Henry Cavill) death in “Batman v Superman”. Chaos has run amok, and invaders from other worlds are coming to attack Earth since they know Superman is dead. A particularly prominent villain is Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds), a powerful conqueror who is after three boxes of power to create the “Unity” that is meant to reshape and enslave the Earth.

In the meantime, Batman (Affleck) is trying to form a team of people with extraordinary abilities to protect the Earth from the impending evil. He first recruits Aquaman (Momoa), who is a strong headed man with the power to control the sea. Wonder Woman (Gadot) decides to join as well, after fighting in the shadows for a century. The Flash (Miller) and Cyborg (Fisher) are also recruited, and the team is complete.

Although seeing the Justice League together was exciting, the majority of the movie was bland with the director trying to introduce each new character, but not having enough time to do so properly. Due to this, each new character fit a stereotypical trope, and did not seem to have any further development as the film progressed.

Moreover, the script writing was lazy, with most of the characters having forgettable one-liners, or forced jokes that were meant to ease the intensity, but simply fell flat in the scenes. One exception to this is criticism is Ezra Miller as The Flash. Miller is able to perfectly embody the character of Barry Allen, a typical young man, who is still trying to figure out how he can do good with his powers. The Flash is the real comedic relief of the film, and his childlike fascination throughout the film made it a lot more enjoyable to watch.

While the movie does have its faults in script and character development, the visuals in the film were excellent. The special effects crew outdid themselves creating new worlds unseen in the DC universe, such as Steppenwolf’s layer, and his character’s appearance as a whole. Additionally, battle scenes were very well choreographed, keeping eyes on the screen throughout all of the fights.

Although the character development was severely lacking, the chemistry between the heroes was undeniable. Each character had something to offer the other, and any interaction seemed genuine, like the actors had taken time to get to know one another before shooting began.

Overall, “Justice League” had both good and bad aspects, as any movie surely does. However, it was the lack of excitement in the first parts of the film that take it down to the mediocre level. There is definitely potential for a better sequel, since all the characters are now together, but this was not the introduction to the team that the DC Universe needed.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.53.48 PM

Photo club hosts annual event to expose students to different aspects of photography



On Nov. 8, the Bay’s Photo club hosted their annual Photo Phun Night event in room 160. Photo Club’s Executive Vice President senior Mollie Guerrero said that she believed Photo Phun Night to be a success and that the event was very informational for people who did not know much photography beforehand.

“I felt the event went really well,” Guerrero said. “I think this is due to certain promotional techniques used. Sure, I would have loved to see even more people attend, but compared to some previous years, there was a decent turnout.”

Guerrero said she and the other students on Photo Club’s executive board have been planning since the summer for this event.

“Before school starts, we focus on the broad idea of the event,” Guerrero said. “Then, when school starts in August, we begin planning all the specific details. This way, our entire board can physically plan it.”

The event was split up among stations, each demonstrating an aspect of photography that members of the photo club are taught. These included a darkroom station, a photoshop station, and an image transfer station.

“We have stations established so parents, students and friends are able to rotate between them throughout the night,” Guerrero said. “I enjoy the darkroom station, where people can go inside to process film and to create things called photograms. Many people do not understand what this is, as well as what image transfers are, because they don’t usually get to see how a dark room works; it’s hard to convey this on just social media.”

Senior Juliana Narvaez was one of the many students in attendance. Like Guerrero, her favorite station was the darkroom.

“Darkroom photography is personally my favorite type of photography because it really allows you to be creative in order to achieve the type of photo you want to get,” Narvaez said. “There are endless amounts of techniques to use in the darkroom and it’s just fun to experiment with new things and see how your photos come out.”

Narvaez said that although she’s been in photo club for all four years of high school, she had never attended a previous Photo Phun Night event.

“I figured that since it’s my last year, I should come out and support the club I’m in and have a new experience,” Narvaez said. “I believe that Photo Phun Night was amazing and everything was organized perfectly so everyone would have an opportunity to do what they wanted to.”

Art and Photo teacher Elizabeth Jenkins, the Photo Club Sponsor, said she is very proud of Photo Club for the great job they did in collecting donations for the event.

“[Members] have gotten sponsors to support the cause, as the event is a fundraiser, as well as promoted the event,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “They also had to get their images ready to present and they have to prepare supplies.”

Public Relations Officer of Photo Club, sophomore Paola Diaz, said the board played their part as well for getting donations.

“Part of our initial planning for Photo Phun Night was collecting money to fund the event,” Diaz said. “We had to call up different restaurants to receive donations.”

Mrs, Jenkins said that the goal of the event was to let people outside of Photo Club see all the things they could do with photography.

“We showed snippets of photo aspects to everyone that came,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “People tend to believe that regular photography is dying out, especially the darkroom for developing photos. It isn’t, the dark room is still a utilizable tool and we wanted to spread awareness of that, in addition to the beauty of the arts and photo. Overall, this event went well and I’m proud of the turn of events.”




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National Art Honor Society hosts art week to promote awareness


Art Week at the Bay took place throughout the week of Oct. 9th and all students had the chance to participate in a variety of activities centered around awareness for the arts. National Art Honor Society adviser Bezzy Jenkins, assisted in hosting the week with the club.

“Whether it was the chalk memoir, the lunch activities, the daily announcements or the classroom activities, hopefully, we spread some information about the importance of the arts and raised awareness,” Ms. Jenkins said.

Throughout the week, art students drew chalk murals under the catwalk to showcase their skills. Sophomore Kayla Truske said she wishes the chalk-drawn memoirs that were drawn for art week were kept all year-round.

“I was amazed when I first saw these memoirs, since it displayed hidden talent artists at the Bay have,” Truske said. “This talent was out in the open for everyone to see, and Ithink their talent should always be shown.”

Besides the public displays of art, activities took place in art classes as well. AP drawing and AP 2D design teacher Amiee Sarajian’s students participated in an activity involving figure drawing of a student who volunteered to model for Mrs. Sarajin’s AP Art classes.

“Figure drawing from a live model is something colleges look for when submitting a portfolio with applications, so we try to include this in the AP course for the AP Drawing and the AP 2D design,” Mrs. Sarajian said. “This activity in class, for art was a great experience for the art students and the model.”

Sophomore Fabiana Carrillo, the model for Mrs. Sarajin’s class, said she volunteered to help others and fuel her curiosity regarding the life of the model considering she is usually the artist, since this time she was modeling instead of drawing.

“The experience really showed me that it’s not easy to pick a pose and keep it for a long time, which I did not take into account beforehand,” Carillo said.  “I also got to see the other artists work and how I look in everyone’s eyes, which led to it being a really fun experience. ”

Carrillo also said she learned a lot about what the art classes are really about, because of the informational activities provided during lunch that she participated in.

“Before Art Week, all I knew [about] was the art class I am currently in, but I did not know how much the arts really meant to the other people involved in them,” Carrillo said. “When I saw how intrigued some of the students were, when participating in these activities, I learned just how much the arts mean to them.”

During Art Week, there were daily announcements on the intercom regarding a different fact about the arts. Besides her love for the chalk memoirs, Truske also said these facts fulfilled her desire to constantly want to be learning something new.

“I learned something new every single day, which is the way I live my life,” Truske said. “I really enjoyed the facts they announced and looked forward to the daily dose of new information throughout that week.”


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New nitrogen ice cream shop provides creative experience


Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream + Yogurt Lab, the new nitrogen ice cream shop located in Pembroke Pines, provides a whole new experience for first time customers. The ice cream shop creates a real life atmosphere of dining in a science laboratory. All employees wear white lab coats and chemistry beakers are stored on the shelves of the shop to embrace the science feel. This unique ice cream lab attracts customers by the creativity it has to offer.

The menu has a never-ending variety of options that include over 30 flavors of ice cream and well over 40 creative toppings that top off the perfect treat. Syringes filled with caramel, guava sauce, chocolate fudge, or condensed milk are added to each delicious creation if requested. Each customer can customize their meal however they may like. Every flavor of traditional, no sugar added or vegan ice cream comes in a yogurt option as well.

Not only can the custom-made ice cream be served in a cup, but there are also the options of a waffle cone, shake, cookie sandwich, sundae, waffle sandwich or a to go pint. The tasty treats vary in price with the small costing only $4.49 and the medium costing 60 cents more. Each serving option holds a sufficient amount of ice cream, which is more than expected when looking at the low prices.

In addition to the mouthwatering desserts, Brain Freeze’s shop has a comfortable, unique atmosphere to attract all customers. The store has plenty of round tables that can sit up to six guests, as well as added benches in the corners.  The unique bright walls are covered with words and scientific equations to add to the laboratory-like feel.

Brain Freeze is the only nitrogen ice cream store located in the Pembroke Pines area, which makes it exceptional for the location. Compared to other nitrogen ice cream shops, Brain Freeze excels in the amount creativity, which is proven by the atmosphere in their store. This ice cream shop is exceptional in comparison to others, for example like Chillin, because it has more options and integrates its theme better.

Overall, Brain Freeze’s creative twist, on any normal nitrogen shop certainly attracts customers daily. The countless amount of flavors and toppings cannot compare to any other nitrogen ice cream store. Not only is the ice cream and yogurt creations delicious, but also the atmosphere provides a fun and comfortable shop for all ages.


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“Young Sheldon” proves entertaining prequel to “The Big Bang Theory”



“Young Sheldon”, a new series based off “The Big Bang Theory’s” own Sheldon Cooper, known as Jim Parsons, follows a nine-year-old boy, young sheldon, played by Iain Armitage. He lives in Texas where he tries to learn how to balance his intelligence and struggles with his social life. The pilot, airing on CBS, explained the difficulty of Sheldon’s adjustment to his differences.His strong capabilities in mathematics and science initiate his social limitations.This show gives the audience a sense of curiosity as to how Cooper will adjust to his surroundings in East Texas.“Young Sheldon” is an entertaining show that provides the audience with an intriguing backstory for Sheldon.This show illustrates a comedy genre that captivates the audience with thrill and humor.

Throughout episodes, Sheldon’s family makes the show more enthralling to watch, as there is a sufficient amount of humor that ties in the central theme of this new series. Cooper grows up with his parents, his twin sister and older brother.  Lance Barber plays his father, George, an aspiring football coach. This interest that the dad possess adds humor, as his son does not know anything about this sport. Annie Potts plays his mom, Meemaw, who, on the other hand, takes care of him and makes sure his abnormalities don’t stop him from adjusting to his town. The difference between how his mom and dad treat him, regarding his socialization disorder, builds character and portrays a sense of amusement. He lives with his twin sister named Missy, played by Raegan Revord, and his older brother Georgie, played by Montana Jordan. Both of these siblings give Cooper a difficult time adjusting to his differences since they do not have socialization issues. His family members provide an enchanting and humorous storyline that helps reenact how Sheldon Cooper is growing up, as a young kid whose intelligence takes over his life.

“Young Sheldon” is created as a prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” to attract viewers into watching a different version of how ‘young’ Sheldon grows up in Texas. Instead of Sheldon being older, the young child adds entertainment because of his genius and childlike behavior. This show helps explain the ways that he has become a genius as a young child. This series is a great way to teach a lesson on how to overcome one’s obstacles. His advanced mathematics and scientific reasoning is not always helpful throughout his life.

Sheldon’s obsessions for the scientific experiments elicit his socialization difficulties. “Young Sheldon” draws attention to viewers of those who watch the  “Big Bang Theory” as it captivates the audience into watching how a ‘young’ version of Cooper deals with his unique characteristics. The show is on every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. starring on CBS.

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Clubs utilize social media to increase exposure to students


With the increasing prominence of social media in today’s society, many clubs at the Bay have begun utilizing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to promote themselves to other students. In the hopes of receiving more members, the new Taylor Teens club takes advantage of Instagram to reach out to the student body.

Junior Lexi Barten was appointed as public relations manager, and with this position, Barten is responsible for promoting the club on various social media sites. Barten said Instagram has many benefits in relation to increasing exposure for Taylor Teens and hopefully drawing in new members.

“I think that all of the apps we use are very beneficial to many groups of people, but Instagram is the most effective in reaching out to prospective club members,” Barten said.  “It is used by a majority of students, it’s easy to manage and we are able to have our posts show up on people’s feeds, which means they are most likely going to see it.”

In addition to simply posting pictures of flyers and announcements on Instagram, Habitat for Humanity social media manager Matthew Liebman said he strives to take full advantage of all the features social media has to offer. Liebman said utilizing different strategies to receive greater exposure through the app is his ultimate goal in the position of public relations manager.

“Through Instagram, we do a social media blast where we have all of our members post a photo of an upcoming event to all of their personal followers, and we take advantage of all the platforms the app offers,” Leibman said. “We often use the Instagram live video feature and Instagram stories to gain more members. We often follow a mass amount of people who are students at the Bay.”

Liebman also said that in addition to social media apps, the organization’s website is very useful as well.

“We organize all of the events through the website, we do blogs on the website and we have a calendar with all of our upcoming events listed,” Liebman said. “Our website overall is really strong and has a definite impact in our communication to the student body at our school.”

Like other clubs, CBTV executive producer junior Taylor Fishman said she noticed Instagram to be their most popular means of communication through which they receive the most exposure.

“I think Instagram reaches out to the biggest audience because I have noticed that CBTV has been getting a lot of new followers,” Fishman said. “Many people that aren’t even a part of the club follow our account and see our posts.”

Fishman said social media is convenient because CBTV has the ability to reach out to a large audience at the same time, like alumni and other people in the community.

“We enjoy using Facebook to keep our alumni updated on all things CBTV and we use Twitter and Instagram to spread our program, Aftershock, to a bigger audience that is not just in Weston or Cypress Bay,” Fisherman said.



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lil pump

“Lil Pump” album brings fresh sound to rap genre


As society enters a new, eccentric style of rap, up-and-coming musician Lil Pump has taken the world by storm. The South Florida rapper has accumulated 3.5 million followers in anticipation of his first official album release, entitled “Lil Pump.” The album has a total of 15 songs and lasts a duration of 36 minutes, which exemplifies the new “trap” style of rap.

“Trap” music could be defined as a song with an impeccably high beats per minute (BPM) rate and lyrics that rely heavily on the chorus of the song. With over half the songs previously released via SoundCloud, “Lil Pump” had the attention it deserved well before its release on Oct. 7 via Spotify and Apple Music. Lil Pump grabs his listeners’ attention with bass-heavy instrumentals assisted by the consistent repetition of lyrics such as “80 on my wrist, 100 on my wrist” present in the viral hit, “D ROSE.”

Lil Pump’s music consists of vulgar and disrespectful lyrics that are common among most of rap’s top artists, and it is hard to ignore how influential Lil Pump is on teens. This gives the rapper quite the negative connotation when judged by adults, but many teenagers still follow the rapper and support his antics. The album focuses on Lil Pump’s new lifestyle as he has accumulated a large surplus of money over the last few months. The album also has a heavy emphasis on the drug abuse that his new lifestyle has forced upon him. For example, Lil Pump focuses on how much his life has changed through the song “Whitney” as Pump questions how all of these superior women are around him, as well as the new drugs that have become overtly accessible.  This gives the audience insight into the complications and daily activities that the rapper goes through.

A majority of the songs have an incredibly similar sound, which can be dentrimental to the album’s success. The audience hears the same belligerent, aggressive beats as well as the repetitive hooks on songs such as “Youngest Flexer” and “Molly.”

It is incredible how involved “Lil Pump” gets its listeners, as nearly every song gives the audience a burst of energy that makes those songs a new adventure. Lil Pump also embraces this “trap music” flow as the album features Hip-Hop icons Gucci Mane and Chief Keef, who both are considered originators of the new style of rap that Lil Pump is striving for. These features give the album a lot more needed credibility as Lil Pump is a very young and inexperienced rapper that is coming onto an entirely new platform than what he is accustomed to as Soundcloud is nothing compared to the attention the artist now recieves.  “Lil Pump” really shows that he is maturing as an artist, and the fact that this album is nationally streamed on multiple services proves this point.

“Lil Pump” is unique to a majority of the rap albums released recently as it clearly defines the artist’s sound which deals directly with the trap lifestyle of young people and the flashy behavior that rappers stereotypically have. For fans of this new generation of rap music, ”Lil Pump” is an experience that cannot be missed.


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Quizlet update provides beneficial tools for studying



Quizlet, a well renowned study tool, is a resource used by students who wish to expand upon their skills with the use of various functions offered by the app. Prior to the update, users could customize their study habits by either creating written, matching or multiple choice tests. In addition to these “hard study” opportunities, another common feature is the learning games where users have the chance to compete against fellow players. Not only is this feature entertaining, it is also motivating because the competition aspect of the game entices participants to perform at their maximum potential.

With a new update, Quizlet has added additional study resources including the diagram and learning features. The learning feature is a great tool for students to study by using labels and diagrams. For people who learn based on visuals, this tool is the best fit for them.  The new diagram activity allows one to study topics with the use of visuals and graphics. With these diagrams, students can label models, charts, maps and images. For visual learners, this update is very advantageous due to the fact that it is purely based off of graphics.

The learning tool gathers student results with cognitive findings to improve one’s skills. Users have the option of pressing “got it” or “study again” to allow one to “re-learn” the terms that they had trouble with. This tool is a key feature of improvement. This feature analyzes one’s weakness of vocabulary and recognizes their strengths. The words they get wrong are repeated until they recognize mastery.  As one studies the terms, a report on the pattern of words that they master and ones they need to work on is generated. The app helps distinguish the words they need to study. This feature speeds the process of success by having one study the one’s they have the most difficulty with mastering.

With this advancement, one can set alerts for their cell phones and computers. This alarm tool helps motivate students to review their vocabulary on a specified basis. Students input the time they need to know the material by and then they are given alerts to help them improve their skills. Once one inputs the date and time by which they must know the material, the application then sends alerts corresponding with this pre-set goal.  The new advances allow additional resources to become available for individuals who want to use various study methods to help them implement their study habits. The continuous reminders build a greater foundation of the best study methods for a high test score.

With the update, these innovative features combine the most efficient ways to study and memorize material quickly. The Quizlet update helps students learn key vocabulary with the best preparation results.

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“Annabelle: Creation” delivers chilling prequel to “Conjuring” series


The newest motion picture in the Conjuring series, “Annabelle: Creation,” which is a prequel to “Annabelle,” clarifies the powerful demon’s convoluted past, which led to the establishment of the popular franchise and was able to successfully elaborate on the making of Annabelle.

The series began with the porcelain doll Annabelle, an evil presence that is the subject of the plot. Doll-maker Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPagila) and his wife Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) lost their seven-year-old daughter Annabelle (Samara Lee) in the 1940s. An unknown spirit began to lurk in their household after her death: Annabelle. The spirit convinces the family to let it thrive in one of the porcelain dolls created by Samuel, which he fabricated to look like Annabelle. Twelve years after the death of Annabelle, the Mullins family opens their household to caregiver Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six other orphans. Orphan Janice (Talitha Bateman), who has polio, unintentionally releases the evil spirit, which brings her inside the closet where the doll lies. As the story progresses, the wicked spirit begins to terrorize the orphans and the Mullins family.

Director David F. Sandberg took on his fourth movie in the Conjuring franchise, and successfully explained how the mysterious doll was created. Sandberg had a budget of 15 million, and made over 35 million on opening weekend. In total, the movie made over 282 million and counting. This makes the movie extremely successful capital wise, and Sandberg was able to create a fairly large amount in profit in comparison to how horror movies usually fend.

The movie created a scary atmosphere for the characters by the way they portray Annabelle. The film uses simple, but effective devices such as Annabelle lurking in the shadows as a human being instead of the form of a doll that begins to add suspense to the film. The way the cinematographers captured the excitement and suspicious scenes by shaking the camera. Not knowing if something will pop out of nowhere made the movie into a scary, yet thrilling tragedy.

The writers constructed flourishing characters by letting them discover other ways to unexpectedly create morecomplications to keep the story amusing and brought the story to another extent. Theactors were able to portray their characters and built within the scary plot by becoming their character and it made the film seem authentic and more realistic. Sandberg managed to generate an interesting and inquiring development of the Conjuring universe throughout the film by having a plot that helps explain the foundation of Annabelle, and other films in the franchise. This movie explained how the series began by starting with how Annabelle created a mind of her own, and began toterrorize families in the original installments.

Overall, “Annabelle: Creation” was satisfactory and an exceptionally strong addition to the franchise. The film strongly exceeded the low expectations that horror films create by not being an expected award-winning film. Yet, Sandberg was able to establish an interesting and skillfully made prequel. Sandberg was successful in creating yet another clever and powerful horror film. Creating the prequel left no space for another movie of how Annabelle was created, answering many questions of how she was formulated and began to haunt families throughout each sequel. The film is tense and scary, just as any horror movie should be.

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