• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 21, 2021



Every year, students in Broward County have Thanksgiving break which entails having school Monday and Tuesday and then the rest of the week off. In order to spend valuable time with family and have a sufficient break for the holidays, Thanksgiving break should be a full school week off. Since an abundance of students travel or have family come in for the holidays, it is not fair to only have three days off of school. Usually, having only three days off causes kids to miss school days due to their travel plans for the holidays. Additionally, families must then try to schedule their travel plans in order to ensure their children are missing as little school as possible.

Due to a large number of students having to miss school for the holidays, teachers often do not teach full lessons since they do not want an abundance of their students falling behind. Not being able to create a full lesson plan can often serve as a waste of time for teachers as they are not able to do their job with few students present. Missing school in the beginning of the week can lead to students making up work during their time off, which should be spent with family and friends. Missing school then can cause an enormous amount of stress for students when Thanksgiving break is a time to reflect and be appreciative. Worrying about making up tests or assignments over a holiday break defeats the purpose of the time off. Having a whole school week off would allow students to finish their work early and have more time to spend with their families for the holiday.

Another reason Thanksgiving break should be a whole week off is because it takes a large amount of time to prepare for the holiday. With only getting three days off of school the day before Thanksgiving, it often feels rushed when trying to prepare food. Not only does having minimal time off put stress on students, but it also tremendously impacts the staff in Broward County.

Due to the fact that adults are responsible for preparing more than students, they, too, have little time to fulfill all of their holiday responsibilities. Since Thanksgiving is a national holiday, it is important to have a longer break due to the fact winter break is two weeks long. Having two weeks off for Christmas and three days off for a holiday everyone in the United States celebrates does not seem fair.

As some students do not celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, we should have at least five days off for a holiday everyone in our school takes part in. Due to the fact we only start having a day off the day before Thanksgiving, the majority of stores are already out of crucial ingredients needed to cook the typical Thanksgiving dishes. In order to achieve the goal of having a full week off, Broward County should take two early release days which are scattered throughout the year and make them full days. Further, Palm Beach county gives their students a full week off for Thanksgiving and they still in fact meet the requirements in regards to school hours which shows how it would be possible for Broward County to do the same.

Evidently, Thanksgiving is one of the most important days of the year as it is a day to appreciate everything one has.Due to the meaning behind Thanksgiving and the abundance of time it takes to prepare for the holiday, Broward County should make Thanksgiving break five days off rather than only three.