• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 26, 2021

By Gabriella Barraza

Kakes for Kids hosted the Kakes 4 Kids 5K Run on Jan. 19, at Hollywood Beach. Members congregated with the community as well as Kakes 4 Kids chapters at other schools to participate in the event. President and senior Taylor Munger said the event was a great time with all the members. 

“Kakes 4 Kids is important because the organization deals with underprivileged kids in South Florida and celebrating their birthdays,” Munger said. “Since the organization is non-profit, they need the money in order to continue the necessary work they do.”

Senior Vanesa Araujo attended the event and participated in the run with the other members. Araujo said she loved the run because she felt like she was volunteering for something vital in her community.

“It was great getting to see so many people unite to support an important cause,” Aruajo said. “Getting to participate with the officer team and members from the Bay was important to me, as well as seeing the number of people in the community who truly care about supporting foster children.” 

Student Government Association and Interior Design teacher Danielle Nascimeinto is the adviser for Kakes 4 Kids and said the cause is vital to underprivileged kids. She said it’s necessary for them to be supported because they do not have many other people there for them. 

“Helping the organization is important because it is a valuable, altruistic organization that helps foster kids,” Nascmiento said. “The cause allows them to have an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays and other special holidays to them that they may not have the chance to do.”

Munger said the event affects the community because it lets the kids of the organization know that they are important and cared for. She said by uniting for an event such as the run, the foster children can see that they are not neglected or forgotten. 

“These kids do not get guaranteed support like others might, so it’s important to show them that they matter,” Munger said. “By attending this event, members are doing an extremely good service by supporting the organization and the kids.”

Araujo said she thinks Kakes 4 Kids is important to support because it runs entirely on volunteers. She said Kakes 4 Kids was started by a few people who saw the chance to make a difference and took it.

 “I think the organization deserves to have help because the people who volunteer are individuals who take time out of their day to care for others without anything in return,” Araujo said. “Knowing that I am working with others to bring joy to underprivileged children is great and inspires me to continue supporting the organization.”

Nascimiento said the events greatly affect members because they help raise immense money for an important cause. She said with helping raise money for the organization, which allows them to do more specialized work, students reflect on the experience and learn about diversity within their community.

“By attending events such as the run, members can personally grow by learning more about a cause that affects a lot of people,” Nascimiento said. “Students learn the true meaning of the organization and are able to connect with it more, therefore creating a domino effect and attracting more people to get involved with the organization.”