PTSA collects diapers for struggling mothers


The Bay’s Parent Student Teacher Association (PTSA) has taken on a helping hands project to donate diapers to Lotus House, a women’s and children’s homeless shelter in Miami. All sizes of diapers were being collected from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9 in student affairs and will be sent to the Lotus House at the end of February.

“It’s the community’s two cents to help people with essential needs and improve their lives, despite the difficulties they face,” Vice President of Communications Gina Pérez said.

After volunteering at the Lotus House with her family, PTSA President Latoya Stucke said she decided to bring the diaper drive idea to the board members of PTSA after seeing their dire need for diapers. Stucke said she and her family made crafts and played games with the kids while volunteering and decided that she wanted to make a difference in the mother’s lives at the shelter. Stucke said she feels morally obligated to help the less fortunate and being a mother of three, she knows diapers can be a major expense which would be greatly appreciated in alleviating.

“Weston is an amazing community and has many people that are willing to give their time and resources to help others,” Stucke said. “I wanted to help bring those people together with a worthy cause that I became aware of.”

As stated on the PTSA flyer for the fundraiser, a baby uses about 10-12 diapers a day and a toddler uses about eight. Vice President of Volunteering Ana Cardenas said she knows how complicated life can get, especially with young children and that people hardly imagine that baby diapers are a big financial struggle. Cardenas said that this is a great community service project, and that she hopes this fundraiser will be here for many years to come.

“Not having diapers is putting more stress on moms than not having food,” Cardenas said. “A lot of of them are reusing the existing diapers in order to save and daycares will not accept your child for the day if you don’t bring your own diapers.”

Stucke wrote the slogan “Be a sweetheart donate to our diaper drive!!!” on the many posters and flyers handed out in order to catch the eye of parents, teachers and students in Weston. Cardenas said PTSA wants to promote the project and put it to work in the future and that their partnership with the Lotus House is the first of this kind and they hope it is the first of many to come.  Pérez said helping others is a human responsibility and everyday task and that there is always someone in need we should assist and help.

“It is very important for us to give back, to let them know that we care, that they can count on us,” Cardenas said. “After all, we’re moms, too, and no mom would like to see other moms struggle [to provide] for her child.”


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