SHPE combines gaming with engineering to fundraise for the club


To raise money for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) club, members hosted a Mario Kart Tournament on April 13. Tickets were sold during all lunch hours for students to watch and compete in the tournament.

“These competitions seemed to be valued by students,” SHPE adviser and biology teacher Brandon Boswell said. “There is a strong social component to these games and these events support those social elements in a positive environment for these students.”

Junior and SHPE Vice President of Marketing Sofia Serna said members of the club thought playing Mario Kart corresponds with the basic principles of the SHPE club, such as engineering and coding.

“Our club revolves around STEM based projects and activities,” Serna said. “Mario Kart, being a very successful video game, shows a great example of the power of coding and video game design.”

The room was set up with four TVs with Wiis, and competitors played against each other in brackets. The winner of each bracket was given a $20 Chipotle gift card.

“We had four TVs set up with Wiis. At first, groups of four would play and the two people with the top scores after two races moved on the the next round. We repeated that same process for another two rounds until the final [round],” Serna said.

Senior and SHPE President Andrea Vallenilla contributed in the creation of the Mario Kart tournament fundraiser. Valenilla said she became inspired when she heard another club at the Bay host a “Super Smash Bros” tournament, so she decided to host a “Mario Kart” tournament.

“[The officers] were discussing fundraising ideas, and after hearing about other club’s fundraisers combined with the popularity of Mario Kart, we thought this would be a perfect idea that could attract many students,” Valenilla said.

Mr. Boswell said the event was great exposure to the student body because many people who were not a part of the SHPE club were able to participate in the fundraiser.

“The students who were there had a great time,” Mr. Boswell said.  “I hope we can do more of these events in the future since everyone seemed to really enjoy it.”

Serna said the club was happy with the large amount of people who showed up to the event. She said due to the event’s success, SHPE club plans to host similar events in the future.

“Attendance was amazing, and it ended up attracting way more people than expected,” Serna said. “Due to the success of the event this year, we plan to hold it again in future years.”


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