• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021


Apple’s new product, the iPhone 11, will be released on Sept. 20, with improved designs and apps. This device will contain similar features as previous iPhone devices while having a unique look of its own.

Pricing for the new device is starting at $999 and will be available for purchase from Apple stores all around the world. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, the price may increase. For example, a larger screen or the amount of storage they desire costs more. Storage options will start at 64GB with additional options for 128GB and 256GB. This guarantees that each customer will have the amount of storage he or she needs.

 Apple’s new iPhone will come with the new up to date software known as IOS 13.  There are new features including “dark mode.” This setting dims the iPhone’s background when being used at night. Dark mode is a great addition and helps one’s eyes relax at the end of the day.  This software update also introduces “Facetime attention correction.” This feature makes it seem like the person is looking straight at the camera, when really, they are looking in a different direction on the Facetime screen. This is useful to make it seem like the person is not distracted while having a conversation. Currently on Facetime, conversations can feel more like a real life interaction; however, this may cause people to interact less in person.

In addition to the update, seven new color options for dynamic wallpapers will be available along with some slight changes to previously existing wallpapers. iPhone users will also have the opportunity to set reading goals in the “Books” application and share them with peers. A new swipe keyboard called “Quickpath” will also be included in this software, allowing iPhone users to simply place a finger on the keyboard and swipe. The purpose of this keyboard is to save users time by not having to type out messages word by word. This keyboard is an amazing resource for people when sending a text message on the go.

This product introduces the latest screens called organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens from the company in China known as “BOE.” These screens make the overall device thinner, making it easier to carry. These OLED screens have also been used on Samsung’s recent devices. Screens sizes of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches will be offered to buyers. The iPhone 11 also improved camera quality with a new triple camera. The triple camera is made to help take pictures with better quality than other preexisting devices. This new camera creates a more professional look to the photos.

Apple has also revamped “Siri”, the devices assistant where users can ask a variety of questions. Siri’s voice has been changed slightly; users will feel like they are talking to a human rather than a robot. Siri will be able to offer help in additional situations which includes answering questions with more accuracy. This feature is extremely helpful to answer a quick question.

Although this device may be considered expensive and unoriginal, it includes many brand new and improved features that make life easier and the use of the phone more convenient.