• Cypress Bay High School - Weston, FL
  • January 26, 2021


On February 5, the 2020 Super Bowl featuring the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers will take place. Although both teams have a strong defense and tight offense which has lead them to their success, the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl this year. This will be the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl since 1970, so many fans are hopeful they will win. Given this chance, the Chiefs are going to try and win the title they have worked hard for all year. The Chiefs are favored over the 49ers by several points to win the championship. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Chiefs, is expected to have a great number of rushing yards as well as passing yards. With his speed and quick thinking, he is bound to lead the team to early touchdowns to prevent the 49ers from catching up in the second half of the game. This is a strategy the Chiefs have used in recent games that has led to several wins. In the playoffs, the 49ers have already had 5 turnovers, which means they passed the ball and the opposing team caught it. Although those unlucky plays happened, the team still managed to reduce the number of rushing yards the opposing team gained. For the Chiefs, the team has two of the top ten running backs allowing the team to score more points. The Chiefs defense and explosive offense will carry them to a Super Bowl championship.

-Chloe Nowack


As the 2020 Super Bowl approaches, many are placing their bets on the Kansas City Chiefs to win against the San Francisco 49ers. However, the 49ers are looking for their sixth Super Bowl championship. Although the Chiefs are favored to win over the 49ers, a lot of factors are being overlooked. The 49ers have something that the Chiefs do not; the ability to run many different offensive formations to keep opposing defenses off-balance. As long as the 49ers are able to keep the ball away from the Chiefs and limit their possessions, the 49ers could win the game. The quarterback for the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, is definitely one of the strongest quarterbacks and can be an intimidating player for any opposing team. Lucky for the 49ers, they have the experienced cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman already has won a Super Bowl back in 2014 and has played in two Super Bowl games, unlike Mahomes, who is playing in his first Super Bowl. The Niners defensive line will also play a huge factor in this game. The 49ers had the fifth-most sacks this season at 48 with Nick Bosa, defensive rookie of the year. If the Chiefs find themselves in any third-and-long situations, where a team has to generate more than six yards to get their first down on the third down, the 49ers have the chance to chase down quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Along with their strong players, the 49ers also have one of the best defensive coordinators in football, Robert Saleh, who will be looking to throw off Mahomes in the game. It’s because of players like Sherman and Bosa that the 49ers will be able to dominate in the 2020 Super Bowl.

-Courtney Levinson