• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • September 24, 2020


The homecoming dance has been a traditional event for the Bay for many years. Students ask their dates to the dance in creative ways and dress up for the big night. Recently, however, many new changes have been made to put a twist on the typical homecoming dance. Last year, homecoming took place at school for the first time ever, inside the gymnasium and some areas of the courtyard. Students should look forward to attending the homecoming dance and I believe the school setting takes away from the whole experience. Homecoming week is a time for students to have fun and participate in school spirit, but if the dance takes place at school, it feels more like an ordinary school event rather than an elegant dance. Students may look forward to the dance more if it were off-campus and more tickets to the dance would be sold. It is also on the weekend, which implies that it is not considered a regular school activity, but the fact that it takes place on campus contradicts that. The dance themes and attire have also become more casual to adjust to the casual location. Students should not be encouraged to arrive at the dance wearing the same clothes they wore to class during the week. A homecoming dance should be elegant to allow students to bond and experience a fun time with their classmates in a non-school setting.

-Sofia Russ


Homecoming across the nation is an event all high schoolers are able to attend. At the Bay, all grades are fortunate enough to be able to attend this event. While, at other schools, only upperclassmen can attend. Therefore, this event should be as convenient as possible, to ensure every student that wants to attend is able. By having this event at school, the ticket price and travel fees are much cheaper than it would be if it was held at an alternative venue. In years past, some students rented buses to take to the dance. Some of these buses have started at rates of $800 an hour to take students to the alternative venue. All of these costs are taken away when the dance is held at school. Since the price of the ticket and travel fees are reduced when this event takes place on campus, the coordinators are able to use the extra money to increase the quality of the food that is served at the event. For example, since this year it is held at school, the school was able to provide food trucks at a lower cost than if those same food trucks were incorporated at an alternative venue. Besides the added convenience of this event being held at the campus, many parents’ worries are almost entirely eliminated because their kids will be in a familiar setting and the coordinators are able to secure the area. While in years past, some parents were worried about their kids being so far from home for this event. The homecoming dance should take place on campus due to all the added benefits it generates. 

-Sophia Busto