Students, teachers find passion in books


When sophomore Italia Averett is not binge-watching Netflix, she said she enjoys sitting at home reading a charming book. Averett said she defines herself as a bookworm because she loves to read.

“I read books all the time; every time I finish a book, I start a new one,” Averett said. “I enjoy books because I can enter a world where anything can happen, and it feels like I’m there with the characters.”

When Averett reads, she said she feels she has found herself and has gained a better understanding of some important themes such as staying true to herself. When she was younger, she said she would read during recess instead of playing with the other kids.

“I love getting lost in books, feeling the characters’ emotions with them and finding truly amazing books to read again and again,” Averett said.

Like Averett, sophomore Daniel Posada said he enjoys picking up a book and diving into another realm. Although Posada doesn’t read as often as Averett, he said he still appreciates the way an author writes their stories.

“When I was in fifth grade, I was very into Goosebumps and I wasn’t very social those days,” Posada said. “I would read so much that my mom would ban me from reading books over the summer and tell me to socialize.”

Although Posada does not read as much as he did when he was in fifth grade, he said he is still fond of books.

“I stopped reading recently because I tried to get into more classical books like the Great Gatsby, but those books are very hard to read,” Posada said. “When I tried to read them, I just got bored and stopped reading altogether.”

Like Posada, Language Arts and Creative Writing teacher Mrs. Herring said she has had a true passion for books ever since she was young. Even as technology advances, she said she thinks students will continue to read paperback books instead of electronic books.
“Students will most likely read paper books more because, first, they prefer hardcover books and second, I don’t see schools banning traditional books soon,” Mrs. Herring said.

When Mrs. Herring isn’t teaching, she said she is always reading a great book. She said she loves reading because it allows her to fall in love with the characters and world the author creates.

“I love not only reading the book but just to be able to hold it in my hands makes me feel so happy,” Mrs. Herring said. “I enjoy how books make me feel; it’s like I’m a little girl in a chocolate factory.”

Although Mrs. Herring has always had a passion for reading, she said she often lost interest in books when she was forced to read them in school.

“My love for books would come in waves. I loved books when I was much younger and then when I had to read for school, I got bored. I mean my teachers taught it to me differently, so I lost interest,” Mrs. Herring said. “Now I love books and that’s why I try to make my course interesting so when my students read, they’re not like how I was when I was their age.”

Besides feeling a part of the world the authors create, Mrs. Herring said she enjoys the writing styles of the authors, the words and the characters the authors creates.

“I fall in love with an author’s style, but more importantly I fall in love with vulnerability which is honesty,” Mrs. Herring said. “To me, that is the most important thing.”

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