PRIDE hosts field day to unite club members



Promoting Relationships in Diversity Education (PRIDE) hosted a field day event to reward the members and officers’ hard work and dedication towards the community on Feb. 3 at Weston Regional Park. Sophomore and project coordinator Sofia Restrepo said PRIDE has always been a welcoming club and has lent itself to be a platform where people can have fun with their friends and make new ones, too.

“The goal of Field Day is to give back to our club members,” Restrepo said. “We hope to unite our officers and members moreso and show them that PRIDE is an accepting place where we can form relationships and work together to unite our community.”

At the event, the members played games such as capture the flag, tug of war, soccer and frisbee. Restrepo said that this field day was a way to promote diverse relationships within the club by playing games and socializing.

“Field Day is our way of uniting our club and eventually taking that bond to our community through the events we create for the school,” Restrepo said.

Senior and PRIDE President Emmy Semprun said she found that Field Day left a positive impact on the members in the club since she thinks it brought them together.

“Field Day was a success because members and officers of the club were able to bond and make new friendships,” Semprun said. “A lot of members were able to meet new people and have a good time which was the goal of this event.”

PRIDE adviser Aida De Gouveia said this was beneficial because they accomplished PRIDE’s goal of coming together as a community. She said she hopes to see membership and attendance to this event grow next year.

“The purpose of the event is promoting good relationship among the members and in that aspect,” Senora De Gouveia said. “We can consider it a success.”

Semprun said she looks forward to having another field day next year because of the success this field day had on the members and officers.

“Field day has always brought the members of PRIDE together and be more comfortable in the club,” Semprun said.

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