On Aug.6, Student Government Association (SGA) held Freshman Orientation for the incoming students. Freshmen were separated by last name and alternated between the informational meeting in the auditorium and a school tour hosted by volunteer students.  Sophomore and SGA member Fiorella Marchan helped out at the orientation and said the preparation of the event was tiresome.

“The majority of SGA students were all there setting up since about 7 in the morningand having to be up so early was incredibly tiring,” Marchan said. “During the tour of the school, we stopped at every part of the school and I talked a little bit about each section.”

After the explanatory meetings, the students got a chance to check out the clubs. Freshman Jorge Altuna was present at the event and said it is a wonderful opportunity for him to get familiarized with clubs he could possibly join in the future. 

“Through this event, my choices for extracurriculars grew a lot and I got a sneak peak of my new school,” Altuna said.“The tour helped me better understand where everything [was located], which comes in handy for the first day.”

Some clubs stationed at the orientation had their teacher adviser present to help with any questions students have about the organization.United States History teacher and Habitat for Humanity adviser Hana Casey said she went to Freshman Orientation to help out the officers of the club.

“I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s always nice to see how interested new students are in joining clubs,” Casey said. “It’s a great opportunity for clubs to gain possible future leaders.”

By attending the orientation, students get to learn about the different club and see what they offer. Altuna said conversing with officers and advisers helps him better understand what the club is all about and motivates him to join. 

“A lot of booths were really decorative and had pictures of past events that looked fun, which made me interested in becoming a member,” Altuna said. “I got to really learn about club values and what goals they want to accomplish.” 

The orientation is organized by the members of SGA, who have all attended Freshman Orientation at one point. Marchan was a freshman at her orientation last year, and now she helps run the event.

“I remember feeling so nervous at the event since Cypress is such a large school with so many opportunities to choose from, but also excited and welcomed thinking about everything I could be a part of,” Marchan said. “A lot can change in a year and I hope the new freshmen are inspired by everything Cypress has to offer.”