• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


By Jennifer Silverman

Cypress Bay’s parking lot is hectic and causes many issues such as traffic jams, car accidents and more. This jam-packed lot full of new drivers is often the site of small accidents. This conveniently close parking lot lacks the proper amount of spaces to allow room for all drivers to park. Many students have no other option but to utilize the parking lot at Vista View Park. This is frustrating and even unfair to some students who did not purchase a parking pass at the end of the previous school year. A parking pass for the student parking lot is $50 and students who choose not to pay, or cannot pay the $50, have to park at Vista, enduring a longer walk and more traffic. If Cypress Bay built a parking garage in place of the current student lot, there would be plenty of spaces for all students, terminating the use of the Vista lot.  Many students enjoy catching up with their friends after school in the parking lot, which slows the traffic of moving vehicles. Additionally, this parking garage can serve as another safety measure to keep unwanted guests out. If one does not have a parking pass, the gate will not rise, and they will not have access to the parking garage. This also eliminates the issue when the gates are locked passed dismissal. Security guards will no longer have to unlock the gates, and the garage can have security cameras, watching the students, which can act as evidence for car accidents. 


By Hannah Zifrony

Features/Opinion Copy Editor

            While the parking lot at the Bay does cause many issues, such as accidents, stress and anxiety for some, implementing a parking garage would only exasperate these issues. As a parking garage would feature multiple levels of parking for students, the process of getting out of the garage would take even more time than it does now. Due to the procedure of walking up stairs or taking elevators to different floors, the lines and crowds only to get to one’s car would add time to the process, not to mention the lines of cars trying to exit campus all at once. Implementing a parking garage system would also increase the prices of a parking pass. While passes currently cost $50 per school year, after the costs for building the garage, the price of each pass would have to increase in order to make up for the funding for building the garage itself. In terms of safety, the garage would also cause multiple issues. If a garage is utilized instead of our traditional parking lot, getting out of the building would take much more time due to going down the different floors in one’s car, making it more difficult for a quick exit out of a possible emergency situation. In terms of security, also, more personnel would be needed rather than less, as there would be different floors to the garage, making police and security guards necessary at each level to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. All in all, building a parking garage would do more harm than good, making the method we are currently using the best option.