• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021


The Weston Arts Council has spread the arts in Weston, through film screenings and art showcases for years. On Jan. 21 the council hosted the Celebrate the Arts Day festival at Weston Town Center, which gave residents of Weston the opportunity to express themselves and showcase their artistic talents.

Booths set up at the Celebrate the Arts Day festival gave attendees the chance to participate in projects, to help them learn and become more interested in the booths’ topics. Senior Naomi Lopez, president of the Photography Club, utilized the event as a means of advocating for her club, as curious attendees took part in club-sponsored recreations.

“We have a lot of different types of photography, since most people only know ‘take a picture and you’re done,’” said Lopez.

The Photo Club took the opportunity to benefit themselves through various means, including handing out pamphlets, letting people participate in activities, and earning a profit. However, Lopez herself made it clear that she enjoys attending the festival for more reasons than just those which benefit the club.

“I personally love coming here every year. It’s nice seeing everyone so excited about the arts, looking at people’s pictures, looking at their creations,” Lopez said. “I just love it when people appreciate the effort which artists put into their work.”

Numerous clubs hosted booths at the event, where they showed off their work, allowed people to participate in certain activities and spread awareness of the clubs and what they do. Thus, both clubs and attendees were able to enjoy the festivities of the event.

Some students, including junior Adriana Gutic, volunteered during the festival in collaboration with the Arts Council, to make sure that it ran smoothly.

“We’re volunteering at the Arts Council booth, helping to make sure the festival is a success,” said Gutic. “It’s really fun, and [the clubs] are offering a lot of cool activities for people.”

Photography and arts teacher Elizabeth Jenkins worked with the Arts Council board while she was in attendance at the Celebrate the Arts Day festival, as her Photo Club and National Art Honor Society ran booths at the festival.

“The Photo Club had lots of hands-on ventures, and the Art Honor [society] people let attendees try out all types of art, including thumbprint art and origami,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “It’s a good community exposure, and really helps people see the value of the arts.”

The council has gained exposure through the Bay, where some of the art teachers are either on the council itself, or they support the organization. Mrs. Jenkins was one of the original board members who helped found the council, and she still stays active with the council and its activities.

“The Arts Council is amazing,” said Mrs. Jenkins. “They have really brought so many art and culture events to Weston, with symphonies and international movies and art events. It’s really a wonderful organization.”