Mu Alpha Theta succeeds in regional competition


Members of Mu Alpha Theta (MAO) competed in the Cypress Bay March Regional competition at the Bay on March 3. Over 1,000 members from a variety of different schools, including Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Charles W. Flanagan and American Heritage, competed in a variety individual and team strategy competitions.

“I enjoy participating in the tournaments because to me they are really fun,” freshman Mahadev Josyabhatla said. “I get to hang out with people who share similar interests as well,” Josyabhatla said. “The competitions are mentally exhausting, so it is fun to go out to lunch once, the competition is concluded.”

Josyabhatla said he was proud of his accomplishments at the competition and happy with the goals he accomplished.

“I didn’t do as well as I hoped, but I learned a lot from my errors,” he said. “I feel next time I can do a lot better by learning from my mistakes.”

Students prepared for the competition by taking practice tests based off previous competitions. Many students in MAO are enrolled in courses that are specifically tailored to preparing them for competitions. Josyabhatla said that the more experienced seniors help by giving him advice and further practice.

“I attribute my success to Mr. Farmer and all the seniors who have to put up with us freshmen at practice,” Josyabhatla said. “They all help me become better.”

Freshman Allison Comite said although she performed well this competition, she plans to continue practicing to do better in future competitions.

“I will probably do more practice tests from competitions in the future,” Comite said. “Even though I was nervous when first competing, all of this experience is helping me enhance my competition skills.”

Comite said she enjoys participating in MAO competitions because she said she feels she is strong in math and competing helps her strengthen her math skills even further.

“[I joined MAO since] math has always been my strongest subject and [my sisters friend] said I would enjoy the club,” Comite said. “I am also really competitive, so it made me want to take a competition class as well as join the club.”

Math teacher and MAO adviser Ari Novick said his role at competitions is to provide support to all the students competing.

“My most important role at MAO competitions is to be an advocate for my students,” he said.

Mr. Novick said he learned a lot from this experience of running and planning a competition of this scale and he is eager to use this knowledge to improve the competition for future years.

“I have a lot of goals for the club; the [largest goal is] to help the officers create a quality club,” Mr. Novick said. “We feel like we’ve met a lot of [our goals] but we’re already looking ahead to how we can do even better next year.”


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