• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • June 3, 2020

By: Dylan Srebnick

Sports Copy Editor

The Bay’s girls water polo team played and won the district finals on April 11, defeating Pines Charter with a score of 6-3. For senior driver and captain, Allyson Modrak, she said that this district finals in particular felt sentimental to her, as it was her last time participating in this competition in her career.

“It felt so rewarding to win this district competition because we trained and tried so hard all season and it feels great seeing all of our hard work pay off,” Modrak said. “We have made it to districts before in the past, but it felt really special winning it this year, as I was one of the captains and leaders of the team.”

According to Modrak, the team’s success couldn’t have been possible without the help of its head coach, Tori Warenik. Warenik was in charge of leading practices and making sure the team was playing to the best of its ability.

“My job is to act like a mentor to the girls and push them to work harder with the end goal of making it to districts and winning it all,” Warenik said.  “We have established such great bonds with each other that it feels like I am the coach, and also a friend.”

Senior goalie Sabrina Enterrios said the game was close in score the whole time, but she tried her hardest to help her team come out on top.

“Being the goalie is a very nerve-wracking position to play in water polo because you are responsible for blocking all the shots on goal for the opposing team,” Enterrios said. “I always get nervous when the ball gets close to our goal because I need to be focused and lazer-sharp, so that I have the best shot of blocking the ball from going in our teams goal.”

According to Enterrios, the team spends hours practicing and conditioning to better its chances of staying energized and strong during gametime.

“We try to hold practices three to four times a week where we do certain drills, whether they involve swimming laps or shooting drills,” Enterrios said. “We usually end the practices with a scrimmage which helps us prepare for gametime.”

For Enterrios, she said that she is going to miss playing on the team, as she has been on the team for over three years.

“Since I started when I was younger, I wasn’t the main goalie on the team,” Enterrios said. “Senior year was by far my favorite season to play in because I was the head goalie and played in almost all the games.”

For senior driver Elizabeth Gluck, she said the team’s win at districts was an emotional one, as she has been on the team for three years and it was her first win as a member of the team.

“I joined the team my sophomore year and it was the best decision I have ever made,” Gluck said. “I have met my best friends on the team and have made unforgettable bonds and memories on the team, and our win at districts was the cherry on top of a great water polo career.”