• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • August 5, 2020

By Isabella Grogan

Features/Sports Photo Editor

Playing more than one sport is extremely common among students at the Bay. Junior Agustin Gonzalez is an athlete at the Bay as well as for an outside organization. Gonzalez is on the junior varsity football team at the Bay and plays soccer for a team called “Futsoc”.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I have played soccer and this year I was given the opportunity to play football,” Gonzalez said. “I like experiencing new things, so I decided to try and play.”

Gonzalez said playing more than one sport has affected his schoolwork and social life. He said it is sometimes challenging for him to keep up with his schoolwork and his time on the field.

“It’s hard to manage my time playing football and soccer because I have to find a balance between schoolwork and my friends,” Gonzalez said. “I also get very tired because I get home late from practices, then I need to start my homework.”

Gonzalez said he is more dedicated to soccer, but likes to have football as a backup. He said if one sport doesn’t work out he can go to the other one.

“I like playing soccer more than football because I am better at it,” Gonzalez said. “If anything ever happens that doesn’t allow me to play soccer, I will just put all my energy into playing football.”

Sophomore Ana Estevez is on the junior varsity cheer team and is on the dance team at Performance Edge Dance Company. She participates in more than one sport because she likes to stay active.

“I like to dance a little more than cheer just because I get to express my feelings without talking,” Estevez said. “Dance is my happy place.”

Estevez said being involved in more than one activity takes up a lot of her time and sometimes conflicts with her schoolwork. She said, although it is challenging balancing everything, she is motivated to continue being involved in cheer and dance because she doesn’t like to give up.

“If I really want to do something, then I go after it no matter what obstacle stands in my way,” Estevez said. “I always try to tell myself to do whatever makes me happy.”

Economics teacher Hana Casey has many students who are involved in many sports. She said she has seen it affect her students in mostly positive ways.

“Sometimes it’s very motivating for student-athletes because they know that their test scores, class rank and GPA affect their ability to get [Division-1 college] scholarships,” Casey said.

Casey said she thinks it is beneficial for students to be heavily involved in sports. She said being on a team builds character. 

“I think that when [people] are more heavily involved in things [they] tend to have more community spirit and pride,” Casey said. “[They] tend to think about more than just [themselves] because [they] are a part of a team.”