• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • June 3, 2020


Some students at the Bay personalize their own bedrooms by creating furniture and decorations, which is referred to as a DIY project or a do it yourself project. DIY projects can include painting, building furniture and creating small room decorations from different materials. Sophomore Constanza Ardiles said she has transformed her bedroom into her dream space by decorating it with her own creative ideas. She said some of her decoration projects have meaning to her, and others serve an aesthetic purpose inside her room. 

“When I was 10 years old, I made a small room DIY origami decoration with my grandmother, and it continues to be one of the most memorable aspects of my room,” Ardiles said. “It is amazing getting to see it everyday and realizing how I put hard work and effort into it, but at the same time, it carries a strong meaning.”

For Ardiles, these meaningful projects make her feel more at home and her room feel more personalized. Ardiles said that by creating her room decorations she is also creating long-lasting memories.

“Every time I look at these decorations I feel the heartwarming joy of the long-lasting memories that I created when making the DIY projects,” Ardiles said.

Junior Magdalena Blaquier said that she likes including homemade room decorations because they can be used forever. Blaquier created a polaroid board in which she attached pictures taken throughout her life, including pictures with her family and friends.

“Decorating my own bedroom and creating my own photo wall gives me an opportunity to express my own personality through something as small as a polaroid board,” Blaquier said. “I enjoy seeing minimalistic decorations as a part of my bedroom and creating pieces that have a background story to them like the polaroid pictures.”

DIY projects focus on transforming and reconstructing different materials to create renewed, modern decorations. Blaquier said she can create decorations that are even prettier than the ones someone would buy in a room decoration store.

“Sometimes I’d rather create my own personal DIY projects, as they can show my personality more that any piece of furniture that I would buy at the store,” Blaquier said. “When you create your own room decorations you can ensure that it will be good quality and to your own personal likings.”

By creating DIY projects students can reuse materials that would normally go in the trash to create new decorations. Father of Constanza Ardiles, Julio Ardiles, said that he believes that DIY projects are useful not just to make Constanza’s room look better, but that they are beneficial in other ways.  

“It is great for parents that students can create their own room decorations,” Julio Ardiles said. “Students can save both money and the environment by reusing materials.”

Students can be creative with their DIY projects and can innovate new ideas. Julio Ardiles said that many students would rather be on their phones or do unproductive activities, and it is time for students to develop their creativity.

“Students get a chance to enhance their creativity and have fun making them with friends or family members instead of doing nothing productive,” Julio Ardiles said.

Sophomore Anastasia Baluk said she helps the environment by creating flower vases for her room. Baluk grows plants inside reused glass containers she said she would normally throw into the trash. Baluk said that she spray painted these flower vases in pastel colors to brighten up her room, and anything can be used to make these vases, including glass Coca-cola bottles and jars.

“One day when I was scrolling online I came across the idea of buying these beautiful plant vases that came with succulents, however; I realized that I could make these as DIY projects at home,” Baluk said. “I’ve always loved being able to make a change in the environment, and even a small project like this can make a difference.”

Baluk said decorating her own bedroom is an extremely important aspect of individuality, and DIY projects will leave a mark of personality in her own room.

“It is important to me to have a positive impact on the environment, and I can do so by creating DIY projects,” Baluk said. “DIY’s don’t only help save the environment, but they give me the opportunity to decorate my bedroom in my own way.”