• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020



With the Boy’s basketball team tryouts scheduled for Nov. 5th, players are training to secure their spot on the team for the upcoming season. According to Varsity Coach, Jason Looky, it takes a special set of skills to make the team, including hard work and dedication.

“Some skills that [the coaches] look for in students that are trying out for the team include their ability to make smart plays in addition to knowing how to play the sport and what it means to be a part of a basketball team,” Looky said. “Students must show maximum effort and as much dedication as possible to ensure a spot on the team.”

In the pre-season, Looky trains the team to keep all the players in shape. He said this helps the players stay focused and maintain their strength.

“The team and I are in the weight room three times a week, in addition to the conditioning we do three times a week,” Looky said. “The team mainly tries to work on their agility, which includes practice techniques such as short and long distance running and workouts.”

The Lightning have secured the district championship title four times in a row, and Looky said the team hopes to win that title again. However, he said the win will not come without adversity.

“There will be a lot of new faces [this season], so it will definitely be a challenge,” Looky said. “We won’t know exactly what to expect until about mid-November and we won’t know exactly what we are working with until about January.”

Sophomore Ryan Clancy said he is setting his goals high this season and hopes to accomplish great things. He said his main objective is to be in the starting lineup.

“Before the season starts, I am trying to train and get to the gym every, single day. I go the gym to play some pickup basketball and overall, to lift weights and condition,” Clancy said. “Additionally, I have been attending all of the pre-season practices that the team has been having.”

Like Clancy, sophomore Jared Foster is hopeful to make the team again this fall.

“I feel excited for tryouts, especially this year because it’s a new year and a new beginning,” Foster said. “The team as a whole is really trying to accomplish a lot this season.”

Foster said he enjoys playing for the Bay because of the coaches and the overall atmosphere.

“I am excited to play for the team next season if I make it this year,” Foster said. “Being able to play with new members of the team allows for good opportunities for team bonding. It also implements responsibility and adversity.”