• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 26, 2021



As part of senior Biannella D’alessandro’s Health Science 2 class, she interned at Memorial Miramar Hospital during her first semester. D’alessandro said she believed interning at the hospital was going to be an unforgettable experience.

“I must admit that fear and nervousness were two common feelings I had present during the weeks that passed in the class [once I heard about the internship] because the process was much more complicated than what I thought,” D’alessandro said. “I got the chance to visit Pediatrics, the MRI room, the ER and even got to see a live operation in the OR, which I think was my favorite area.”

Health Science Anatomy and Physiology teacher Carol Warnock said Health Science students go to the hospital to learn about different careers. Warnock said they were given a schedule with the different departments and the students’ rotation.

“They rotate through various departments such as X-ray, nursing units, the OR, ER, just to get a range of what people do during their everyday health career like what are the job duties, what are their responsibilities and they get to observe,” Warnock said. “I think that [the interning] is irreplaceable because seeing things first-hand versus learning from a book makes a difference.”

D’alessandro said she was worried about the competition between her and her friends, since not everyone gets into the next Health Science class. D’alessandro said throughout her life, she’s seen many people receive medical attention and this inspired her love to be a doctor.

“I think what drew me to become a doctor was the fact I could help as many people I could and many people would think I am lying and they thought I only cared about it because of the pay,” D’alessandro said. “But at the end of the day, if they were to put themselves in my shoes, they would see that being in the medical field means long nights of reading and understanding the unexpected.”

Warnock said the course isn’t just about going to the hospital, it’s about understanding the various levels the medical field offers. Warnock said besides Health Science Anatomy and Physiology, students take Health Science Foundations where they learn basic skills and knowledge every health professional needs to know.

 “When they leave Cypress, they have a very good stepping stone and advantage over other schools because they already have two industry certifications and now they are getting a third one,” Warnock said. “They are getting EMR, which is Emergency Medical Responder in their Health Science Foundation class, so they have besides an observational experience; they have three industry certifications which makes them very employable; also it gives them an edge in college.”

D’alessandro said the beauty of her interning at the hospital was she could get hands-on experience as to what her life would be once she becomes a doctor, which is something she can’t do in a classroom setting. D’alessandro said in a way she idolizes doctors and anyone in the medical field because everyone underappreciates them.

“Not being afraid of what you don’t understand at first, and also being able to work in moments of pure pressure is something being in the medical field is about,” D’alessandro said. “It is a job full of responsibility and dedication, not ambition.”