• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • October 29, 2020


Post Malone officially released his power packed album, Hollywood’s Bleeding on Friday Sept. 6. On his new material, the artist collaborated with artists of different genres, such as rap from Travis Scott, vocal pop from Halsey and even a rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. The album presents a captivating amount of instrumental variety. It is a distinctive and memorable release from Post Malone, as the album is like no other with the great amount of musical range.

Hollywood’s Bleeding consists of 17 tracks, six of which are collaborations with other artists. The album also includes previously released tracks “Wow.” and “Sunflower.” The song “Wow.” has a captivating intro that paves the way for the remarkable beat to come. The most popular song from the album is “Sunflower” as it was featured in the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” in December 2018. “Sunflower” has an original beat that is perfect for the Spider Man animated movie.  “Wow.,” by contrast, is the last track of the album and explores an upbeat rap vibe. The mood-lifting song highlights the artists expressive tone, which is fiery and energetic. The album ends with a strong punch as Post Malone delivers sharp rap lines that are full of energy. 

The new album is full of catchy choruses and melodies, including strong rap lines and powerful vocals that are present in the song “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” Post Malone brings controversial topics to the table in his song lyrics and discusses bad press, social media, anxiety and social pressure. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” discusses the pressure and troubles that are linked to fame and the darkness that surrounds society. The track begins with a soft instrumental background as Post Malone delivers a subtle but powerful vocal verse. The record is then followed by a dynamic rap melody as Post Malone raps to a strong beat. Even though the song has an original tune, after a few days of playing the song it can become quite repetitive and the beat of the song becomes boring. 

 It is no shock that the album has ranked high on the charts as it displays new and diverse sounds. Every track is loaded with potent choruses and the album is definitely one of Post Malone’s catchiest. The song “Circles” is both thought-provoking and compelling as the dramatic melody displays Post Malone’s use of a harmonious beat to go with his striking vocals. Post Malone’s vocals were surprising and beautiful to listen to as there is no harsh rapping in the song.This branches off his regular style of hip-hop and introduces Post Malone to the pop music world. 

The track “Allergic” presents a 50s style of pop rock as Post Malone is singing to an instrumental guitar and drum background. Throughout the album, Post Malone proves to have a great range of style and that he can deliver anything from dynamic raps to impactful vocals. In “Allergic,” he showcases a heartfelt chorus in which the emotions of the song are transmitted through the lyrics. 

 His track “A Thousand Bad Times” reveals a recurring theme in Post Malone’s songs about being caught in toxic romantic relationships. This track is a motivational and inspirational song with a strong beat that contrasts to Post Malone’s vocals during the song. Post Malone introduced everything from upbeat songs to lyrical melodies in his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, and the extremely catchy beats in is his songs have them playing on radio stations on repeat.