Faculty expands as student body grows


With the Bay’s growing student body, the school had to hire new faculty members, including Debate 1 and 2 Honors teacher Rachel West. Before coming to the Bay, West taught at Western Kentucky University (WKU) as a graduate assistant. However, she said teaching at the Bay is more favorable because of its constructive environment.

“[The Bay] has built such a unique and positive culture that I have [never] seen at [any] other high school. It is positive and uplifting,” West said. “The teachers respect the students and the students respect the teachers and administration. It’s overall a very positive and surprisingly fun environment for a school.”

As the Bay has many similar programs as WKU, such as Debate, West said moving here was not a difficult transition. She said she decided to switch to the Bay after her friend recommended it to her.

“[My friend] told me that [the Bay] is very academically rigorous and competitive in debate, so [I knew] it would be very similar to the experience I had teaching college classes,” West said.

In addition to the similar programs, West said the students have made her transition into the school easier.

“I love the students. Every student that I’ve come across has a new story to tell and something new to share that they [the students] are very passionate and genuinely excited for,” West said. “It’s the high of my day when I see them learning something new; it is why I do what I do.”

Freshman Christopher Jones said West has shown a personality that will help debate students get on the right track for learning how to get better.

“Ms. West’s fun personality influences the class by helping us feel more awake and giving us a good attitude in first period,” Jones said.

According to Jones, West helps her students develop their debate skills in a fun way by doing interactive activities with them.

“My favorite part about the class is when Ms. West lets us choose our own topics for speeches. I feel like it lets us be more creative with our work,” Jones said. “We also play this debating game called Super Fight and it’s really fun and makes the class enjoyable.”

Like West, Michael Albiez joined [the Bay] this school year as an English 3 teacher. He said he chose the Bay because of its stellar reputation.

“I heard that [the Bay] was one of the best [schools] and I have not been disappointed thus far,” Albiez said. “I love it. The staff is excellent and the students are fantastic. There are a lot of intelligent and creative minds.”

To Albiez, teaching at the Bay is an enjoyable experience because of the students and their individualities.

“I enjoy teaching here because of the amazing students that [the] Bay has and all the great, intelligent, talented kids here,” Albiez said.

According to Albiez, the staff and students give the [Bay] a positive and supporting environment that to be a part of, he said he cannot wait.

“[The Bay] has a positive environment because of the amazing staff and students here,” Albiez said. “They [all] work together for a common goal and their general success.”


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