• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • February 26, 2020


Growing up, junior Sofi Prieto said astrology was an integral part of her childhood, as her grandmother taught her how it relates to tarot cards, which is a set of cards used for fortune telling. She said astrology provides comfort to her since it reminds her of her childhood memories.

“My grandmother taught me how to read the tarot and once I learned from her, I really liked the aspect of it,” Prieto said. “After the tarot, I started to research astrology and I became fascinated with it.”

Besides the tarot, Prieto said she loves reading horoscopes because they seem to be true most of the time and they deal with aspects of astrology.

“Much like anything which relates to astrology, the horoscope is another thing which is something unexpect[ed],” Prieto said. “The unexpected makes the present so much fun since you never know what you’ll get. That’s why I love everything dealing with astrology.”

Prieto said there is no way to tell if events involving astrology are true or not. However, she said she believes the events can help offer a solution when faced with a certain situation.

“The doubt in human minds is insatiable and there’s some questions that science can’t answer, so naturally, we go to whatever can provide comfort,” Prieto said. “I like being able to provide this type of comfort to others.”

Due to her fascination with the moon and the night sky, junior Michelle Duque said she enrolled in Astronomy at the Bay. She said she loves to look at the night sky and think about each celestial body.

“I have just always found something relaxing about being able to look up during the night and see all these flickering specks that each hold their own unique story,” Duque said.

Despite the differences they carry, Duque said she thinks people get astronomy and astrology confused. However, when she entered her astronomy class, she knew the difference between astronomy and astrology.

“[Astrology and astronomy] both deal with the aspects of the universe,” Duque said. “Even though astronomy is more of what we know of the universe, astrology is more of a belief that the universe will influence a person’s life.”

Even though Duque said she is interested in astronomy, she said she finds the concept of astrology compelling.

“I find it fascinating to try and think in the perspective that maybe the universe’s position might affect how we act or our lives in general,” Duque said.

Although there are differences between the two, astronomy teacher Kristina Wolf said her students know the contrasting aspects of astronomy and astrology.

“[Astronomy is] a higher-level class and [my students] are higher level students,” Wolf said. “They do seem to come [into astronomy class] with the foundation of knowing the difference.”

Even though Wolf said astrology uses astronomy, she said astrology is not as valid as astronomy. She said astrology comes into astronomy when people are trying to find explanations for why events occur.

“Astrology takes astronomy and the constellations and what we use scientifically and tries to make characteristics about us based on that and they’re not able to be valid in that sense,” Wolf said.

According to Wolf, she believes astronomy has more science involved than astrology. She said astrology is linked more to people’s emotions than science.

“We’re looking for reasonings as to why we behave and astronomy is more science and it’s not about our emotions,” Wolf said. “[Astronomy is] about linking the science involved.”

When Prieto looks to the stars for guidance, she said she finds peace in them due to her connection with astrology.

“While astrology does deal with emotions, more people are believing in it because it gives them a sense of hope, in a way,” Prieto said. “Also, people want to be able to connect with anything that deals with emotions since in the end, we are all humans.”