• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 25, 2020


As summer comes to a close, autumn brings festivities with it like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Sophomore Danna Leyton said she appreciates fall because celebrations like these bring a sense of tradition and unique nostalgia to its months.

“I would describe fall as a youthful time of the year,” Leyton said. “It is something that I have done traditionally, since I was a year old; so I tend to feel nostalgic and connected to my past, this time of the year.”

Similar to Leyton, English 1 and Creative Writing 3 Honors teacher Rebecca Bueno said she enjoys fall. She said she separates it from the other seasons by its distinctive theme.

“Fall is a quieter, darker, more peaceful version of spring,” Bueno said. “Its unique tone makes it a special time that we all get to experience.”

Bueno said she likes to integrate fall into her everyday life through the taste of pumpkin-flavored foods. She said her favorite to savor annually is the pumpkin biscotti that is only found in the fall months.

“It reminds me of the fall because I sit by my window and dip the pumpkin biscotti in my coffee, when it is still dark outside,” Bueno said. “I don’t really get that any other time of the year.”

For junior Mauricio Bedoya, fall reminds him of his time spent living in Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. He said he remembers the pleasant weather he experienced while chopping down trees in these northern states.

“It was great to just be in the middle of the chilly breeze and rustling leaves of dark red, yellow and brown,” Bedoya said. “I was also able to see the migrating birds in the cloudy sky.”

Leyton said she likes to celebrate this transition in nature by dressing in fall-inspired clothing. She said compensating this way has allowed her to incorporate the spirit of autumn in South Florida.

“Even though you don’t exactly see the colorful leaves falling in South Florida, I like to go to the beach during the sunset with a warm sweater on, while the chilly breeze whirls around me,” Leyton said. “I wear sweaters around, no matter the humid and hot weather.”         

Bueno said another material contribution which connects her to fall is music. She said a particular song she listens to immerse herself in the season is “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest.

“I really like it for this season because it gets a little witchy and it gets into a discussion of the night,” Bueno said. “The lyrics capture how Florida gets better in the fall at night, so that you can see the moon and the stars.”

With everything considered, Bedoya said a particular part of fall he looks forward to is decorating his home. From the erecting of scarecrows and wreaths along the walls to the placing of cinnamon-scented candles on the shelves, he said it is more than simply an enjoyable activity.

“I feel like it’s traditions like these that mark the season,” Bedoya said. “It is an example of how this is a time to get together with family and friends to celebrate.”