• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 26, 2020


Remembr, a new and innovative Brazilian restaurant, brings a never before seen style of cuisine to Weston. This restaurant has a variety of items on their menu as well as groceries customers can purchase and is located in the Indian Trace shopping center, in the Lakes Plaza. The offerings at Remembr are different from any other style of food, allowing for a memorable and intriguing meal.

Remembr’s menu has many Brazilian snacks and appetizers as well as lunch and dinner items. In the sandwich category, the most popular offering is the Linguica, which comes with sausage, muenster cheese, mustard, farofa and vinaigrette sauce. The combination of the sausage with cheese and mustard may appear to be a strange combination, but the flavors compliment each other very nicely, allowing for a satisfying and enjoyable dish. Remembr also offers various types of tapioca, a traditional Brazilian snack that can include meat, cheese and other fillings.

Each day of the week, an item changes, which keeps the menu from ever becoming boring. On Saturdays, Remembr offers a dish called feijoada which contains beans with parts of pork inside and they serve it with rice, farofa, collard greens and orange slices. On Wednesday, they offer a dish called stroganoff, a chicken dish with a creamy sauce that tastes similar to alfredo sauce.

The stroganoff has a very distinctive, yet enjoyable taste.

Several items remain on the menu regardless of the special offerings. These plates include rice, beans, farofa, french fries and a choice of meat between steak and sausage. With traditional Brazilian offerings, Remembr can maintain their distinct style, making the restaurant so different from any other Hispanic cuisine.

The restaurant also offers many dessert options. Cakes and mini dessert items such as brigadeiro, a tiny chocolate ball covered in sprinkles are all available in store or to go. Another dessert on the menu is acai, which is very similar to ice cream.

The snacks sold vary in price range from around $3 to $10. Their dinners and lunches range from $20 to $40. The dishes that change every day are on the expensive side, but worth the elevated cost considering their exquisite taste. The feijoada costs $40 for two people to share, which is a little more expensive but it is a big dish so it’s worth the price. The cheaper items on the menu include snack items such as tapioca or salgados. The tapiocas range in cost from $2 to $5, which is an amazing price because they fill you up and are relatively big portions. The prices of the snacks are cheap, but the quality of the food is good.

Remembr also features a pantry-style grocery element of the restaurant. Customers can take frozen meals to go, or choose from freshly cooked dishes, rather than just being able to exclusively eat at the restaurant. This is a good resource for native Brazilians or others who enjoy this style of cuisine to purchase the foods that embodies the culture.

Remembr has a modern style in the interior of the store. The decor is a mix between modern and rustic. To uphold the Brazlilian theme, the decorations have a Copacabana print on them, which gives a Brazilian vibe.

Remembr is overall a quaint yet delicious restaurant. The convenient prices coupled with the modern storefront and delicious food allow for a memorable restaurant experience.