Cramming methods help students study


When senior David Castro leaves his studying for the last minute, he said he has to make a schedule to map out the time he needs to set aside for his studying, while simultaneously keeping up with his work schedule and social life.

“Making a study schedule is the first thing I always do the night before big tests; it allows me to see exactly what I need to study,” Castro said. “With a study schedule, I know exactly what I need to do and in what order to get everything done.”

For junior Coral Chico, making flashcards is her go-to cramming studying method. She said she organizes her flashcards so that they have all the key concepts and vocabulary.

“I would not be able to do as well in school without flashcards,” Chico said. “They have basically saved my life.”

On the other hand, sophomore Talia Cohen said she creates a study area when she needs to fit all her studying into one night. She said she makes sure she has everything she needs to succeed, so she does not need to get up while she is in the zone.

“By having a study area, it helps me immensely with concentrating, and when I am cramming, I need that the most,” Cohen said. “I would definitely recommend having your own study area if you are planning to spend your night studying for hours.”

Cohen said she also gets rid of the many distractions around her while studying at the last minute for a test. She said she mutes her chats, logs off social media and puts her phone into airplane mode.

“Constant texts and calls are always coming up while I am trying to study,” Cohen said. “With my phone on, it makes it very hard to give my full attention to studying; therefore, I turn it all off.”

Although there are many different cramming methods, including flashcards and study environments, Castro said he finds teaching the material to his peers the most helpful.

“Helping your peers out with your own notes, thoughts and perspective is all very productive,” Castro said. “Just try to choose the right people and not necessarily your friends.”

While Chico said it is useful to know effective ways to prepare for tests and quizzes at the last minute, she said they are poor substitutes for proper time management.

“Effective time management makes me better prepared for upcoming tests and quizzes by allowing me to learn and absorb the information,” Chico said. “Over time, I can significantly reduce or eliminate the need to cram.”

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