• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • October 29, 2020


For the eleventh year in a row, students at the Bay had the opportunity to attend a variety of college visits in the College and Career Center. Broward Advisers for Continuing Education (B.R.A.C.E.) adviser Shari Bush said these visits allow students to ask admission representatives questions regarding the schools they are interested in and build relationships upon these interactions.

“The purpose of these visits is for students to learn everything about the particular school that is visiting,” Bush said. “An extra incentive to attending is individualsare able to speak to the admissions officer who may be deciding their fate.”

College visits last about 45 minutes and are hosted by a range of universities across the country and abroad. Senior Joseph Mullen said a wide expanse of topics is typically covered, such as the admissions process, financial aidand college life.

“One of the most talked about topics is universities attempting to make students as debt-free as possible so that they do not worry about financial difficulties,” Mullen said. “I believe this is important asit can be what students worry about most.”

Mullen said he learned about the opportunity to attend college visits through his officer position in the National Honors Society club. Mullen said he chose to attend the University of Chicago visit on Oct.17 in order to learn more information about the school. 

“I was unsure about applying to the University of Chicago before the visit,” Mullen said. “I did not know much about it, so I was interested in attending the visit and being more informed about the school to see if it was a good fit for me.”

Mullen said a helpful piece of advice shared in the visit washow academic achievement alone is not a sufficient qualification for admission into the school. 

“I have heard it repeated how grades are important, but only a part of this holistic process,” Mullen said. “I knew this valuable information already, but hearing it said again in this way revealed to me just how important it is to anapplication.”

Similar to Mullen, senior Sydney Ure said she believes college visits can help in presenting oneself as a more favorable candidate during the application process. She said the information discussed in the Tulane University visit she attended on Oct. 11convinced her to apply through early action.

“The representative explained to me howearly action looks good to representatives because it proves you can do things on time,” Ure said. “I was going back and forth between whether or not to apply early before the visit and information learned during helped me to make the decision to do so.”

Bush said the large amount of colleges who visit is what makes the Baya unique environment compared to other public schools. Shesaid the assortment of options is another reason for students to participate.

 “It is important for me to offer as much as possible at a school with a population this large, as students have many different interests,” Bush said. “Whether they want a small fine arts program or a large Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program, I want to be able to have them hear from as many schools as possible.”

Ure said she encourages fellow students to use the college visits provided by the Bay to their advantage. Ure said it can make an impact on the academic careers of others in a way similar to her experience. 

“It provides benefits that largely outweigh the small sacrifice of time,” Ure said. “Most importantly, it ensures schools that students genuinely aspire to be there, rather than simply applying for the sake of applying.”