• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 26, 2021



The Lightning boys’ varsity basketball team held its tryouts on Nov. 5, 6 and 7 at the Bay’s Basketball Gymnasium. Varsity Coach Jason Looky said tryouts were easy to manage and had a good turnout this year, with 40 to 50 participants for Junior varsity(JV) and 30 for Varsity.

“Tryouts have run smoothly so far,” Looky said. “[However], of course there is some room for improvement, such as more kids participating in conditioning beforehand so they are in better shape by the time tryouts roll around.”

Looky said tryouts are the best way for the coaching staff to gauge what they have to work with and to create a well-rounded roster for the upcoming season.

“You need to have all different kinds of players on the team,” Looky said. “It is important for the players to be diverse on the court. “They should be able to do multiple skill sets such as guarding multiple guys, being able to play on offense and defense and shooting.”

Senior point guard Tyler Krivitzkin said it should not be a challenge to create playing strategies with new players this season. He said it is an efficient way of creating team chemistry.

“I’m excited with the new guys we brought in. I feel like we can be more productive than last year,” Krivitzkin said.

Krivitzkin said he has some personal goals he wants to achieve this season.

“Not only do I want to lead the county in scoring, but I also want to lead the Bay’s basketball team to the best season the team has ever had,” Krivitzkin said.

Krivitzkin said he has been training in order to get in shape for the season. He said he is going to give forth the most effort possible in practice and games.

“We are going to surprise a lot of people this year,” Krivitzkin said. “A lot of people are making us the underdog, so I think it will be exciting.”

Like Krivitzkin, sophomore and shooting guard Tristan Goldstein said he looks forward to proving everyone wrong who doubts that the team will be successful this year.

“The team will be even better this year. All of the kids have great basketball [knowledge] and we are all in great shape,” Goldstein said. “I am not worried because we all work really hard in practice and I know it will show in the games.”

Goldstein said old players are learning to work with new ones by participating in certain team bonding activities such as going to Miami Heat basketball games.

“I really enjoy being able to have opportunities to spend time with the team,” Goldstein said. “Whether it is going out to eat after a game or going to watch a basketball game I think it really improves the overall way the team plays on the court.”