A trending application called “Tik Tok” has been on the App Store’s “Top Free Apps” since its initial release. Entirely different from other social media platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, it is composed of users posting videos that are 10 seconds or more. These short clips eventually appear on others’ feed called the “For You Page,” which is the overall thread for everyone who has an account. Senior Saul Rosa said he originally downloaded the app as a joke but now has millions of views.

    “My girlfriend talks about the app all the time, so I downloaded it just to see what she was talking about,” Rosa said. “I was immediately hooked on it and look at my feed every day.”

     Rosa said that he was featured in a Tik Tok that one of his friends posted of him. He said he was not expecting the short video to get any views. He thought it was not special; however, the Tik Tok got over three million views and he said he was excited yet confused on how it got popular.

      “My friend and I were so surprised when we saw how many views the video received because it was short and was made entirely as a joke,” Rosa said. “Students walk up to us in school now and ask if we are from the Tik Tok app. We usually just laugh about it.”

     Rosa said that ever since he downloaded the Tik Tok app, it has been addicting, and he uses it more than Twitter or Instagram now. He said that the trends are intriguing to him.

     “On my free time I will sit down and scroll through my ’For You Page’ for hours. I have never gotten bored from this app,” Rosa said. “There are numerous trends every day, so I get excited to see the different ones that come up on my feed.”

     Senior Samantha Brodsky said that she also got the app because she was curious about how people get obsessed with it. She said that she sees students from the Bay on the “For You Page” all of the time.

     “I love seeing friends or people I know on Tik Tok because it’s so cool to see that their video has gotten a lot of views,” Brodsky said. “The app has become so fun to watch; I never want to put it down.”

     Even though Brodsky is on the app every day, she said she does not see herself becoming popular on the app. She said she just enjoys watching and not posting any videos.

     “I feel like it takes a lot of creativity to make multiple videos that go on the ’For You Page’,” Brodsky said. “It is too much pressure to try and go viral,


I would rather just scroll through my feed.”

     Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) teacher Richard Boulger said he sees students in his class making Tik Toks and always wondered what they were doing.

“I will see them in the corner dancing, and I did not know what app it was or why they were dancing,” Boulger said.

            He has been featured in multiple Tik Toks posted by students. He said that he knows what it is, and he thinks the app is interesting since his students are obsessed with it.

     “I think it is funny when multiple students ask me to be in their Tik Tok,” Boulger said. “They are fun to make, but I would never make my own account.”