• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020

By Jake Miller
Ad Designer

The Bay’s varsity basketball team won the district final on Feb. 13 against rival school Western High School with a score of 66-57.  Varsity Basketball Coach Jason Looky said he is excited that winning this game made the team District Champions.

“We have a good young group of talent thus far on the team,” Looky said. “There are currently three freshman and two sophomores on varsity, so there is a good core group of players and we will be in good hands moving forward.”

Coach Looky said complacency can become an issue when playing important games in the playoffs, as he said the team sometimes thinks winning the state title is extra after conquering the title of a district championship. However, he said he believes the team has a good chance of taking home the state title.

“This team can have a chance to really go far if they can put their heads down and concentrate on playing and winning,” Looky said. “Recently they really started to trust each other more, share the ball more and buy into winning together as a team.”

Junior shooting guard Isaiah Quinteros said this win was pivotal for the team, as the Lightning not only beat their rival team, but now every game would be played at home until states. He said this is crucial to the success of the team, as having home-court advantage against other teams in the playoffs serves as a major benefit.

“It felt great to win against our rival team, and now have home court advantage,” Quinteros said. Inspiration and motivation within was a great driving power to excel the team to win.”

Senior point guard Tyler Krivitzkin said winning this district title is an impressive feat judging from the way the season started for the Lightning.

“There was not much hope for the team when we started off four and four,” Krivitzkin said. “Once the team got its bearings and we went on a 13 and two run to end the season, we all got our hopes up for the playoffs.”

Krivitzkin said the major support from team members and the coaching staff has driven the team to be at the place it currently is.

“I am very proud of the team and how far we have come,” Krivitzkin said. “All the team players should feel really proud of themselves.”

The Lightning beat Western at Tuesday’s home playoff game with a score of 64-50.