• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 16, 2020

With the season approaching, the new captains are starting to make their preparations for the season.  Senior captains Lauren Nau, Taryn Turpin, Hannah Suhood, Amanda Saaverda and Sammie Rammer said they hope their new ideas will lead the team to success. For Nau, she said she wants to try to get to know the team better.

            “We want the team to be a family and super close. The other captains and I want us to all develop a deep friendship with one another,” Nau said.

         Currently, Nau said she is uncertain of what new techniques she will be trying, as the roster has not yet been finalized. Therefore, she said the team is just doing fundraising and conditioning for now.

            “[The team] can’t do [new] techniques yet because the season hasn’t started, so we don’t have our set team. When the time comes, we hope to do bonding events,” Nau said.

            Nau said she enjoys many aspects of being captain. She said one of her favorite parts is being able to help new players learn the game.

            “My favorite part of being a captain is being able to meet new people and help girls who have never played before learn how to play lacrosse,” Nau said.

            Like Nau, senior captain Sammie Rammer said she is also unsure of what strategies the team will be implementing, but she said it is currently focusing on building stamina and speed for individual players. She said she is hoping this will help the team be the most athletic.

            “[The new strategies] will be effective because in a game when it gets to the second half and everyone is getting tired, our team will have the advantage of still having the energy to run down the field and move quickly,” Rammer said.

            Rammer has been leading the team in yoga practices as part of its conditioning to help teach the players proper stretching habits and balance. She also said she has offered the team a greater sense of comradery.

            “So far I’ve offered the team a strong sense of motivation and unity to build a stronger overall team that wants to reach the common goal of winning,” Rammer said. “This is great for the new players who many feel discouraged from comparing themselves to the senior players’ experience.”

            Rammer said she enjoys being captain and all the responsibilities that come with it. She said she hopes her leadership will help the team the grow into a closer team as the season goes on.

            “My favorite part of being a captain is being able to motivate all the girls and offer them a role model by showing them the type of player and teammate they can and will become,” Rammer said. “I love guiding the team through conditioning and making them more fun, easier on the mind, but harder on the body.”

            Head Coach Corey Engelhard said for him a leader is someone who leads by example. He said the captains for this year’s team show that same quality.

            “[The captains will be someone who] the girls will want to follow, people who are not only exceptional players but [also] exceptional People,” Engelhard said. “Captains that believe that it is their job to just tell other players what to do will be in for a long season.”

            Engelhard said he hopes that the new captains will focus more on team unity. He said he hopes this will help the team get along and lead to more on-field results.

            “My hope is that the captains implement a culture of cohesiveness, not a culture of divisiveness. For a team to play at its best, everyone needs to get along and be on the same page,” Engelhard said.

            Engelhard said he has been coaching many of the girls for a while. He said one of his favorite things about this group of girls is that they know his methods well. He said he hopes this will lead to good communication between the captains and the coach.

            “All of the captains this year are seniors. For some of them, I have always been their head coach,” Engelhard said. “They know how I like to run a practice

[which is good because]

it will be their job to help everything run smoothly.”