• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • October 29, 2020

Yes :

There should be a limit to the amount of AP and AICE classes students should be allowed to take. Taking too many of these high-level classes can leave students with an unhealthy amount of stress and an extremely demanding workload. Students choose AP and AICE classes to boost their GPA andchallenge themselves academically, which can certainly be done through enrolling in a reasonable amount of AP and AICE courses. The anxiety of taking too many of these classes can add up. Even high school students who partake in lower-level classes face sleep-deprivation and the need for extra tutoring, so it is easy to imagine how much these factors can be magnified when students are enrolled in four or five AP or AICE courses. Taking on multiple of these classes at a time can actually lower a student’s GPA, since juggling multiple courses with rigorous curriculum usually leads to Cs or Ds as a final grade. It is better for both a student’s health and transcript to stick to only a few, maybe two or three  AP or AICE classes a year because receiving As in an honors or regular course is preferable than failing grades in a high-level class. Guidance counselors should require students to discuss the courses with them before selecting AP or AICE classes. Taking five or six of these classes over the course of a student’s high school career is more than enough; and he or she will most likely find it easier to spread them out as opposed to handling them all at once. To put it simply, quality over quantity should be considered when students are deciding which classes in which to enroll.

-Sophia Zapata

No :

There should not be a limit of AP and AICE classes; students should be able to choose their classes and level of difficulty for their schedule because it is a great opportunity for them to decide what their paths will be. Being able to choose their classes makes the students responsible enough to pick certain subjects and their limits on how many advanced classes they join. Students clearly know what their best skills are and have what it takes needed to pass in an AP or AICE class. The choice makes them well aware of how important this level of difficulty is; if the student is willing to have more than one in their schedule, they should have as many as they want. The advantage of completing AP and AICE during high school not having to take it again in college. The more AP or AICE classes a student has completed at the Bay, the less they will need to pay in the future to complete a credit for their college degree. The opportunity of having the AP and AICE courses available to students is great and it should be taken advantage of because not many schools offer so many options. Because of how competitive the courses can be during college years and how expensive the materials used during class, students are able to get a head start to their future classes in college. The students at the Bay are privileged to have the opportunity of taking challenging and intriguing classes. The quantity is necessary if the effort is made and the course is actually taken seriously by the students.

-Sabrina Olivieri