Wisdom teeth removal hinders winter break plans


Winter break is a time away from school where many students go on vacations or hangout with friends. However, others, such as freshman Marley Solomon, plan to have surgeries, like removing their wisdom teeth.

Solomon said she and her family have planned to get her wisdom teeth out during this winter break for a long time.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have been planning on getting my wisdom teeth taken out over winter break,” Solomon said. “Since it’s a painful and long process it is just easier to get it done over a time when there is no school.”

Solomon said taking out her wisdom teeth was not only painful, but it was also embarrassing.

“I was so happy I didn’t have to see anybody that I wasn’t close with days after I got them removed,” Solomon said. “I was so self conscious about my face. I looked like a chipmunk.”

Like Solomon, sophomore Gillian Glater had her wisdom teeth removed over winter break. However, she said she liked being able to see people and having support from all her friends and family.

“Whenever someone in my family goes through something serious like a surgery, we all go through it together,” Glater said. “Recently, I have been thinking about how thankful I am to have that, and how often I take it for granted.”

Glater also said she loved the fact that people were able to spend time with her because school was not a priority.

“Because it was break, no one was worried about school. Therefore, I had all the attention to myself; it made me feel really special and happy,” Glater said. “I also received so many gifts, and a lot of ice cream; I was overwhelmed with the amount of love my friends showed me.”

Dentist Dr. Craig Friedman said the schedule at his office becomes a lot busier when it comes winter break time.

“A lot of kids would rather have this procedure done when school is not something they need to worry about,” Dr. Friedman said.

Because the office would not be able to run smoothly if Dr. Friedman went on vacation, he said he spends every winter break at home.

“I am constantly wanting to take a break on those two weeks, but it is just impossible,” Dr. Friedman said. “It is actually the most popular time of the year for teens to make their appointments.”

Although there are a variety of times students can get their wisdom teeth taken out, Solomon said winter break is definitely the best time, so you don’t have to miss out on anything.

“A lot of things annoy me, but not feeling comfortable with the way I look is probably the worst,” Solomon said. “Getting them taken out on winter break allowed me to feel comfortable and enjoy my days instead of missing out on school and feeling paranoid.”

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