Weekend plans ease stress on students



To forget about the stress of the week, junior Sofia Prieto said she counts on weekend concerts. The last one she attended was Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour concert.

“When I go to concerts on weekends, I feel more relaxed because my mind is on the concert and not on the stresses of school work,” Prieto said. “I get to have more fun knowing [that] I do not have an exam the next day.”

Prieto said she never gets tired of going to concerts on the weekend, as she said she makes new memories at each one. She looks forward to collecting souvenirs from the concerts so she can always remember them.

“Whenever I collect my souvenirs, I think back to certain moments when I went to that particular concert,” Prieto said. “For the Shakira concert, I will always remember the line I had to [wait in] to buy it.”

According to Prieto, when she is able to see her favorite artists after school, the experience becomes the highlight of her day. Therefore, knowing she has something to look forward to, helps her get through the week.

“When I [plan to] go to concerts at the end of the week, it makes me want to work harder,” Prieto said. “When I do [work harder], the next thing I know, it is the end of the week.”

Like Prieto, junior Juan Amador said he aims to make memories during the weekend, participating in activities like paintball. Amador said his last paintballing excursion was spent saying goodbye to his friend who was moving away.

“The reason for the party was sad, but I was happy to say goodbye to him on a good note,” Amador said. “[Participating in] paintball was like a real life video game because you have to work with your teammates to accomplish a goal.”

Amador said he likes paintballing on the weekends, as he said he is normally flooded with work during weekdays.

“There is more freedom timewise [on the weekends], since you do not have to go to school the next day,” Amador said. “[Also], on weekends, there are some parks that will let you play in closed stadiums.”

Like Amador, United States History teacher Javier Calderon said he spends his weekends doing outdoor activities, such as playing soccer with his close friends.

“I like playing soccer because I get to bond with my friends,” Calderon said. “Soccer is a physical sport and it takes me back to my youth.”

Additionally, Calderon said playing soccer during the weekends helps him relax after a long school week.

“Soccer is a perfect way to destress on the weekends because it is a physical sport, so it helps keep my mind off of work,” Calderon said.

Although Calderon said he attempts to unwind from the week through physical activity, he said he occasionally becomes stressed when thinking about his workload. He said students undergo a large amount of stress as well and should utilize the weekend to relax.

“[Students] should be allowed to have the weekend to socialize and reduce their stress levels,” Calderon said. “Students should worry less and enjoy the weekend.”


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