Personality Profile: Beau Simon


Throughout high school, junior Beau Simon said he has used his leadership skills to achieve his goal of becoming an elected official.

Simon said he strives to have an interactive role in politics. As the full-time student adviser and representative to the School Board, he said he has numerous responsibilities, while simultaneously having the opportunity to provide student input. Along with this role, Simon is president of his chapter in the Jewish organization BBYO and is also a Student Government Association (SGA) member.

“Holding a position in something I love is what is most important,” Simon said. “[Broward County Public Schools] provide a pathway for students [to succeed] and my goal is to see all students take advantage of those [educational opportunities] and tools.”

As a spokesperson on the School Board, Simon is considered a Broward County Association of Student Councils (BCASC) officer. He misses school every Tuesday to attend School Board meetings and workshops. He said he uses his seat on the board to give members a student opinion and to represent all 270,000 Broward County Public School (BCPS) students in all seven districts.

“I enjoy my position because I feel like I make a lot of change in our education system and being able to do that is unique for a student,” Simon said. “This position [on the school board] has taught me that nothing in life comes easy.”

Simon said he became interested in his leadership role on a trip to Tallahassee when he met a student adviser named Stephen Marante. He said Marante became a mentor to him and taught him how the School Board works. About a month after Simon’s trip, he became the first student adviser to be elected from the Bay; he was elected through the county SGA and his job entails assisting in setting policy and inputting a student opinion in the district.

“The student councils represented from all over the district saw something in me that I don’t think I saw,” Simon said. “Personally, I think I have grown so much since the election and [I have] really evolved with the position.”

Although Simon said he is interested in politics, he said he is more of a people person, as he cares more about the individuals he represents.

“The ability to care about one and others opinion is something I take seriously,” Simon said. “Always keeping an open mindset is something I value most about myself.”

Adviser of SGA and Interior Design 3 and 4 teacher Danielle Nascimento said she has seen Simon’s passion for governmental affairs and county politics in her SGA class. She said he was an excellent choice for the position as student adviser because he enjoys it and he wants to be involved.

“Simon always gets involved as much as possible whether in SGA or other activities,” Nascimento said. “Simon’s time commitment always takes priority in his school board position.”

Simon has been in SGA for two years and he said the organization is the perfect outlet for leadership. He said he owes most of his success to his teacher and mentor, Nascimento. Without her, he said the organization would not be what it is today.

“Through it all, the life lessons and valuable input [Nascimento] gives to SGA are extremely impacting to the organization,” Simon said.

Along with SGA, Simon said he joined BBYO because Judaic value and heritage is something he finds important and being involved in the organization helps embody this into his values.

“The thought of being involved in something that I was so passionate about really made me interested in BBYO,” Simon said. “BBYO has always been special to me because of the friends you meet and the different aspects of Judaism you experience.”

According to Simon, he always makes sure to recognize the success of his board members in his chapter, no matter how small. He said with such a strong membership base of younger students, the weekly events allow them to connect and learn various leadership skills.

“[Younger students] individual accomplishments are so important and the second you don’t recognize their accomplishments is the second they feel unnoticed,” Simon said. “They are the backbone of BBYO and I always make sure they know that.”

Simon said one of the past student advisers is currently the Mayor of Broward County, which shows how his positions can prepare him for his goals. He said he has worked extremely hard for his positions and will continue to work hard to ensure the success of our county and our schools.

“Leadership is something that I always needed to be a part of,” Simon said. “Having this stepping stone in leadership is something that sets you up for greatness.”

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