• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021


Student Government Association (SGA) organized Club Love Day on Oct. 4 to introduce students to the various clubs offered at the Bay. Thirty-five clubs were showcased with activities to tap into students’ possible interests. Clubs shared information including how to join, their goals for the year and the benefits of being part of their club as they congregated in the courtyard during all lunches.

SGA and Inter-Organizational Council (IOC) adviser Danielle Nascimento said associating with clubs can help students make new friends and build resumes for college. Club Love Day shares this information to give students insights.
“It’s a great day to celebrate clubs and it allows [them] to promote themselves to the student body,” Nascimento said. “Students [in SGA] pitched the day to the IOC and clubs were able to sign up [to be featured on this day].”

Nascimento said she viewed Club Love Day as an outlet for clubs to educate students at the Bay and tout benefits each club offers.

“I think this was a great way to allow clubs to promote themselves. It was done in a fun way and there are so many benefits,” Nascimento said.

Sophomore and SGA Executive Board Member Sophia Niño was Club Love Day Chairperson and said it was held at the start of the school year to inform students about the clubs at the Bay with enough time to allow them to have a chance to sign up before membership was closed. Nino said she is pleased with the work members put in to bring this informative day to fruition.
“I’m really happy with how this all played out,” Niño said. “So many clubs got involved and brought their A-game to attract people.”

Clubs held activities which promoted their goals and at the same time encourage student engagement. Nino said SGA’s activities aimed to portray an idea of leadership to display the key trait students must have to be successful in the club.

“For SGA, we had a tossing game which represented leadership: the bean signifies moving forward and it’s fun for people to give it a shot,” Niño said. “All of the clubs had really cool activities here today and it was lovely seeing them all come together.”
Senior and Literary Club Vice President Ana Mendez said Club Love Day was beneficial to portray an idea of what Literary Club means to her. A colorful “Love is…” poster was taped up at its booth.

“We write a lot in Literary Club and [engage] in creative thinking so [our ‘Love is…’ canvas] was really cute,” Mendez said.  “It made students think, got them writing and allowed them to admire the beautiful artwork.”

Mendez said she was enthusiastic about students being exposed to their club and that they received attention from students at the Bay.

“It was very wholesome and fulfilling to see people take a taste of this amazing club.” Mendez said.

Freshman Allie Crothers said she received a lot of new information about clubs by visiting a variety of booths that day. Additionally, she said she was able to see different clubs that aligned with their interests.
“Political Awareness Club had cool props to take pictures with and the Literary Club was cute and simple with the sticky notes which made things colorful,” Crothers said. “The effort the clubs put to display their goals is creative to look at.”

Crothers said the event allowed her to witness and participate in activities catered by the clubs as the clubs were enjoyable to her; however, she found it a lot to take in due to the number of clubs presented.

“I enjoyed all the booths each club displayed; it helped me understand what they have to offer,” Crothers said. “[The Bay] has a large variety of clubs to choose from. It’s overwhelming, but in the end of the day, whatever club that’s chosen here at the Bay is great.”