• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


College athletes should get paid because they work as hard as professionals and earn money for their schools. Just as professionals, college athletes spend countless hours training and playing for their team. Most of the players commit all of their college years to that sport. Student-athletes that are dedicated to their sport, treat it as a job and have no time left to get a paying one. Without a paying job the players still have to find a way to pay for everyday essentials and also find time to keep up with their studies. Giving college athletes the opportunity to earn money while in college may also encourage them to stay in school longer. Athletes may have more time to study if they do not have to use their limited free time working. Even if they can’t get a high paying salary for all their hard work, they still deserve to be paid because they are making a large profit for their school. Colleges market their players by selling their jerseys and other merchandise, but the players do not earn any of the revenue. If the school can market the team, then the players should get a percentage of the money. The players are putting themselves at risk because of the high probability of getting injured while playing sports. Some compensation should come from the players putting their life in potentially dangerous situations for the school’s benefit. College athletes deserve to get paid because of the amount of effort they contribute for the school’s benefit.

-Hannah Shulby


College athletes should not get paid because it would be unfair for unpopular teams, other departments on campus and the college’s reputation. If students were paid, it would disrupt equality among students on campus. Those involved in popular sports would get paid more than athletes who play on less popular teams. For example, football is more popular than soccer in terms of college sports. This is not just because all sports practice the same number of hours and work extremely hard to win games. Unequal pay would create a rivalry between different sports teams, causing students of the same school to engage in conflict, defying the purpose of sporting activities that strengthen school spirit. To add to that, if a team is paid less than another, motivation among the lesser-paid players would drop. Athletes with low salaries would lose interest in the game and stop putting effort into trying to win. This would ruin the college’s chances of being well known for the greatness of their sports teams; therefore, possibly destroying their reputation if they become recognized for the negative aspects of their teams. In order to pay athletes, the college’s athletic department must increase its funding. Unless students who pay tuition have enough money to support the athletic department as well as other programs, like art and music, budget cuts will have to be made. When budget cuts are made, other programs lose funding and carry the risk of being cut. For example, an arts centered school could only have enough money to support athletic teams and not their creative departments; therefore, an art school would only be known for its athletics. College athletes shouldn’t get paid because it would cause deterioration across campus, due to unhappy athletes, negative college reputations and removal of beneficial programs.

-Roxy Carr