By Jake Miller

Ad Designer

The Zodiac Club, founded by President Irene Triantafyllopoulou was created with the purpose of bringing people together that share similar interests in astrology and zodiac signs. Triantafyllopoulou said the motivation to start the club came from the overwhelming excitement students had regarding astrology and zodiac signs.

“The main hope is to show people that astrology can open doors and become a possible career for people since there is so much more than just the main 12 signs,” Triantafyllopoulou said.

Zodiac club adviser, Philosophy Honor Society adviser and Philosophy teacher, Ralph Cannizzaro, is certified in astrology. Mr. Cannizzaro often interprets people’s birth charts using his advanced knowledge about the science.

“This club is a particular interest to the students since it gives them a chance to discuss what astrology means to them, the impact it has on them, as well as how it is used as part of their everyday lives,” Mr. Cannizzaro said.

Mr. Cannizzaro said it is important to note that unfortunately many people do not know what real astrology is, believing it is the overly generalized, nonsensical daily horoscopes in the newspapers and magazines which are far from the truth. Real astrology is exceptionally specific and exact to each individual. A birth chart is calculated using a person’s time and date of birth and the exact latitude and longitude of the birthplace to reveal the relative positions of the sun, moon and planets. 

“By having this club [at the Bay] it dismantles any notions that people have about zodiac signs not being an accurate way to consider the events that have occurred in life,” Mr. Cannizzaro said.