• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020


The Bay’s Key Club held its annual Key Club Kick-off Conference (KCKC) on Sept. 21 at Pompano Beach High School. Senior and President of Key Club Marisy Nieto said this event was arranged to unite chapters across the area division and educate new members about upcoming events throughout the year. 

“We organize the KCKC event as an easy-going and fun way to encourage interested members to learn more about the club and to become integrated,” Nieto said. “It is also important because we are able to have the full family feeling when we have all the Key Club members throughout the region under one roof.” 

Nieto said that a particularly unique part of this event is that new members find a place where they can express themselves. She said they can make a difference in their community through the many humanitarian projects carried out in the club.

“The convivial atmosphere and friendly faces allow new members to discover that we are one big family,” Nieto said. “They see people from all these different high schools, and their eyes are opened to the possibilities that such a populated force can make on the world around them.” 

Language Arts teacher and club adviser Cecilia Fonseca said that KCKC works as a valuable precursor to the district convention held in Orlando in April in which participants take part in activities to unite local chapters. 

“The district convention is another one of the things we do where we are all assembled around that same community feeling,” Fonseca said. “Members who are continually active also attend workshops at this event that help with getting to know other chapters.”

Fonseca said events like these reveal the main objective of what it means to be a part of Key Club.

“Service, leadership, friends and fun are what definethis club,” Fonseca said. “You are going to enjoy serving this community, expanding your horizons and making new friends.”