• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 24, 2020


Jersey Mike’s Subs opened its first Davie location in May of 2018 offering delicious and fresh meals. The restaurant offers a variety of subs and wraps in the perfect portions for a broad range of potential customer needs. The restaurant chain was founded in 1996 in New Jersey and now has approximately 1300 locations across the United States.

Along with traditional cold cubs, Jersey Mike’s provides numerous specialty subs such as Jersey Shore’s Favorite which includes provolone, ham and cappacuolo. The cold sub has a perfect combination of meats and condiments which makes this sandwich an outstanding choice on the menu. Jersey Mike’s is famous for their Philly Cheese Steak which is full of flavor and is an excellent combination of steak, grilled onions, peppers and melted white American cheese. The steak is extremely tender and the toppings add to the unique flavor of the sandwich. The bread has a fresh taste in addition to the warm cheese melted in every bite. An abundance of other hot subs are available at the shop such as the Grilled Pastrami Reuben, Meatball and Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak. These are all amazing choices that allow customers to have a variation when choosing a sub. The restaurant chain also offers healthier options including the Chicken Caesar Wrap; the grilled chicken is sliced to perfection and it has the ideal amount of dressing in every bite.

Bags of chips are available for purchase as sides with meals, along with fresh baked cookies and gooey chocolate chip brownies. The chocolate chip brownies are served at just the right temperature with an ideal amount of chocolate chips. When ordering the fresh baked cookies, the perfect amount of cookie is placed into each serving size to enjoy a treat right after a meal.

Fountain drinks, bottled Pepsi products and juice are available as options for beverages. Jersey Mike’s offers combos including the regular Combo which give customers the opportunity to receive a 22oz. fountain drink and chips, to save money.

Jersey Mike’s broad menu opens opportunities for a variety of customers; vegetarian options and kid’s meals are available to fit every customer’s needs. Subs by the box, bagged and personal boxed lunches are available for catering in numerous sizes. Having these options makes it more convenient for customers to enjoy Jersey Mike’s at the time they choose.

Jersey Mike’s uses a red wine vinegar and an olive oil blend in their products to ensure an extra special taste. According to Jersey Mike’s tagline claim, posted on their website and in the restaurant, their produce is grown and shipped locally to ensure the highest level of freshness in all aspects of the shop’s offerings. Additionally, Jersey Mike’s trims and cooks their beef in the restaurant which adds to the authentic experience while visiting; they choose the leanest cuts of meat to satisfy customers. Through all of the aspects of the restaurant, it is apparent Jersey Mike’s pays special attention to the quality of the food that is being served to customers.

Employees have a huge smile when they are working at Jersey Mike’s. Employees also run the restaurant in a fast manner to guarantee satisfaction in all aspects of the shop. The positive and friendly environment makes Jersey Mike’s an enjoyable location.

Overall, Jersey Mike’s Subs is an excellent new addition to the Davie restaurant scene. The unique menu, opportunities to please every customer and the great atmosphere all show that Jersey Mike’s is an exceptional choice when choosing a restaurant.