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In this generation of fitness and health, being a part of a gym is an essential aspect of keeping up with this new lifestyle. However, as the demand for having a gym membership increases, so does the price. Is this a smart move for gyms who need to attract people in order to make business?

As social media began the fitness boom, more and more people went on to join a gym or a fitness club. The cost of joining went up an insane amount and it is all for machines and a locker room. A prime example of this is Midtown Athletic Club located on Royal Palm Boulevard, which has many new and modern amenities; however, it is highly overpriced for the small number of people that actually take advantage of everything the club has to offer.

If a person does not want to pay an excessive amount of money for a membership, they could easily buy gym equipment and set up a personal area with machines at home; however, the cost of this would quickly add up and make it even more expensive than purchasing a membership. Furthermore, many gyms do not include necessary amenities, or the gyms may charge extra for them, such as classes and certain machines. For those people who use classes to workout overusing free-weights or machines, it may be stressful joining a gym that does not offer the programs one may want.

With the increasing obesity rates in America, it is vital people have access to any sort of gym or outside activity in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which will eventually aid the lowering of these high rates. Another option that is available for people is to download an app that gives an exercise routine along with meal plans, like a personal trainer on your mobile device. This is a great alternative to the increasing membership prices at the gym since it gives users the exercises like a trainer would, without having to pay unnecessarily high fees for a facility. However, some people may feel as if exercising and staying at home is not as encouraging as getting ready and physically going to the gym to do the same workouts. Since one may not push themselves as hard and take more breaks, one may even just get entirely distracted and not end up doing anything.

In this current time, a big factor one may take into consideration when deciding whether or not to spend money on a gym membership is the cleanliness of the facilities. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, it is crucial the gym, a place where people are constantly sweating, is being maintained at a high cleaning standard in order to help prevent the spread of germs. Some gyms do not even have an onsite cleaning team and only do so whenever they close. Why would one want to pay for a gym that is not using funding for areas that need it most; it is not worth it.

Overall, gyms are the ideal way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but for the cost, these facilities are charging, it may not be in some people’s interest to spend that amount and to just download a virtual trainer or to work out at home. Both sides have pros and cons, so it is up to the individual to decide.