Model UN members compete at Florida International University


Members of Model United Nations (Model UN) represented the Bay at a conference hosted at Florida International University (FIU) from Feb. 23 to 25 in Miami. The members competed in their own committees which involved playing the role of different countries that come together in forming diplomatic solutions to global issues. The Bay won “Outstanding Large Delegation” as well as numerous individual awards.

Senior and Model UN Public Relations Director Blake Repp partnered with junior Raphael Cevallos representing China in the Model UN committee; they discussed the legality of unmanned combat aerial vehicles. The partners received the award for “Best Delegate,” which equates to first place.

“As a senior I am sad this is my last conference,” Repp said. “But these past three years have truly been wonderful and I have really changed as a person because of Model UN.”

Prior to the conference, Repp said he was confident in himself throughout the committees and felt he performed well. Repp said he wishes to further his career in international relations and politics after participating in Model UN for three years.

“Joining the team has been one of the best decisions I have ever made,” Repp said. “[Model UN] has allowed me to be more aware of international affairs along with being a better speaker and learning to compromise, all skills that I believe are needed to compete in a job market that has increasingly become more global.”

Sophomore Pearse Koch and junior Emma Dilly won “Honorable Mention,” which is equivalent to third place, representing Honduras. Koch said that he enjoyed the experience not just because of winning the award, but meeting new individuals as well throughout the conference.

“The feeling of finishing the conference is a relief,” Koch said, “yet sad to know the experience is over as all the people I have met are going back to their normal lives.”

Repp said his favorite part of the conference was the award ceremony because it was exciting for the new members to receive their first award.

“After the conference, I felt more excited for everyone else who won an award rather than for myself,” Repp said. “It is really refreshing to see people take their passion, put the effort in and get an award.”

Koch and Dilly worked together before the tournament to agree upon a solution to their issue. Koch said it was stressful to choose between different solutions that other members would agree to provide funding for.

“Preparation is key in order to perform well at Model UN conferences,” Koch said. “It takes time and effort to propose effective solutions that other members from different schools will support and provide funding.”

Koch said meeting new people as well as learning more about the world motivates him to keep participating in Model UN. Koch said he encourages students to join Model UN as it provides students with important knowledge about the world that can be beneficial to people throughout their lives.

“My favorite part of the conference was meeting new people as well as leading others with the help of my talented partner,” Koch said. “It was also amazing to be praised by those we worked with.”

History teacher and Model UN adviser Timothy Petraitis has led the organization into conferences for the past five years. Mr. Petraitis said that he is proud to see the accomplishments and developments of Model UN throughout the years.

“The students did a wonderful job this past weekend. They did a great job defending their proposals and pushed themselves to win multiple awards,” Petraitis said. “Seeing new members win individual awards and stepping out of their comfort zones is what motivates me to continue to assist these students.”

Petraitis said how he does not interfere with the members during the research aspect of the organization and how the members and students are cooperative in keeping the club organized in a peaceful manner.

“The officers and members do a fantastic job on their own while researching,” Petraitis said.  “I only provide a place to meet and ensure and resolve any issues that may be occuring within the club.”

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