• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 26, 2020



The Bay’s Chorus Club performed their first concert in the auditorium on Oct. 9 with a theme of folk songs and spirituals. Senior Shelby Segarra said members of chorus were required to learn folk songs because the choral directors want them to feel comfortable with different types of music.

“Although I never sang folk songs, it was important to experience different sounds and rhymes,” Segarra said. “Because I am a senior, I want to grasp all different kinds of styles before I leave high school.”

Senior and co-president of Chorus, Jonas Perkins, oversees the equipment and all of the technical relations with the Head of Equipment. Since it was the first concert, Perkins said this was a test to see if everything will run smoothly for the rest of the year.

“I was very nervous, but everyone worked very hard to make sure it went well,” Perkins said. “We all worked diligently to learn the songs and when we finally were able to perform, it was exactly how I hoped for it to be.”

All four chorus classes took part in this concert including Men’s Choir, Beginning Women, Intermediate Women and Advanced Women as well as after school rehearsal groups. These groups contain Barbershop, Show and Chamber Choir. During concerts, all groups collaborated and performed as one large chorus.

“I have been in chorus for all four years of my high school career and it has really been a fully open and accepting environment,” Segarra said. “I really love that chorus gives me the chance to work with all different groups because we have all become a family since I joined.”

Working for the Bay for eight years, Chorus Teacher Bradley Franks said he believes the most important part of his job is preparing his students to be the best they can be for every concert and event.

“I have learned from being a teacher for countless amount of years that students need a place to belong and call home,” Franks said. “No matter what their interest is, it is important for students to feel safe and accepted with others like themselves.”

Because there are only a number of concerts each year, the members of chorus said they prepare on their own as well as during class. During class time, students are required to rehearse and learn music theory and sight singing.

“We always strive to be better tomorrow than we were today, which is something my students really take into account,” Franks said. “I can see their dedication in and outside of the classroom during rehearsals and academic lessons.

Perkins said because everyone is able to work together as one, it is easy to learn from others and improve any shortcomings. Perkins said everyone is open to helping out, which makes the club so special.

“Chorus has given me a chance to meet amazing people and improve my social and musical skills,” Perkins said. “Our first concert allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses early on.”

At the end of their first concert, the members of chorus dedicated a song in memory of a previous singer in their group named Lexi Stafford, who suffered a tragic and sudden death.

“It really makes me appreciate all of the members in chorus when they come together and plan such a beautiful moment with a song and speech about Lexi,” Franks said. “It was a lovely tribute and moved many of our students and their parents to tears as they honored her memory.”