• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • May 29, 2020


Interior Design Club members gathered for a “Friendsgiving” social on Nov. 15 in room 323. Students socialized while eating Thanksgiving-themed foods and took part in activities such as decorating picture frames. Junior Valentina Vigliarolo said the purpose of the social was to facilitate bonding between members of the club and reward members for their hard work thus far.

“My favorite part about the social was talking to the Interior Design 1 students and seeing what their favorite part about the class is,” Vigliarolo said. “I loved being able to bond with [the new Interior Design members], encouraging them to continue the course and giving them advice about certain things like certification exams and certain skills.”

Vigliarolo said the Friendsgiving social incorporated elements of both Thanksgiving and Interior Design. Club officers provided holiday food as well as the picture frames and supplies to decorate them. Vigliarolo said she enjoyed this aspect of the event because attendees were able to meet other members and have fun while working on the frames.

“We always have themed socials, and since this one was Friendsgiving, the picture frame was such a good fit,” Vigliarolo said. “We also had lots of food which again fit the Friendsgiving idea.”

Design Services Core and Principles of Interior Design teacher and club adviser Denise Jacks was responsible for overseeing the social. She said the officers did an amazing job preparing for the event.

“I like to see how the officers run things because [Interior Design] is a student run class and club,” Jacks said. “Though I give approval to everything that’s done, [the students] make all of the decisions. I enjoy watching them be leaders, taking action and running these events.”

Senior and Interior Design Leadership Council member Sabrina Ure said projects and socials like “Friendsgiving” have provided her with useful experience in the area of planning events. She said she enjoys interacting with students who are also interested in the field.

“I love the hands-on experience students get to participate in,” Ure said. “I also love how [Interior Design] is a universal aspect of art that can be utilized in all different parts of the world.”

Vigliarolo said Interior Design does an excellent job in ensuring students are learning new concepts. She said it also incorporates fun projects and events like the Friendsgiving social to foster a sense of community among club members.

“The purpose of the social was for everyone to get to know each other better so that in future socials we can see the members interacting with as many people as possible to really bring everyone together as a class,” Vigliarolo said. “This is why we had a Friendsgiving theme to it.”

Ure said the Friendsgiving social took place before Thanksgiving, so attendees could make picture frames to use as gifts. She said she was happy with the turnout of the event because members bonded while also exploring their creativity.

“The social took place to unify our club since it’s really big while trying to include Interior Design aspects with the frames,” Ure said. “Interior Design can let your own personal style reflect on a space and in the process a lot of creativity is involved.”