• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • July 13, 2020



On Aug. 20 Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) held an Ice Cream Social to inform new and past members about the club. HOSA adviser, teacher and co-adviserfor Broward County Laura Clarke said that by giving out ice cream at the meeting, it motivated and hopefully got students excited about the club. 

“We have a free ice cream social with no obligation so possible and past members can come check it out,” Clarke said. “If they want to join we can give them the information they need.” 

While at the meeting, students were able to learn more about the club through activities they participated in with assistance from the officer team. Clarke said she is looking forward to this year’s officer team and to see how they work together. 

“We did activities at the meeting where we took our members and put them in small groups so they could interact with one of our officers, by participating in icebreakers,” Clarke said. “I am so excited about the officer team this year; I think it is going to be one of the best ever.”

Senior and Historian of HOSA Kathryn Woodford said she thinks the meeting was important for new members so they could understand what the club was about. 

“The meeting allowed people coming into the club, especially freshmen, to gain insight on what HOSA is about,” Woodford said. “It also gave these possible new members an opportunity to find people with similar career interests.” 

Woodford said she is looking forward to many events this year and plans to make an impact on the club since this is her senior year. She said she is looking forward to many more club meetings like this one because she enjoys leading the club in which she is passionate about.

“I am looking forward to the projects we do which are more community service-based, especially at the elderly home,” Woodford said. “I think this club meeting was very successful because the members seemed to really understand what the club is about.”

Sophomore and member of HOSA Barbara Biundo said that she enjoyed being at the meeting because she was able to learn about competing in state and international competitions where she can participate in a variety of medical related events. 

“I am motivated this year to start competing and participating in the competition aspect of HOSA,” Biundo said. “We also got ice cream at the meeting which was a great incentive and made it more of a reason to me and new members to participate in the club.”

Biundo said that although she has only been in the club for a year now, she has learned and become more interested in a field that she hopes to be a part of in the future.

“I decided to join because I am really interested in the medical field and I hope to focus on that after high school,” Biundo. “For anyone who wants to learn about the medical field, this club gives so many opportunities for future students who want to study medicine.”

Clarke said she is grateful for the ability to teach and share something she loves with students who are motivated to learn. She said the opportunities within the club are beneficial to anyone who wants to pursue medicine in the future.  

“I think by being in the club it provides an important stepping stool into healthcare,” Clarke said. “I think that HOSA gives students the opportunity to show their talents, do community service and interact with other people and professionals in the best platform possible.”