• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021


When sophomore Marcela Biggs was eight years old, she said her fascination with goats started to grow. Biggs said her obsession with goats has no origin, and she merely likes the animals because they are cute. According to Biggs, all of her friends know about her interest in goats and have nicknamed her “Mamma Goat”.

“Whenever I get called Mamma Goat, I feel happy because that means people know I love goats,” Biggs said. “Whenever I hear my nickname, Mamma Goat, it makes me feel accepted [because] people aren’t judging me.”

According to Biggs, ever since last summer, she has spent her time volunteering at goat farms. As soon as she saw a sponsored post on Instagram of a farm in Southwest Ranches, Biggs said she was interested in volunteering there.

“Working with [goats] makes me feel happy because I love them so much,” Biggs said. “When I saw the post [of the goat farm in Southwest Ranches], I knew I had to look into it.”

Even though Biggs said she doesn’t want a career involving working with goats, she said she would love to keep volunteering at goat farms because she loves caring for the animals.

“I don’t see myself spending my life working on a farm [with goats] because that’s not really me,” Biggs said. “I’d rather have a job working as an interior designer and just play with goats when I feel like it.”

For sophomore Julia Meneses, she said she used to be obsessed with cleaning her hands. According to her, she couldn’t stand how many germs were on her hands because they could cause sickness.

“I just remember thinking that my hands carried so many germs and I needed to clean them in order to maintain healthiness,” Meneses said. “After I washed my hands, I felt like the germs were gone, and once I felt like they were gone, it put my mind at ease.”

According to Meneses, her need to clean her hands came from her older sister. She said her sister taught her how many germs are present in what people touch and the world. Meneses said she hated getting sick, so she tried to prevent germs as much as possible.

“My sister used to [wash her hands a lot] when she was little because she watched the movie Osmosis Jones and [the movie] petrified her,” Meneses said. “My sister opened my eyes to how many germs can get on our hands.”

Health Science 1 and 2 Honors teacher Richard Boulger said he is captivated with watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos. Boulger said he became interested in watching these videos because he used to watch the show, Botched, often. While watching Botched, Boulger said a commercial for Dr. Pimple Popper came on and he became intrigued.

“[Watching the Dr. Pimple Popper videos] just amaze me how people let [their pimples] get that bad, before they go and get [their pimples] taken care of,” Boulger said. “After watching the videos, I’m amazed at how cool and gross [popping pimples] is all at the same time.”

Before Boulger was a teacher, he said he was a paramedic. According to him, he has seen many disgusting sights such as a man whose body got split in half and a little boy who got a pencil stuck through his foot. Due to his past career, he said the Dr. Pimple Popper shows don’t gross him out.

“Compared to the things I’ve seen working as a paramedic, these [Dr. Pimple Popper shows] don’t bother me,” Boulger said. “But, I can see how some students who haven’t been exposed to gross things yet could find popping pimples gross.”

Biggs’s passion for goats has led her to be a more confident person because she said embracing her obsession lets her know that she isn’t being judged.

“I’ve learned to embrace my strange obsession [of liking goats] and not feel embarrassed by it or try to hide it,” Biggs said. “I don’t feel embarrassed by [liking goats] because my friends make me feel comfortable being myself.”