• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • August 5, 2020



“Fortnite,” a third-person shooter game developed by Epic Games, has just reported an astounding number of concurrent players in the amount of 3.2 million. “Fortnite” is incredibly well done, allowing for 60 frames per second, which creates smooth gameplay. Also, multiple skins and cosmetic unlocks are available as a way to switch up the gaming experience. Within the game are two separate modes: Save The World and Battle Royale. This adds a little variety in players’ choices of gaming. Battle Royale, the more popular game mode, is currently in Beta mode, meaning it is out on early release and free to download. In contrast, Save the World currently costs money, but will be free to play sometime this year according to game developers. Battle Royale functions by immersing players in a “The Hunger Games”-type brawl.

One hundred players are placed in a digital lobby, after which they are put on a flying bus called the “Battle Bus.” This bus passes through the map at a randomly generated angle. Players then eject from the bus at their chosen time with the ability to look at a map of where they are in order to plan where they will be landing. Upon hitting the ground players must loot for weaponry and the battle ensues. A circle then gets smaller and smaller, pulling all players into a finite space on the map, forcing them to interact, where the last player standing wins.

“Fortnite” has established an idea that games can be successful even if they are free, which will hopefully affect how games are distributed in the future. “Fortnite” has seen a unique influx of new players, surpassing a game called “Player Unknown Battlegrounds,” which has very similar gameplay. This might be due to its strong social media presence that has given the game an immense audience across ages 10-18. “Fortnite” developers have created this fan base by creating a cutting edge, dynamic game that will perpetually stay ahead of its competition.

“Fortnite” makes use of an interesting subscription service in which users buy a “Battle Pass” to unlock objectives. Completing these objectives allows players to climb the ranks, which gives them cosmetic rewards such as experience points, outfits, loading screens and dance moves. With this ingenious combination of new and sustainable gaming, “Fortnite” will certainly continue to expand its’ fan base.